Osborne, Jeffrey - Yes I'm Ready Lyrics

Ooh, yeah
Are you ready

I don't even know how to love you
Just the way you want me to
But I'm ready to love, yes, I'm ready to love
To fall in love, to fall in love
To fall in love right now

I don't even know how to hold your hand
Just to make you understand
Ooh, but I'm ready to love you, yes, I'm ready to love
To hold your hand make you understand
To hold your hand right now

I don't even know how to kiss your lips
At a moment like this
Ooh, but I'm going to learn how to do
All the things you want me to

Ooh, I'm ready, yes I'm ready
Are your ready, yes I'm ready
To fall in love, to fall in love
To fall in love right now, ooh

Are you ready
Yes I'm ready
Are you ready
Ooh yes, I'm ready

Ooh, to kiss you
To love you
To hold you
Baby I'm ready

Girl I'm so ready, ready, ready, ready, yeah
To love you, to hold you, to squeeze you girl
I don't even know how but I'm willing to learn, baby yeah

Are you ready?
I'm ready, I'm ready
Are you ready
I'm ready

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Osborne, Jeffrey Yes I'm Ready Comments
  1. Josie Centeno


  2. sharron taylor

    Really to learn. Sweet beautiful song. Are you ready?? Nice❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Zina Rhone

    Wow! Mr. Osborne...I loved this song since I was a girl <3 my adult heart thanks you for this version.

  4. Glover Music Records

    2020 love is on it's way back you just have to be ready

  5. Josie Centeno


  6. Zina Khasu

    Thank you baby 😘

  7. jerry Wilson

    Yes I'm ready

  8. Shen Lioness

    talk about music....still rocking to this in 2019

  9. Penny Lovelace

    Love This ❤

  10. Caleb Mathis

    Didn’t the Diplomats sample this


    Barbara Mason 1973 version

  11. Kimberly white

    Wow a lot of artist can't remake a song better than the original but Jeffrey did that... yessssssss

  12. Barbara Henderson

    Play this so much, like relaxing and good people, not snakes or haters, people you know love you.

  13. Barbara Henderson

    One thing for sure when you do some one else song you better bring it, and he did, amazing voice, sexy, and blew me away all the way into his arms.love you brother.♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  14. Fredreia Dempsey

    Miss you Jeffrey. luv you always

  15. Isaac Fields

    Just when I thought I had a favorite Jeffery Osborne song It is then that I find yet another beautiful song that I replay over and over again.

  16. Darnell Davis

    So glad you came out of retirement!!!!

  17. me mann

    READY, READY......

  18. Marceline Hall

    This mad💋 and hold my husband ✋ even stronger!!!💓💋

  19. Sabrina Brannon

    Yes I’m ready for this man to come to Dallas,Texas

  20. Jeff Anderson

    This song reminds of time. When you done washed the car let the top back cleaned up and buy some flowers and tell her tonight we hitting the town. Grownfolks style

  21. Ready! Set! Gooo!

    What god puts together let no man put asunder. This is a good one

  22. Elizabeth Bogan

    I'm ready!!!! Really want to see him in concert!!!!

  23. Reginald Johnson

    yes I:m ready beautiful song this is the music this have a message the stuff they listening know is nothing but degrading society

  24. Jacqueline Matthews

    Lets learn togeather...waiting on you babe...❤❤❤❤💕💕💥💥💥💥👑👑

  25. pamela parnell

    Never ever get tired of hearing this song ! Especially when one of our all times greats performs it !!!!! Jeffery has one of the most beautiful voices in the world !!!!!! He can really sing some ballads !!!! ❤❤❤

  26. Andrew Flood


  27. Angela Zee

    His voice is heavenly! 🎤🎶💃❤

  28. M B

    My guy sent this to me...💘..love me some him 😍

  29. Marisa Macedo

    Musica linda e de qualidade!

  30. Cori love

    Still checking this out in 2o17❤

  31. Jackie Knighton

    I love my husband so much I am ready to fall in love with you again .16 years together I love you

  32. loving joan

    Jeffrey please talk to'em🖤

  33. Mary Carter

    I 💜💓 this song "Yes I'm ready"

  34. Sheron Suga Patton


  35. Jamaica


  36. Denise McClendon

    This is so on pointe... especially for dating now

  37. Andre Roberts

    like all his music, even when he was with LTD. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  38. Mann Mckinney

    I love this song classic

    anetha jackson

    Awesome simply awesome

  39. Jackie Knighton

    I am ready to love my husband again.i love you baby

    Larisa P

    Jackie Knighton me too

    Walter Ingram

    Love Your Husband Girl!!!

  40. Maurice Mungin

    old school is the best school

  41. ty perryman

    Very pretty!

    Reginald Johnson

    that guy can sing any thing he is a bad dude

  42. The Omen

    Not many artist can remake classic songs. But My man Jeffery did his thing on this one👍👍👍

    Kelly Hicks

    The Omen love

  43. Myshell Webster

    he made this so beautiful..
    beautiful love.

  44. mrswalker091


  45. Ernestine Hayden

    One of my favorites! The challenges and Obstacles one is willing to face all because of the power of love!!

  46. Chell Banner

    my mom loved this song old school is the best ...

  47. Lacy Nolly

    my best friend love this song.

  48. Rochelle Wallace

    I never knew it was Jeffery but I love it!

    Barbara Henderson

    Barbara Mason , he did it over both killed it.

  49. Judith Yigal

    I like this song yes I'm ready

  50. Judith Yigal

    I like this song yes I'm ready

  51. Mauricio Antonio Rojas

    Adoro esta canción!!!

  52. alandria windmon

    my mom love this song 
    i love it to she the one that got me in to it but i like it this is old school but i like it

  53. Gladys Santana

    Love this song ( yes I'm ready)

  54. PAM50CUPP

    All smiles,....I love this song,........

  55. evelyn jeffcoat

    love this song

  56. eyecan8

    Thank you - i enjoy your video <3

  57. Carla Lewis

    Love this song!

    Kendra Williams

    Did you listen to it

    Kendra Williams

    Well I guess I'm the only fan lol

    Larisa P

    Kendra Williams miss your lol( smile)

  58. Karla Johnson

    Another favorite , this dude should come out of retirement. ... Love him dearly!

    Derrick Clayton

    Yes he should

    tonya bobo

    I totally agree his voice is so soothing.

    Terrence Bailey

    Not retired just can't get contract

  59. Raul Herrera

    mattress music lol 

    Larisa P

    WeirdoWitDa Beardo ❤

  60. Dovie Lewis

    This is one of his greatest

  61. Sandra Moore

    Baby making music!

    ray finney

    So so true!!

  62. Antonio Patterson

    Beautiful song

  63. roxiedeva09

    Love this song!!!

  64. Kathi Banks

    Best song ever by Jeffrey Osborne

  65. Rose Johnson

    This is a great song

  66. Rose Johnson

    This is a great song

  67. karen deane

    His voice is just sooooooooooooooo

  68. Gria Hernandez

    This song is how I am feeling right now...

  69. Shirley Boyd


  70. sweetluv1013

    "Loveeeeeeeeee this song" <3 <3 <3