Ortiz, Joell - Crack Spot Lyrics

Water, jar, coke, soda
Fire, pot, stir, slower
Ice, fluff, whip, boulder
Dry, cut, bag, over!

Don't tell me that it's [?]
Baby boy, you on the grind, find a back block
Cop a hoopty, go see Louie for a stash spot
I'm posted up until they come and get this last rock
I toast it up wit' my niggas on the strip wit' me
[?] for my good niggas, that's history
Man, I don't check the mail without that fifth wit' me
It's sixteen in that thing and it spit fully!
We out here runnin' from the man, duckin' all them vans
Takin' care of all the homies stuck up in the can
Sittin' in somebody kitchen cuttin' up these grams
If you ain't never seen it, boy you wouldn't understand
Safe in that stash house tuckin' all them bands
Hoodrats watchin' but we pluckin on they hens
Money over hoes, nigga G's up
Lawyer money, pocket money and that re-up

Jackpot, I run the crack spot
Fiends runnin' back and forth to get these blacktops
Jackpot, I run the crack spot
Nobody leavin' 'til the finished wit' that last rock

Ain't a damn thing change, I'm out here gettin' change
It's a part of the game, boy I'm out here in the rain
The hood know my name, boy and my shit ring
Since I don't play no games, boy I let that shit ring
It's rules to this shit, a step by step booklet
To get yo' game on track, not yo' wig pushed back
Yeah I make that coke leave, then make that shit come back
I'm Fat Joe on that stove, gotta get, cook, crack!
I'm tryna get it, let some fiends hit it
Let 'em lean wit' it, make sure they Bean wit' it
If they become a Rocket, then we Hakeem wit' it
Post up e'rywhere and let that Dream wit' it
Hurricane Sandy, I flood the scene wit' it
Yo' white girl dirty, my baby clean wit' it
Environmentalists, I'm gettin green wit' it
And it's never over when everythings finished


I see you gettin' paper, see you out here trappin'
But if you ain't on my team, anything can happen
I ain't out here rappin' to be rappin'
I'm rappin' cause this is the new way of trappin'
Baby boy, I get it crackin'
Get ya head busted, get ya face smacked in
Ya boy so hood, my old lady packin'
Anyway, back to that trap, I ain't slackin'
Just got a new package and broke it into fractions!
Got the block jumpin', Blake Griffen action
You got 'em like CP3, they all passin'
You ain't got that fire, you sellin' wet matches
I don't sell duds, e'rybody blasted
Don't hate me homie, don't hate the game
Hate yo' connect homie, he gave you the 'caine
Or maybe it's yo' wack whip game that's to blame
Or maybe it's just me motherfucker, I do my thaaang!


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Ortiz, Joell Crack Spot Comments
  1. Dustin Lawrence

    Water jar coke soda fire hot stir slower ice fluff whiff colder dry cut bag over!🔥💯

  2. michael fox

    Cooper projects

  3. Sonar Eskoh

    👑🎤💰🔫🔪💣💉💊🗽🌉🌴🔥🚬🍻💸💵💎🅿🅰🅱L🅾!* *CHAPÓ!*

  4. Jesusmalverde247

    This shit is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. James Valencia

    Bg noise but still doesnt stop J. Oh. Muzika parrrrarrrr.

  6. Simeon Kochev

    Idk how this got so little views

  7. Hailey Johnson

    Oh no Jo Junior

  8. Noel Torres


  9. Angel Lopez

    I´m FaT joE on "that" stove.
    I´m fucking M¡ke Tyson without teeth.
    I´m mad as fuck looking your your daughters crack!

  10. Rich Lopez

    This Shit was FIRE, The Kat was just telling it like it is.🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. Rome Willagon

    i love me some joel ortis he is a beast my name son is sord of the same

  12. R C Q

    this track is tight...

  13. one lov3

    joe drop it on them sorry asses!!!!!! 4real------------

  14. xavier reyes

    He should marry snow tha product,,. Perfect baby

  15. Brayo Brizy

    the realest currently doing it as its supposed to be done.

  16. Da Killah

    this reminded me of Ice Cube

  17. iknowbynoe

    boygynus killed it producing this.

  18. King Of The City


  19. The Bomb Life

    so i know how to make crack now...

  20. Carlos Sanchez

    give my nigga J a record deal

  21. Carlos Sanchez


  22. Carlos Sanchez

    hip hop straight. .real shit .NY Jersey Stand up FAX

  23. Flip a bird, flip a bird, flip a bird.... In the kitcheeeennnn

  24. Gil Noriega

    Before Joell was a rapper he was a crack dealer and he did make bank in the streets. This song is more then fire because of the details. He didn't have to go harder. He did good. Beat off the chain as well.

