Ortiz, Joell - Hip Hop Lyrics

Aight now ya'll, attention please, summer vacation is officially over,

(That's right)

I hope ya'll did all ya swimmin',

(Ah huh)

Went to the pools, went to the beaches,

(Ah huh)

Played dominos, and fucked with the bitches,


Muthafuckin went to the amusement park,
And got on all the high rides,


Got ya thrill on, cause ah,

School is back in session,

[Verse 1:]
I ain't tryin' to bring New York back,
I'm just a breath of fresh air,
That good ole' New York rap,
Slick talk to the track,
C'mon who brought that,
To the game,
Graffiti all on the train,
Get up your name,
I don't feel how I used to feel,
I'm in my 20's,
So a new Nas joint used to give me the chills,
In the barbershop tryin to cop a new hot tape,
The Rob Lowe's is crazy,
The duhops greatest, Hip Hop (Hip Hop)
And yes I'm a fan first,
If you from the south and you snap til' your hands hurt,
If you from the west W's in the air,
If you from the east coast act like you from here
The good ole' 2 step,
The classic head nod,
The thirsty ice grills
Who wants to get robbed? (robbed)
That was the energy in the club,
On the real, that was the energy that I loved,

Aww, man, this is, (Hip Hop)
Hands up if you forever a fan of (Hip Hop)
I wake up (Hip Hop)
Go to sleep (Hip Hop)
Dream bout (Hip Hop)
Cause I am (Hip Hop)
Aww, man, this is, (Hip Hop)
Hands up if you forever a fan of (Hip Hop)
I wake up (Hip Hop)
Go to sleep (Hip Hop)
Dream bout (Hip Hop)
Cause I am (Hip Hop)

[Verse 2:]
I ain't tryin make you dance I just rip beats,
But the soul in my voice give you quick feet,
I don't know what it's like to not dig deep,
When I'm holdin' this mic,
I don't just beat pip squeeks,
The tides come in and the earth shakes,
200 mph wind I'm your worst fate,
July 6, 1980,
How can your age even matter when you rhyme this crazy,
Awww, man, I gotta thank the lord,
Cause with this pen in my hand,
I don't think that hard,
It just happens,
Wrist action classic in the making,
I kick back, and just laugh I'm happy that I'm amazing,
Look at me, gaze into my eyes, see the poverty,
Now understand why me and this music gotta be,
It's something that's inside of me,
And I can't shake it,
So I embrace it,
And let ya'll taste it

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Ortiz, Joell Hip Hop Comments
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    Fuck it I'm here in 2020 listening old school 😜

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    My anthem ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

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    Joell Ortiz is probably the most underrated rapper I've ever heard.

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    how does this only have 1.1 mill views?

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    Hip Hop Till My Death 💯

  12. Martin Peñafiel

    GTA Complete Edition brought me here thanks Rockstar for one of the best games in the history of GTA the best soundtrack and history of the game OMFG !!!!

  13. Benjee

    Never see Joell on any top lists dudes a straight lyrical talent compared to most of em on them lists lol

  14. Chanel Parenteau

    2019 still listening, anyone?

  15. TheBukamania

    Miss This Feel 🙏

  16. 72vince27

    This is the only Joell Ortiz I rate. Not this new soft nigga.

  17. LatinStunna916

    Haven’t slap this since 2007 shout out from the nutty north 916

  18. Olger

    Got me all nostalgic, remembering driving around in liberty city🗽

  19. No ism No ist

    One of the best rap songs ever facts?!!!!!???

  20. Melvin Tejera

    classic song and album!!! Ortiz one of the goats

  21. Leo Walzim

    Who skiped Drake and litsen to this insted in 2019?

    Too Lovely

    Leo Walzim Leo what's good brother

  22. wkachikyan

    anyone else hear MC Shan yelling "hip hop" when he says "this is hip hop"

  23. I L

    whos here in 2019?

  24. M bS

    Got 2 know bout dis song via GTA 4🔥

  25. Ike Dollaz

    2019 still 💣

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    Best hip hop....

  28. Aron Mekonen

    You made the anthem to my life, thank God Eminem signed you

  29. Arsene Wenger

    Joell is criminally underrated! What a beast on the mic

  30. ZE KO

    2019.July. nothing like the old school

  31. Gabriel Petrovich

    That violin is crazy in this song, omfg what a song

  32. Underground Hip Hop Paradise

    2019 ... and this song is stil a masterpiece of hip hop . . . and i think it will remains so ... for ever . . . joel keep it alive foo real. .. this the reason cuz pf cuttin selects always his songs on east new york radio....


