Ortiz, Joell - Modern Day Slavery Lyrics

DJ GI Joe rock that..

The 13th amendment

(...they say nothing wrong
A change is gonna come -
You know and I know
You know that I know
I know that you know that something's gotta change is gonna come...)

First you clean his hands from top to bottom
Grand afferents then wash him, then you go pick the cotton
Listen y'all I'm tired man, I swear (I've been running)
For so long trying to be strong with you (I've been running)
I'm exhausted (Ohh yeah)
My feet hurt (I don't...)
Wanna run no more (I don't...)
Wanna run no more (I don't know what's a bed)
They said (a change is going)
WHEN (a change is going)
WHEN (a change is going [?] everyday)

[Joell Ortiz:]
Ain't nothing changed except the chains
That restraining our physical frame
Mentally we still living the same
Its lock down
They knock down the Towers to raise tax
Anything they burn we pay back
I live in the hood; you'll never bump into Pat Seajack
But we spin the wheel every time we chill
Cuz cops hate blacks, and Hispanics they draw gats
And just slam it before the ask where your hand is
I don't see how a wallet can be mistaken for a cannon
So please don't let em play us no more
In everyway I'm ready, willing, and able to war
Like any day I could pop I'd be in the front
Like, please let the force be with me in this pump
Housing want me to work cuz I'm still on my mom's lease
Threatening to raise the rent if I don't pick up them park leaves
Ain't nothing in this world for free
But somehow they got us fooled that this world is free

[Chorus: Joell Ortiz]
YOU SEE (yes)
CARRY I.D. (yes)
For so long trying to be strong with you (I've been running)
I'm exhausted (Ohh yeah)
My feet hurt (I don't...)
Wanna run no more (I don't....)
Wanna run no more (I don't know what's a bed)
They said (a change is going)
WHEN (a change is going)
WHEN (a change is going [?] everyday)

[Immortal Technique:]
Our people are the product of genocide and slavery
Everything in the ghetto was how it was made to be
Designed in a process, Prison Industrial Complex
Niggaz transformed into numbers and objects
We pay the devil rent for living in hell
Cuz the projects was built on the spot where Lucifer fell
Incarcerated knowledge heavy weight (Heavy Nigga)
Every black man should read through the Romany Chapter 28
Cursed in the city like we're cursed in the field
Cursed on the border, and cursed by the New World Order
Our sons and daughters were stolen by another people
[?] end of the Earth, land of the Eagle
This is the sequel to the prophecy
Freedom when peaceful then violent is my philosophy
I built an army, now I'm gonna build a nation
The foundation of a new civilization
And overthrow the plantation

[Chorus: Immortal Technique]
Just wait young nigga you'll see (I've been running)
For so long, my people been strong, but yo (I've been running)
I'm exhausted (Ohh yeah)
My heart hurts (I don't...)
But I'm gunning them more (I don't....)
But I'm gunning them more (Fuck them, niggas!)
I said, we gotta make em (a change is going)
We gotta make em (a change is going)
Quick motherfucker (lock and load)

Immortal Technique
Joell Ortiz
Harlem, Brooklyn
You know what it is nigga, the rebirth of the Young Lords
Coming soon motherfucka

You sleep and you die nigga...
Good night motherfucka!

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Ortiz, Joell Modern Day Slavery Comments
  1. Dylan Mitchell

    Joell and Technique need to collaborate more

  2. julienjulster

    the same people who run the school system , run the prison system - DEAD PREZ

  3. junibismalis

    Cowards will state that non violence is the way to peace. I believe in the destruction of the corrupt system before we can have a chance at peace. No one in power will give up their position without a fight or fear of death. Its that simple. Its just sad that there will never be peace because people cannot control power. We are our weakest link and strongest.

  4. samir saleh

    america is a fukin shit hole should fukin burn

  5. Michael Spurrier

    I know its already been said but do u really think that by saying fuck the police, fuck the system its really gunna make the government and the feds listen to u?? Find a way to better yourself education wise, live your life and gain experience of what the government and the feds are trying to achieve then and only then will you have enough firepower to stop these assholes. A bunch of pissed off poor people cussing the government is just gunna get u put in jail.

  6. FK93209

    I listen to this and think when will change come. The future looks so dark and hopeless.

  7. Leon

    @CWSonata It is because I am educated that I hate the government, police, and the "system". The people at the top wont go down without a fight, and that is the problem we have.

  8. squishycommander

    Why is Bush in this video? Makes no sense.

  9. JamaicaMuch

    Joell Ortiz just makes you think.. Speaking the truth ! We've all ran from problems !

  10. iWesTCoastiN

    @CWSonata There is another way to create change.. Crisis. Crisis precipitate change. Remember that.

  11. ericflynfresh .sanz

    ppl educate yourself and understand how the new world order is trying to posion the minds of the youth. open your eyes the evidence is all around you

  12. ericflynfresh .sanz

    ppl educate yourself and understand whats really going on in this new world order understand how they wanna posion the minds of the youth. open your eyes the evidence is all around you.

