Orton, Beth - Precious Maybe Lyrics

Sometimes I get to thinkin', baby, when I'm all alone
I could maybe make it on my own
The more, oh, you set me free
The more attractive you seem to be

And my baby
My precious baby
You're my maybe
My only maybe

Sometimes I get to thinkin' when we're on the
Are you really on your own
So more that you set me free
The more deceptive it gets to be

And my baby
My only maybe
You're my baby
My precious maybe

Sometimes I get a feelin' in every part of me
Nothin' is what it seems to be
The more, oh, you set me free
The more addicted I get to be

You're my baby
My only maybe
You're my baby
My precious maybe
Ooh, my baby
Ooh, my baby
My precious baby...

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Orton, Beth Precious Maybe Comments
  1. Marconi G

    The Acid House - 2019.

  2. Ayşenur Bayırlı

    gizem, you brought me here canim. tesekkur ederim

  3. Mean Meano

    the acid house has a really great soundtrack I also love belle and sebastian slow graffiti and paul quinn stupid thing amazing.


    Acid House...

  5. Trev Biggs

    The Acid House wasn't that long ago.
    That fucking year 2000 shitty haze we all had to put up with.

  6. Ryan Phillips

    I'm surprised I made it far enough through acid house to experience this track... Glad I did! This us an amazing piece.!

  7. hailsphoenix

    Yep heard on Acid House too, amazing song. Shame same couldn't be said about the film!!

  8. helpimafishcake

    Pablo no bueno

  9. Miguel Lopez Bautista

    I also heard this song on The Acid House and I loved it. That was how I actually met Beth Orton's music. I'm from Mexico, so excuse me for my poor english.

  10. Laura Galibardy

    The Acid House brought me here :)
    i first thought this was sung by Michelle Gomez...

  11. torvicimagen

    por eso me encantan las peliculas, siempre hay buenas canciones como esta que me esta enchinando la piel,

  12. irotinmyskin

    @motoxxx174 me too.... lovely song and it fits the movie so right..

  13. Fan arroyo

    de rhe acid house..... linda song :)

  14. Dimos K.

    In english please

  15. motoxxx174

    I first heard this on the Acid House..many years ago........beautiful song

  16. doc31597

    brilliant tune.took me 9yrs to get hold of the acid house soundtrack.was worth the weight in gold!!

  17. KimboDark

    waxxa choon....rare as rocky horse's shite. Been trying to find it for a while now.

  18. Dimos K.

    thnk you all

  19. deinspiegel

    this song was the only reason I bought "TheAcidHouse"OST years ago...
    still love it

  20. Pedro Krtička

    I like this song.Beth has a gentle tone.