Ortiz, Joell - Q & A Lyrics

Let me tell you what I'ma do today
Today is just me and you, you and I for a Q and A
I know the questions you gon' ask, all I'ma do is say
what's on my mind; I'm just, tellin you why

This ain't, snapback meets New Era
This new era gets smacked 'til they necks snap back and that goes for whoever
I ain't done workin, I'm just one person
that promise to keep this shit pure, like a young virgin
Your dumb version of hip-hop got us uncertain
Your daughter dress like a nigga, nigga your son's twerkin
I'm still a two-stepper, steppin with two heffers
Still step to your crew extra quick, that's what I do, let's just
tell 'em why I'm such a thoroughbred
Born and raised in that Brook', you shook, look what my borough bred


All this, time away from workin solo, snappin photos
with my bro-bros and the Slaughter's been an honor but I'm back to dolo
Feet is Nike, the hat is Polo, I'm no fashion logo
No gay bashin but if you tough then don't be actin homo
Let me tell y'all why I hit the tread
Wasn't to lose weight and get this bread, nah homie, you've been misled
Last year I shot a fair one with my nigga Fred
and damn near dropped dead, I should've won but I got whipped instead
I ain't like that so I stopped that liquor to the head
Dropped the Newports, copped new shorts and watched my figure shred
Y'all cuffin chickenheads
Speakin of cuffs, I made this slut marry my nigga in the Feds to give him visit head
Man let me tell y'all why I'm real rap
Why I don't need a rope chain or dress like Soul Train to bring that feel back


This for those who ain't know that Ortiz spit clean
It's e'ry lil' girl birthday, here's a +Sweet Sixteen+
Went from a 40 waist to a 3-6 jean
But that 40's still on my waist with a mean sixteen
But I ain't here to talk how I protect myself
Or how I lived in the gym last year to perfect my health
Nah, we could rap off, I'll off you rap niggaz with a rap off
the top, I ain't wrapped too tight, back off!
Off the back door into the bleachers, hit the teacher off the backboard
and in, y'all in the in-crowd but mad off
Y'all God and Mike in tight slacks
with hard bottoms, hit the bottom hard after you moonwalk like Mike Jack'
Huh, B-R-B, I don't mean I'll be right back
I mean B, y'all R&B singin, I write RAPS!
"But Ortiz, you went all complex and said the shit!"
Yeah you right, aight cool, let me extend the clip
Penmanship, my pen is sick, you in the pen's then hit the bench and lift
Chest against the bar and do a extra six
E'ry year it's some new nigga they put the best against
Put they neck on the line but I twist it up like "The Exorcist"
If I'm your comp I understand why you a pessimist
Point blank with an infrared scope, bet these pests'll piss
they pants, can't shoot at Godzilla, man them pellets itch
The fire that be leavin my mouth'll melt your whole relevence
You lil' niggaz, lil' boys is cute
My bars hard, they hurt like Ray Mercer, you don't want it duke
So save the subs for Quiznos, keep the talkin mute
Cause I'll punch you in your big nose and watch your faucet shoot
Y'all chasin pop hits, FUCK a pop hit
One of my joints pop? Sheeit, another check deposit!


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Ortiz, Joell Q & A Comments
  1. Erik Rowin


  2. Will ONE

    PURE FACTS 💯 RESPECT TO Joel Ortiz keep fukin the game up n stay slaughtering these mumble rappers

  3. Jessica R SugaPlum

    Wooow he killed this..

  4. Jorge Gonzalez

    Wow 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥killed it.

  5. Joshua Kirkendoll

    Man this that shit!!!!

  6. ronald tyili

    Bars upon bars have this on repeat

  7. laimont36


  8. unthinQ TV

    I love this joint

  9. Sonar Eskoh


  10. still good

    Wow,that was some heat!! You are blessed and highly favored my friend! Great work!

  11. Hichem Belhoul

    F#$k the views.I listen to Ortiz.keep it real!

  12. Merdock Rezar

    Shootin godzella......hhh

  13. Owen Bartrop

    2 questions:
    How the hell havent I heard of this guy before now?? and
    How does this only have 158k views holy shit hes sick

  14. D. Edwards, freelance editor/videographer

    I still hate that this didn't blow up like it should have smh...