  13. Elijah Santner

    nooo why did you have to start adding in auto tune bull shit

  14. nygrafite1

    Only thing? the education is directed by the same people who are the opressors and rational thinking only works when followed by a fearless aggression on those who abuse us, Time is no longer a luxury @CWSonata

  15. H Makhdoom

    @CWSonata the evolution of humanity to a moral species will be a socio-politico-economic revolution

  16. bonillaent13

    open ur eyes and ears

  17. TheGreatDeciever55

    you guys do realize there isnt actually a debt right? its like fcking playtime out there y'know? sooooo many of your problems only exist in this substitute world that can be destroyed at the flip of a thought. smmmmmmmmmmmoke weeeeeed

  18. bonillaent13


  19. Abu Mohammed Al Turki

    @CWSonata wise words bro

  20. Luccicripset6

    the 20 ppl that dislike this can SUCK MY COCK IMMORTALS COCK AND JOELLS COCK

  21. GOLDENBELL1991

    Wow...this is some deep shit.

  22. thee one

    @SpitBloodBleedVenom dude no one is saying black people are the only ones who got fucked. what we are saying is we got fucked with the biggest dick! its not just your conditions but what people think about you not even being human that separates us from other races. deuteronomy chapter 28 what technique just talked about is why blacks are going through what we are today. we are the true Israelites read it and see for yourself.

  23. thee one

    @luvs2splug people like you will die soon and burn fast. you fucking idiot you come from black people. you will find out soon enough all the lies you have been feed through out your life.

  24. charlie renegade

    first of all immortal never says to be a protester thats a natural calling nigga, im a natural protester no music made me do it , i listened to techno for mad long, im a natural like immortal. we dont liek the goverment so why not act on it.. anarchism is very different..just wake up. thats all they are saying.!! wake up.. open up your third eyes.!

  25. TheoryBeats

    FUCK THE POLICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. MPort88

    @warlock136... The sample at the beginning is Otis Redding - A Change is Gonna Come... Its around the 4 minute mark

  27. stillshmokin

    BOOM! dis is da shit.. supportin REAL hiphop!!

  28. paperkranes42

    who made the beat?

  29. TheIchgucke

    great song thx for the up from germany. power to the people!!

  30. asher rawchaa

    Mm bad for saying the rich is self righous I meant to say self greedy

  31. joe mawmaw

    @may111992 i agree with u mostly but i dont kno who u talkin to specifically. but the name of this song modern day slavery makes me thin of how things like collage can turn into a form of slavery when u bustin ass to pay student loans back n shit and working jobs all tha time gets set up that way by powerful energy barons that kill technology that would help free humanity in order to stay in power. new electric cars are wat easier to make then gas and lithium battery can make it bout 250 miles.

  32. ziggzag

    whats the name of the song in the beginning?

  33. HipHopiz4Real

    the U.S. needs to take a long hard look at the canadian system. Yes we have struggled of late as well, but I cannot understand Americans and their greed and desire of capitalism while being terrified of socialism. It allows the rich to get richer and the poor stay poorer, why cant you guys adopt the system of Social Capitalism. It works.

  34. BrianGO12345

    couldnt say it better myself

  35. ironshroom

    dont ever think theres nothing you can do. thats the best lie sold to the world.

  36. Dev 27

    your 1 out of a billion though there's rich's blcks but majority are poor just like there's poor whites but majority are rich and greedy, but who run's the world and lie's to all of us since the beggining of time? Whites.

  37. asher rawchaa

    Yeah y'all right don't government don't give a fuck about nobody cuase the rich get richer and the poor get poorer cuase the rich is self rightous and the government looks down upon us low citizens that's why I say fuck new world order

  38. Rick Daro

    That racist bullshits played out yall thats what they want think about it a little guys thats not the message here!!!

  39. alejandro moreno

    technique is just fukin beast..

  40. asher rawchaa

    Yeah this video is hot man this is a real message fact these white poltican and crooked white cops look down at blacks and hispanics cuase we mostly in the hood even my puertoricans that are lighter than me that looks like white people still get haressed by white cops this society does discriminate not only on skin color but also on nationalitys

  41. Vanessa Borges


  42. Michael Kingtero

    america wake up
    it is modern day slavery, latinos and black do these white fucks dirty work while they sit in a fucking office we take the janitor and fastfood jobs fuck this !

  43. gettinmonee

    Power to tha People and trust Me- We Tha PEOPLE.

  44. baredacb

    Sam cooke change going come

  45. additional total

    Its a powerful image, I would like to know where its from.

  46. wakeupprojectcom

    wake up project

  47. davetokes1990

    Goodnight muthafuckas...

  48. GangeHrolfr

    There will never be changes in America, just face it.

  49. Robert Lv

    What is the name of sampled song ? Anyone?

  50. Christopher Flores

    i know lizzigreen beast has been spamming beast 1333 but hes pretty good him and immortal technique spit about similar shit support this kind of music and check him out 1

  51. Alan Savic

    hey wher can i download this

  52. DumbDuck44

    Hermanos? You realize thats Spanish, right? You think the whites were harsh in their war playing tribe against tribe in NA, you realize that the Spanish took everything they could from SA and destroyed long standing native American full on empires.

