Orleans - Please Be There Lyrics

When I wake up hungry please be there
When I'm dark and thirsty please be there
On the lowdown Sunday say my prayer
When I need somebody please be there

Talk to me and I'll talk to you
Ain't it nice to know that you're breaking through?
Anything that you want me to
Ask me now and it's coming true

Come with me and I'll go with you
When the buds outside still wear the dew
You said that last night that you dreamed you flew
Take my hand that's what we'll do

Please be there I can hardly believe it
Please be there because you really see me
Please be there so don't ever leave it
Please be there with me

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Orleans Please Be There Comments
  1. Rich Keeshan

    Had this on vinyl and had forgotten about it till now. Didn't know it was their debut album.

  2. vipergg

    Best song on their first album . Still have a pristine copy of this album on vinyl .

  3. mark garvey

    Always loved this song.

  4. Lodewijk Abrahams

    #Great musicband

  5. cobie111

    great drumming by Wells RIP

    Randy Gates

    Wells was awesome live.

  6. Steve Berman

    A great group. Everyone in upstate NY loved them.

  7. networkexec

    tragic end to their drummers life tho

    Sazzz8 G

    Yes! My older brother and sister knew this band. The drummer... Bobby White...I think...came out to our farm. I was only about10....but remember this.

  8. Jeremiah Horrigan

    Easily one of the best debut albums of all time. This song is just the beginning of a sadly overlooked masterpiece. Thanks for posting.

  9. Hans Oosterbaan

    great song from 1973

  10. prydonian460

    I had this album on vinyl back in the 70s and wore it out . This was my favorite song on it and I was very distraught that it never made it to CD. Thanks so much for posting it . Great song !!