  15. Ismail NYC600

    Flow is flawless!!!

  16. ThatGuy 12

    Joell thank you keep real hip hop alive, Amor de rey

  17. TheyTracking EVERYTHING!


  18. araceli ponxe


  19. Geshwin Moshidi

    the best of his generation yaowa

  20. Terrence Simmons

    Real ass raps, hip hop lives in this dude. Love it

  21. Eric Davis

    Why only 137k views? Wow people are str8 ^ brain dead s0n. Born n raised in dat Bro0k you shook look what my borough bread...

  22. Anything 4 you

    Joel Ortiz must be know to world like Eminem

  23. Roy Hussle Balling 101

    Can someone reference me some good tracks or the ones y'all think best... he got a flow so out this world just the beat selection don't be matching up right in my opinion. But bars are #1

  24. Zack Holguin

    Fukin Joell is ILL! Oh man this dude has kept it hip hop his whole tym in the game, I mean real hip-hop!!!!

  25. Tru KON

    Yeah nigga salute.. boriqua!

  26. William Del Valle

    Forever fire!!!

  27. Bassy Simpalah


  28. Hailey Johnson

    I mother fuxk love you too death

  29. Hailey Johnson

    Yup just possess the best

  30. Johnathan Hernandez

    He pulled off a fred the godson... Brb.. Y'all rnb singing lol

  31. Johnathan Hernandez

    He dissing buddens ???

  32. C. Wilson

    en fuego!! SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!!


    35 thumbs down????? 35 people on Perc-Percocet....Molly, Percocet SMMFH!!!!

  34. Jimmy Rodriguez

    Here's a sweet 16, went from a 40 waist to a 3-6 jean but that 40 still on my waist with a mean 16... he killed that shit

  35. Obies Cookies

    Who's better? Joell or Budden?

    Obies Cookies

    I'm with you 100 on the breakdown.... plus I feel overall vocal delivery gets slept on. That's why Budden, in my opinion, will always have the slight edge...

  36. Gumel Carrasco



    real hiphop

  38. Freddy Guevarez


  39. MumblzDelusional


  40. Born Original

    joellz...I knew it nigga. house slippaz iz fya!


    Why the heck is this at 85k views?? Joell Ortiz is really underrated... :(

    Breez -

    Yes man I been a fan since 2006, just shows how media only ride with certain people when money talks. Slaughterhouse is Dangerous all time best group that is why Joe Budden made that track Letter to Em because damn as dope as they are they still not getting no love. Real hip hop is not respected to the Mass anymore. Hopefully it will come back #DaveEast #NickGrant #LilDicky #KendrickLamar #Jcole

    john campbell

    been a fan since freestyle cyphers on the 6 train

  42. kn0ckamus

    Rik killed it on this one!!

  43. Alex Bonta


  44. one lov3

    you drive amigo. drop a mix album!!!!!

  45. one lov3

    Sisco!!!!! first choroto, side wayzzz. amigo! patel to the metal shelbyz ...

  46. ZmOwZ I

    Wish the beat was on youtube..

  47. Trevor Eastman

    #1 sleeped on dude that's needs to blow up lol

    Javier Apolinario

    true man they sleeping on him and joe budden

  48. Jay Jay

    anybody dis this shit need ta jump in front of a bus and die slowly

  49. Angelo Marzullo


  50. Mr Rob

    bars on kill... ✊ boricua

  51. C Y K A B L Y A T

    stuff like this at 60k views smh

    Rafael Valencia

    This Gen don't know hip hop that's why..they all about the main stream which is sad

  52. Malcolm VeganLife Woods

    i'm loveing &feeling this shit. spit'en dat fire

  53. Marc Lewis


  54. CAPO

    Joel Ortiz is the illest rapper alive period....
    Brooklyn forever forever Brooklyn


    Eric Serrano Chill, BX!