    And this is why we should have some kind of competency tests before being allowed to breed. Misdirected anger and scapegoating the rest of the world as an excuse for personal shortcomings, limitations, and failures.

  53. Ryean Stuart

    1:43 the real raps start.

  54. Robert Caines

    for so long we have been sleep its time to wake up

  55. Pgp

    I'm sorry people, this guy does not represent toronto, or canada. "lil wayne and soulja boy are better"" ahahha

  56. blacklightposter

    Your a maniac!

  57. Isel Ruso

    Nice video,es bueno

  58. qwertyuiopreinier

    zkr lauw nummer immortal is kk hard

  59. WrestlingKingTV

    好, I like dat!

  60. King Curly

    man your only sayin that to start an argument you troll....you know damn well neither of those dudes are better then Immortal Technique...

  61. bigdog7865

    lol you want attention...

  62. liddled

    You must be smokin' the strongest weed on this planet son ! FACT

  63. Simon Ahearne

    love this song

  64. xpiher

    There is way more to the problems facing izeral than Zionist and Palestinian conflict. WW1 and WW2 carved up the planet and this is just one of many of the fubars caused as a result. Of course, it doesn't help that fundamentalist on both sides refuse to adhere to their actual teachings instead of politics and power plays.

  65. Shannon McLarey

    love it!

  66. Pe Painville

    Free palestine
    fuck the NWO
    viva el verdadero Hip Hop!
    Viva la revolucion en cada persona!!

  67. TheFlex21


    go fuck yourself

  68. Gary Oak

    its hilarious to see all the holes in how all of you think

    you support the Palestinian TERRORISTS who attack Jews who ran there from Hitler's Germany, so you support people who want to kill others because of they are refugees?

    wake up and observe that you are all still being manipulated by organized religion, the Jews ran where they could and got backed by the NWO, the state not the people in Israel is the one to blame, its amazing i never see the IRA come up.

    fucking hypocrites.

  69. jmoney1135

    the ultimate weapon in this world is the mind use it!!!!

  70. NewHeartNewMind

    nice otis redding samples. and the lyrics are obviously hard.

  71. Bob Voyles

    that doesn't mean that the U.S. has to back Israel up financially and diplomatically--or sell them tons and tons of weapons.

  72. HusaneFata1

    its their responsibility to free themselves. if u ever want real freedom u gotta take it yourself

  73. FalconFiend93

    this is some hard shit

  74. Marty Mar

    Can't wait till the devils blood spills on the streets. White, black, brown unite. Power in numbers.

  75. raparapandule

    immortal technique . worldwide

  76. dark09skies

    Immortal Technique kills all commercial rappers!

    Drop beats not bombs!!

  77. p14y2w1n

    and Tupac Shakur.

  78. Alex Jones Freedum Worrier

    my feet hurt i don't want to run no more.

  79. D.S. Brown


  80. Buxdehoode

    "nobody is enslaved more hopelessly, than the one, who falsely believes to be free" Goethe
    this is modern slavery!! we finally gotta start usin our brains if we wanna change

  81. bcnr33skyline187


  82. Knockturnall1

    yeah man it is a big ass Metralleta. I think its a G36 assault rifle equiped with projectile granades.

  83. SioneM

    The best!!! Lyrics tell all

  84. t3h4nswer

    they were the perpetrator of evil

  85. SioneM

    Yeah you are totally right...! But the evil was made by our fathers, grandfthers +++...!
    Also we MUST stop this because we continue it!!
    My country didn't harm black people but we harm other foreing people that come here from poor countries...

    I am AGAINST racism, and I love black people.. Unluckily I haven't met one ( not too much in my country), but I want to...!

  86. plizzy wizzy

    Great video keep it up

  87. kajjagoogoo

    for sure

  88. чеченец

    IT killed this one!

  89. miguelisdabomb

    To all mc's i advise you to write what you beleive in speak the truth or atlseast the truth threw your eyes. Anyone can be a rapper but reality makes you good

  90. Malik Knox

    joell ortiz isnt new, he just has gone through a lot of trouble to get his name known

  91. C Lati

    Views: 131,518 guess its going up a little bit. but maybe its rigged

  92. jokerbookshop

    this tune is popping

  93. Nathan Henley

    what city is that a picture of at 2:07?

  94. bitchyouknowwhoitis

    loved this song since the day i heard it...

  95. - philosofly

    this trak is tuff

  96. BigManUtdJuveFan

    great song and some nice pictures man!!!

  97. Sunkised


    you call white people racis
    then turn around and call them "cracka motha fuckas"
    your no diffrent from them
    the racis white people

  98. NeoSol23

    It's time to say no. Time to march up to these Mothafuckas and Disagree with their plans cuz everything is not the way we as the people of this country want it to be. Things can be better and yet we settle for this bull shit. This is the United States Of America and know that this is not how it is suppose to be, we are getting fucked over big time!! React now brothers and sisters before they come for your kids!!!!!!!

  99. master p

    more you tube hits than g-unit has to b a start for things to come