    I miss hip hop, but nothing last forever does it, i wish thurr was a time machine so i could go bacc when im feeling lost and sad.

  34. Kash Rose

    Joell is super sik....5 stars papi

  35. Pichael Thompson

    The classic head nod 😄 reminds me of H.S

  36. Melvin Tejera

    classic!!! Ortiz one of the greatest rappers ever don't @ me

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    Wanna back to the time when hip hop was HIP HOP

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  51. Phuny Pheedbax

    Homicide, I bomb inside and rock insight. I am this microphone song with write. Comedy me, I will afroman you have forgottten time. That was comedy central on this rhyme. My shades so hard my shades refect a caution mind. That's a hilarious bar like a drug attic on pills bare even with a cigar untill stares previous switch cars as the audience laughs enlarge. That's a joke for ignorance. The way this disk verse spin a womans inverse kiss. The way I dance and switch her hips, I win her in. I could flip homicide like a mom with pride. Everybody rather player common slide. We often fight. I flip and polish light. You couldn't out rhymes me. Your a foul line beat. I crown my sing and bassline think. You hate fine free. The crowd in anxiety. The unreachable almighty, I am unbeatable you saw live beats. The audience unthinkable online see. Now people are offline freeze. I stop time clockline swing. These bars went over your head tall lightning. The electricity in your minds God wise me. We drop rhyming like freestyles the audience cant recycle. The force of these rhinos reap smiles. These piles of hoes get kick out like players uphold. Now this song is out of control as I expose dumboze. Audience catch a puzzle. My team huddles. We jumbo and sung notes. Now, you see the battle unroll. Please dont go uncomfortable. The upfront verse flow. Love universal. Love me earthzone.When the world needs my wordplay, My sword curse pain. I block haters with a verse sway. I use a shield to block my work face. My workplace is my curse face when men curl weight to interface a womans nerve change. I drink from a bottle. Love is hollow. Your lost unlogical. I am unstoppable. We trust sparkles. We bust charcoal. The flames are untolerable. I reach the solar system like some dollars flow apostles stole. Rare elements of gold tough products post. The awesome unroll love combustible. Sometimes life is unloveable. My lyrics are fearless. Womans heart pierces. The mirror image breaks severe with a womans tears in. People lost appearence. Love needs clearence. People hear the atmosphere switch. Dear pen give the music spirit. The legend shield my body as you hear it. Every battle is the cop sirens. Gun and armor tighten. People are looking for headshots over anger. I hope you use the paper. They rather us be killers and realer. The clean the filter and aim the chrome and silver. I hope you use the mind so they don't take you to jail. The system wants you to fail. I use mail to get to your senses. I hope you use the mind effective. Love your independence. One day as in one lesson. I hope you take my line of the formula. I warn you of the audience born moves up. The population is out of control the sword boost cuts. I cut the mind when thor loose us. The electricity make the force boom love. That's a kareoke and a boombox. The audience flew off. Woman want my lyrics too soft. Man want the speakers loud rude on. I am a legend untill the microphone is threw lost. That is a ghost across listening to my music upon the truth box. People lie untill they move God. People consume shock. That is my music when the truths off in my boombox. The truth hurts you lots. This is my mood song. My style incomprehensible. The income effects gold untill your dead and spirit lifts up best souls. Everybody gravitate to your own instrumentals. I got this coffin apart first I use as body armor to bust back harder. Thats a slick line the audience didn't see harvard. You're boxed in darker. The blood sharper the metal proper. I adjust the metal as a road blocker. When the secret service sends a helicopter to my house and I use garage doors and a locker. I hide from snipers view honnor. One man verses a army. I lay low like blood from arteries. The party happens hardly. I need a medic kit. That's a subject and predicate. People need evidence like me in handcuffs in a asylem. Womans love items. The darkroom suprise guns. The silencers upright bump. The injuries attain enemies behinds us. That's a reply trust. The hate usual will divide us. The explaination is righteous. The ammo and a assault rifle. My lifeline and bible. The ambulance trying to shock me back like lightning. My heart icy when a concussion light blind me. I fall feeling heavy a blood transfusion. I pass music. The liquids in my veins. The tubes on my body shape. The hospital visits rock me insane. I collapse. I wake on hospital bed rollback. The love a woman stole back. I try to give you hope back. The evidence you control that. People try to lie detector me. That's the truth from these better me. Woman shine asccesories Woman see my autobiography. My names is anthony. People try to collect my anatomy.

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