  55. johnny blue

    the man's flow is sick

  56. johnny blue

    so underrated

  57. SevenUpHub

    Fucking fire. Joell is killin

  58. hazeminds

    This shit go harder than Freddy Kruger getting a paper cut from your soft ass Dear Diary dreams and swearing to get you back with every nail till your cut across your every extreme

  59. TheOneKadio

    This is fucking hard. Got the album but totally forgot about this joint.

  60. Steve Davis

    Man he's got the bars, got the beats, got the flow - just doesn't have the delivery/intonation. That's why he's overlooked.


    lil niggas ya comments cute!!!!


    lil niggas ya comments cute!!!!

  63. Mage One

    Joell is a FUCKING PROBLEM!!!! Jesus Christ Young Thugger mother fucker "is the it man for PUSSY HOP Joell Is RAW MATERIAL!!! A MOTHETFUCKINGPROBMLEM

  64. remster00

    joell boy, that slaughterhouse shit

  65. ThatNewKid

    This has 34 thousand views and young thug as millions just let that sink in

    Eddy Cutz

    @ThatNewKid yea no bars these days is what's "in" I guess.

    josh thesloth

    +ThatNewKid "It is not about the lyrics anymore, it's about a hot beat and a catchy hook" -Eminem

  66. C & O

    ORTIZ is the truth!! Real Hip Hop gutta shit!

  67. Phillip Vazquez

    This is my favorite song I wonder why he isn't popular

  68. Raphael Johnson

    Praises to Joell for this one!!!!Truly a great one,dope shit bro!

  69. J da JewelER Shine

    BrB 😳

  70. AbeDay TV

    brb i don't mean ill be right back i mean B y'all R&B singing i write raps!!

  71. Dejevu9

    This song so Fyaaa!!!! Been bumpin this since last year..#salute #JoellOrtiz  

  72. E Ramírez

    Straight fire!

  73. Xavier Daniels

    Joell spitting that molten lava real quick lol

    Timothy Mccoy

    Aaaaahhhh stop playin!!!!

  74. Y05 RC

    This dude keeps it 100 hands down one of my favorite rappers!!!

  75. Matthew Sharp

    he goes so hard from popular beat freestyles to slaughterhouse to mix tapes to his new album slightly commercial but he goes hard come on Joell Lets have the rawest slaughterhouse album next.

  76. DaRealBr00klyn

    holy shit, this shit real!

  77. MADEinkTV408

    #DOPE   #BARS     #100   #BAYAREA  

  78. HaMOoD Al-Abdouli

    daaaaaamn man dope as fuck
     you should do a song with Hopsin

  79. george cantoran

    I would hate to interview him

  80. Major nickels

    Who dislike

  81. Hamid Samadi

    This song is crazy bro

  82. Ice Mingle

    Best rapper of all time get wit em

  83. Megiddo Productions

    This is fucking Hip-Hop. This is that REAL shit.

  84. Bek Stan

    Thats why hes on Shady XV :D

  85. HipHop Period


  86. Enjoy the Games

    Marshall needs to get the youtube illuminati to front page this shit. 

  87. MiVozRonca Films

    big shit ...Grande JOELL!!!!!!!

  88. eddie arias

    That's what's I'm talkin bout! Bars! Dope Beat! And a ill video!

    Ortiz comin for this clowns doing that singing rap shit

  89. Bruno Oliveira

    In the name of Hip-Hop, we thank you. Hands down.

  90. MLdarknightmare

    I for real thought that he was gon do a Q&A lol

  91. José Alberto Berkowitz

    Te la rifaste vato

  92. zello1981

    This is sick fire... Real shit.

  93. Papi Chulo

    Ortiz and Em are slaughter house.

    Jordan Kerr

    But Em isn't on slaughterhouse though..

    Papi Chulo

    @Jimmy N Sad isn't it.  


    Budden bro



  94. Mulenga Chanda

    OMG dis nigga 

  95. Jordan Harry


  96. Jae_Amp_Jamp

    Did he say, put ya neck on the line and get it twist like the Exorcist... omg YAOWA!

  97. Simbarashe Tumbude

    i aint done working, im just one person/
    who promise to keep the shit pure like a young virgin/

  98. graffProdigy

    He makes u not wanna be a Rapper LOL. Maling these dudes that rap look like a JOKE!