    Big Eyes Cat

    joel still a drug dealer

  25. Genesis Santos

    I do recognize gnyus on that beat

  26. cole reed

    Yo Ortiz did live this life he's telling a story, i he said music is the new trapping he's showing his past life

  27. Mini_legitz_brokexx

    Is this when he was with aftermath

  28. Rob Morrison

    Like a fucking movie. Love it

  29. franklin Cabral

    The verses was dope not crazy bout the chorus

  30. JunetynF MonsterShamanMusic

    The guy that grabbed the kid was creepy

  31. LT Nation Radio

    The people who dislike this good music would rather listen too garbage like young thug

  32. tucsonhiphop

    fire !!!!!!!!!!

  33. sean sean

    he can rap but godamm.. just doesn't make good songs lol

  34. SingleMale31

    Yea lets all glorify what got us dying. No thanks.  its 2014 and your a rapper rapping about crack, gtfo

    Daniel Salas

    This song was made YEARS ago man look it up

  35. Cee-Asia4Life

    Seriously?? Give me a break.. Why ?? Incriminating yourself.

  36. AROE MSK

    Joell is one of the most talented emcees out there, why is he trying to chase the money making this weak shit? he'd be better off making solid tunes for the fans that appreciate his ability and skill. Lp's produced by Premier, Apollo Brown, Gensu Dean… etc.

  37. Wayne Ford

    So that's what the #Yaowa was for?


    he actually said in an interview that Yaowa means nothing, it's just somethin he came up with

  38. Rick Barreto

    Joell Ortiz is a beast.....

  39. Scotian Slim

    This joint is a fuckin banger! Been a Joell fan since "Who Tha Fuck Is Joell Ortiz?". As far as the video it looks a bit dated. This may have went over a lot of yall heads but I think he was going for the classic 1990-1993 old school,gritty crack slingin/smokin video.

    Hailey Johnson

    U Scotian Slimed he gunna shrink wrap up the kitchen

    Hailey Johnson

    Joell gunna get the Angles

    Hailey Johnson

    Death fix us together

    Hailey Johnson

    Mines and starz

  40. Ice Mingle

    joell used to sell drugs so what you niggas talkin bout


    Dope track Joell Ortiz you should collab with @Lupe Fiasco 

  42. eddie arias

    Song is dope but the visual is trash

    Be more abstract and less obvious

    Cindy Haefele

    Mf be less obvious about what? Its a song called crack spot tf outta here lmao


    You’re idiot visuals on point

  43. Edgar Santiago

    Good flow dope

  44. Spaska Angelova

    Amazing music!


    Dope Video #COB #Yaowa #Ssutt2Xs

  46. Holiday Styles

    Straight CRACK

  47. Ricardo Flores

    I hate to say it but I just don't know about this!!! How u gonna kidnap and point a gun on somebody!!!! WITH FUCKING SLIPPERS ON!!! Lmao!! Smh


    Are you stupid?The title house slippers means that he's very comfortable with his career and where his life is at the moment.It has nothing to do with sitting around the house.Y.Had you watched any of Joells interviews before the album came out you would know this.Dumbass stfu.

  48. Washington Jackson

    Come on joell u better than this. U aren't no drug kingpin. Disappointed

    Aaron Gordon

    @Josh G Mexican Rappers suck


    @GrandMaster Itzzaar I wouldn't know. I do know you're one of the dumber people I've seen on Youtube lately. I'm now assuming all Puerto Ricans are this bad and that's sad.

    Aaron Gordon

    @Josh G "you smort, u loyal, I like Dat. Give me a kiss." Girl says "mwah", "another one", "mwah", "another one", "mwah", "another one", "mwah". - Dj Khaled


    @GrandMaster Itzzaar #RetardedPeople  

    Aaron Gordon

    @Josh G admit Mexican rappers are bad

  49. Steve Solo

    Since 07'...

  50. Randyy1

    Joell is my fav Slaughterhouse member right after Royce and maybe Crooked lol great track.

  51. Andrew Valentin

    Good song but where are all the awesome punchlines. He used spit some crazy shit. This is a good song but it's so generic too.


    It's a story telling song.Its not supposed to be lyrical.


    OPTIC_ASSASSIN46 Yes exactly

  52. Men Hox

    Yaowa murdering this track, love love love #shadyforlife

  53. bitek17

    Zajebiste, jak większość od Joell'a ;)

  54. James Tucker

    I need a video for that joint with you and MAino... Feel good shit right there 

  55. lilmonsta132

    Real grind music from a real nicca that lived that life #respect

  56. Verbal World

    Raw respect

  57. U.C.ME!! Visuals MG

    This straight raw...step on that other shit.

  58. SuifuricAcid

    I respect what u do homie!