Ortiz, Joell - Brothers Keeper Lyrics

They say blood thicker than water
But love thicker than blood
That's all I'm sayin'
Ay, you ain't even gotta look, look too far man
If y'all niggas need the YAOWA the YAOWA's there, I'm on call
Speed dial me
Quick question

Are you my brothers keeper?
Am I your brothers keeper?
Are you my brothers keeper?
Am I your brothers keeper?
(My brothers I keep 'em close and I'mma keep on keepin')

[Verse 1 - Joell Ortiz:]
This shit done left music, we just fam now
Man I done brought niggas around who give a fuck 'bout rhyming
Gave 'em that look so y'all don't know but that's your man now
My shooters is yours, extra hands out
But not a hand-out
Nickle, you had me feelin' fly up in the No Fly
Walkin' through that Motorcity Inn like I was multi
Goons on both sides, somebody sneeze that nigga daddy wear a bow tie
And Crook, I'm always comfortable on your side
Sauce you a Boss, Horseshoe what it do?
C-Style hold ya head, Tray Deee can’t wait to meet you
And Jumpoff, when that whole shit jumped off, I ain’t gon name no names
But yeah I hoped that I ain’t come off grimy but dawgs I fuck wit them niggas
that’s why I never threw my gloves on
Needed to clear that up ‘cause that shit been really botherin’ me for dumb long
A nigga say something I’ll run in that nigga’s mouth
To everybody you Budden, to me you my nigga Mouse


[Verse 2 - Crooked I:]
Ring the alarm, we set the world on fire, oh yo!
Chemistry you never seen before
We the four, Well-known plus worth knowing you niggas either or
Even if we was poor never seen a tour
And Eminem didn’t put our CD in a convenience store anymore
We can still hit the streets and score
I help us finance our dreams on a triple beam
Never bicker for simple things
Loyalty is royalty with these Shady royalties
I will loyally help you pay all your lawyer fees
It’s much deeper than the art of rap
It’s realer than me signing a few autographs
Rocking my new slaughter tats
I was raised to keep it G since snap Starter hats
And bury our enemies like artifacts these are the facts
Like Chinese food in the fridge we a cold combination
Slaughter slaughter my whole conversation


[Verse 3 - Royce da 5'9":]
I'mma be mad cold and I’m cut this way, no matter where I’m at
It’ll be black roses on Mother’s day, on they mama front door mat
You know I'm, I’m quick to jump in front of fire in the line of fire
You ain’t got to ask what side I’m on I’m going homicide
May I simply cease to exist if I should be a bitch
If you should die and I should stay behind we actually a switch
As far as passing you a chick, you get the alley-oop you ask for the assist
This is a fact, it’s more than rap to me it's
More serious than holding a loaded gat to me I sold my soul to a bottle of Patron
And my favorite uncle died of an illness alchy related then he stole it back from me
And now he up in heaven like neph, you owe it back to me
I was taught that too much talking will make you fall faster
My actions show that I’m real I ain’t got to broadcast it
I called you and said that I had to fall back I had to recover
And here we are, that’s for my brothers


[Verse 4 - Joe Budden:]
Look, the love I got for ya’ll goes unsaid
Was there when me and shorty unwed
For that I’m always down to pump lead
We formed a bond against the cowards
Only grew over time in the studio for hours
And tours with no showers, and towns I never heard of was no small fort
But we was all sports, Slaughterhouse t-shirts in our ball shorts
Quik all that other shit, thats just other shit
Love is love, we ain't even gotta discuss this shit
The part that's sick G?
My brothers love me so much, I think their punch hit ya’ll harder than it hit me
Four of the best in the world, I put a M on it
And if that ain't enough I’m putting Em on it
We back to hogtying beats up and stepping on it
Back on our old shit just like Nino Bless is on it
Crowds screaming, the fans can get excited
And oh, as far as that question? I won't even dignify it


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Ortiz, Joell Brothers Keeper Comments
  1. Brian Reynolds

    One dopest songs. The industry is a joke

  2. Invincible Speaker

    A nigga say something I'll run in that nigga mouth, to everybody you Budden to me you my nigga Mouse. ✊🏾

  3. Jon R

    oh well nigga, aint like sombody died . men cant be men, fuck it slaughter house got slaughtered by slaughter house , no crying.. its over, joel is the boss, joe is the opportunistic, and crooked just hiding behind his hat. em fell off imagine that, royce we all know just loves em. i guess we all gotta move on. yall motherfuckers had your chance, enjoy the left overs, every slaughter house does.

  4. Kevin Begeal

    Damn, shits disappointing. I wish people could just get along. This break ups worse then g-n-r. This is a hard song to listin too!

    Eric Calabrese

    Joe doesn’t know what brothers keeper means