Orianthi - How Does It Feel? Lyrics

You got a lotta girls that you call your friends
You're always joking baby
at least you pretend
But it don't mean a thing
I know that it's true
Someone's told me something about Geena and you

Now that I'm leaving baby
How does it feel
Now that I'm leaving baby
How does it feel

I don't care about your money baby
I don't care about your cars
As you can see for yourself
I'm a rock and roll star
And while you read your little black book
Busy making plans
I'm out playing every night
I gotta million fans

Now that I'm leaving baby
How does it feel
Now that I'm leaving baby
How does it feel

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Orianthi How Does It Feel? Comments
  1. simon199418

    very Johnmayerish

  2. Pamela Williams

    Amazing talent!

  3. Linda Lopez

    Rock On Baby!


    I love this starts off all soulful then the solo kicks in but my only disappointment is why does it have to fade out?  It could go on for ages and still be magnificent or just build to a crashing finish


    I assume that the fade out is here because of the nature of this song. You know "how does it feel", you're leaving someone behind, so you just fade out from them

  5. David Campo

    Hey bro, just wondering.. by a minute you meant a minute and 2 years or..? :)

  6. Osiris Peña

    Orianthi is so underapprecitre gob l love her

    Jennifer Shaffer

    Osiris Fernanda Peña Guzmán totally agree! I've been obsessed with her for years!

  7. jacs

    Se ve que tu idioma natal no es ingles ! ese error que escribiste xD (WHO GEENA IS) no seria : who is elena ?

  8. jacs

    waoh , awesome song , great song ! god bless her

  9. Or Barry

    i like her rock songs nowadays more her old blues songs

  10. Ding Ling

    I love 2 How's in this CD. How does that feel & How do you sleep.

  11. Andjela K

    you said that a year ago.

  12. Lodewijk Vrije

    music like this is underrated by the whole planet, i am glad we can come together here and share our love for actual real music <3 love from the world, and peace from The Netherlands

  13. Julia Fonagy

    I don't know, who Geena is, but I bet Orianthi would kick her ass.

  14. CommanderCH

    2. How Does It Feel?

    ^-- From her homepage orianthi.com

  15. CommanderCH

    Thank you! I can download them. ^^ Put some thumps up on this video guys.

  16. Eric De La Rocha

    Lol in 1 minute...
    1 year after respond lol

  17. Crazy Cemetery

    ça ressemble un peu à du Santana avec un peu de gary moore et un solo de van halen !!! C'est pas désagréable du tout !!!
    Orianthi : I LOVE U <3

  18. Dashing

    Haha, 5 months later...

  19. Ainsley Harvey

    I like the 90s feel to this song....IMMA 90s kid:)

  20. David Campo

    can´t wait for the live!!!!!!

  21. David Campo

    i sweat that i'll play that fucking amazing solo when i get my new PRS... LOVE YOU ORIANTHI!!!

  22. TLG160

    anyone know when the full album is gonna be released

  23. RagingBull0002

    So much feeling....

  24. Nepeta Leijon

    I've heard of her like a month ago, but you have no idea how glad I was knowing she still sings

  25. EpicVidz843

    I'll post them up in a minute in the description.

  26. ItsAll4Love777

    Can somebody please post the lyrics??? :)

  27. Steve Cudmore


  28. Bobbi Ottenhoff

    Orianthi is so underappreciated ! God I love her <3

  29. bri i

    @HillBillySantaClaus I hope so. I loved every track off Believe.

  30. Faye


  31. bri i

    An extended play, really. sigh. only 5 songs. Orianthi + Romantic Sob songs don't mix. I love it when she rocks hard.

  32. Afireinside912

    once the solo kicked in, i just started crying... it just made the emotions of the song skyrocket.. so good.

  33. mark Scantland

    If you like this song or Orianthi then buy the cd you won't be sorry. Give her the Support she deserves.

  34. Barbara Oliveira

    Amazing <3

  35. dogsrockize

    She is beyond amazing....I LOVE Orianthi!

  36. EpicVidz843

    @Indigofisch Ah nevermind, mixed up names. Thanks for telling me lol

  37. EpicVidz843

    @Indigofisch Really? I bought these off of Itunes and that's what the names were the songs were.