Ortiz, Joell - Act Like They Don't Know Lyrics

[Joell Ortiz:]
Boom, boom, boom, boom - guess who stepped in the room
It's sixth day of July and eighty out of the womb
When they ask ya who the best I would assume
Y'all would say me, I don't walk in this booth without a spoon
Anyone who make a mistake could be replaced
And get ate like the light when you jet from Jake
I come up with that shit you would never create
Y'all paying DJs to host your very edible tape
I'm a Great White, y'all looking like incredible bait
And I'm really trying my best to hold my head and just wait
For my turn, but how much can a gentleman take?
Before he flips and just spits a little phlegm in your face
Errrday I'm in the gym, got my regiments straight
Put on the gloves and I'll give y'all some leather to taste
Kick your ass, but for now I'm a kick this verse
Cause I'm an emcee like homeboy that ripped this first, c'mon

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