Osmond, Marie - Read My Lips Lyrics

Sometimes I can be so shy
I keep my emotions deep inside
And I try to tell you how much you mean to me
But each time I start out I get stuck, words don't come easily

When the feel of my hand
And the warmth of my touch
Ain't enough
Don't give up
Read my lips
If your heart doesn't hear
When my arms draw you near
It will soon, soon be clear
Read my lips

Lovin' eyes gaze into mine
Lookin' for some kind of sign
If I were a poet
My feelings were poetry
I'd send you a thousand lines
About how much you mean to me

Time after time
I try my best to say
How much I need you darlin'
The words just never came

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Osmond, Marie Read My Lips Comments
  1. Heru- deshet

    Love to suck on her lips.

  2. Orson Shelton

    I sooo love this song. It transports me to a time of tranquility and peace. Nice song to listen to on a cold winter's night with a full moon peeping in your window.


    Back in 86.. i bought "Country Now" album......... listen everyday....over and over Again alot of memories...

  4. Lasse 1964

    it was one of the best pop country song for 1985...Always beautiful marie!!!

  5. Valerie Smith

    I wish I had this CD of Marie Osmond

  6. Valerie Smith

    I wish I had had this CD

  7. sally palmer

    I really miss the 70s and 80s songs I do not like the music now :(

  8. Jackie

    Love love this song(:

    jackie w gauntt

    appreciate you listening

  9. Jackie

    Hey everyone, read my lips(:

  10. Blaine Merkley

    Her name isn't jackie sorry

  11. southerndutches712

    I was never raised with this music. All I've seen of Marie Osmond is her appearance on Dancing with the Stars. Never knew the talent she really has.

  12. bonnie albury

    a lovely lady...marie osmond.  i am an all time fan of hers.  this is one of my favorites.

  13. TheQuickblaze

    Nice Jackie!, thx 4 sharing.


    love this....

  15. Dave Wollenberg

    Born Olive Marie Osmond. ACC's #82 song of the '86 survey year. Marie hit #4 in Billboard, 6+21-86. God bless you, Jack, for postin' it. Thanx! Have a blessed week!

    jackie w gauntt

    you're very welcome Dave, enjoy your week as well my Friend

  16. coorslightcowboy

    Thank You for the upload!  I've looked for this song for so many years.

    jackie w gauntt

    @irwinwilliamson  you're very welcome, glad you found it


    I appreciate that. It means so much to me to find the music of my childhood, that I grew up on.  It keeps life simple, like it should be. 

  17. Reid hopkins

    BEAUTIFUL song! Marie's best! :-)

  18. raulantonio65