Osmond, Donny - Eyes Don't Lie Lyrics

Eyes are the windows to the soul
Through which all mysteries unfold
Stories and secrets untold
When I look in your eyes, I lose all control

Outside your house
Peek through your window
I see through everything you hide
No surprise, there's no use wearing a disguise

I touch your hand (you pull away)
I feel the passion
Why do you play this masquerade?
Can't you see, you can't escape your destiny?

Why do you have to play the games you play
Is the truth a heavy price to pay?
And your eyes don't lie
What they're telling me
No, your eyes don't lie
Any fool could see

I hear a voice
Outside my doorway
Could it be you, there in the dark?
Even now, I know that you can feel the spark
So step inside (into my life)
Into a new world
And take a tour of all my thoughts
Why resist, you know this feeling can't be fought
I'd never lie to you or lead you astray
You'd better listen to the words they say

'Cause my eyes don't lie (what they're telling you)
No my eyes don't lie (whatcha gonna do?)
Why do you have to play the games you play?
Is the truth a heavy price to pay?
I'd never lie to you or lead you astray
You'd better listen to the words they say

'Cause my eyes don't lie (what they're telling you)
No my eyes don't lie (whatcha gonna do?)

'Cause your eyes don't lie (what they're telling me)
No your eyes don't lie (any fool could see)

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Osmond, Donny Eyes Don't Lie Comments
  1. Fanny Oslove

    Superbe album de Donny ❤️❤️💜

  2. Troy Simpkins

    Wow, I had this on cassette way back in 1990 and I had forgotten how much I loved this album! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Sheila Hanes

    I love this! This deserved to be a huge album.

  4. Virtual Boi

    Wow, just discovered this album while searching for more David Gamson produced work. Amazing to hear more Tony LeMans and Scritti-infused pop.

  5. Casey StricklandSargientFam

    4:29 till 8:49 😍

  6. Camille Coopersmith

    Michael Jackson has awesome music love Michael he’s adorable

    Casey StricklandSargientFam

    This is donny osmonds music


    Way to go Peacock! You did a great job on the Masked Singer!

  8. Fran Finne

    Thank you for uploading the album!

  9. eddie jonz

    if this was anyone else it would have been all over the airwaves, but since it was a grown man who was stigmatized in a certain image folks slept on a great album...'Never Too Late For Love' is still one of my favorite songs. 🙂


    By far the best album ever by DO, worlds apart from Puppy Love

    Steve Spooky

    i could not agree more-well said sir! love this album- every track simply inspired and im a metal head-my mates thought i'd lost the plot but i dont g.a.f.-i like what i like-fav track? love will survive

  10. B Spicer

    I'm getting strong Prince vibes from this album. And I love it! Underrated!

  11. Dee Bdoo

    This is so great. Too bad the radio stations didn’t give him a shot. Sounds like George Michael style only better. Did George copy the Osmonds? Hmm

  12. rhymeandreasoning

    If you never have, do check out the Donny & Marie album "Winning Combination"- (1977) - The entire album is very good.

    Fran Finne

    Yes it is!

    Timothy Welch

    rhymeandreasoning I agree!

  13. Thomas Tan

    I really observe with the look of the cover, lol. Great album.

  14. Lynn O

    Thank You 🌹

  15. Giovanna Catzinsky

    Put it this way ❤️ We once had a Private Affair and We can still Make It Last Forever in Heaven

  16. KoolCat !

    I was just a casual fan back in the 80's/90's so I didn't follow his career very closely. But I always really liked the Soldier of Love album & wondered if he did any more albums like that one. I just saw this on Amazon & had no idea this record even existed until now. I also noticed that it came out in 1990 (a year later) so I fig the style would be very similar. Much to my delight, it looks like I was right. Anyway, this is really good stuff & thanks alot for posting this.

  17. Robert Sanchez

    Eyes dont Lie is the best song. Should have been a single. Very Prince

    LoveEverton John

    Better than prince


    Even more "Prince," in my opinion, is Track 4, "Sure Lookin'," which was a single.

  18. Jeff Eastwood

    Thanks for posting this! Do you have his self-tiled 1989 album?

    Discover The Music

    I do and got a strike from YouTube for posting it after it had been up for some time.

  19. 风吹满楼

    我最爱的音乐之一!也是我 最美好的回忆!

  20. Ricky Heng

    They don't make music like that anymore.

    eddie jonz

    actually they do, but don't expect to hear it on the airwaves though.

  21. Joanne Lovaglio

    Great . Love Donnyosmond

  22. ๑๑ ALEX & MAKS & VAL ๑๑

    Thank you for uploading.  This is one of my favorite albums (CD).