Orianthi - Here On Earth Lyrics

Well, I can't find a sign
Everyone's telling me I'll be fine
Well, I don't know what's right, no, no
So many wrongs know where I turn

I can't seem to find
Don't want you to see me
I don't want you to see me this way
I want to believe that I will find a man

I know this long road
Destination I don't really know
I hope I find some peace of mind
Trying to take my days one at a time

Hold onto your dream
Try my best of what I want to be
Maybe someday you will see me shine
I just want to make the most of all my life
Here on earth

And we're running out of time
Is this just my impatient side?
I don't want to stay right here where I am, no, no

Just want to keep moving on, keeping strong, my faith along
Wanna keep on moving, I just want to keep on moving on
I just want to keep on singing
Until I can sing you my song

I know this long road
Destination I don't really know
I hope I find some peace of mind
Try to take my days one at a time

Hold onto your dream
Try my best of what I wanna be
Maybe someday you will see me shine
I just want to make the most of all my life now

I don't want to look back on all my time
And think that I should make more of my life, no, no, no
Well, I don't want to be the dating type
People do you want, well in the end it's up to you
To you to make it right

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Orianthi Here On Earth Comments
  1. Bailee Thibodeaux

    love this song and she is an amazing artist.... role model material for sure.


    She's very amazing and no doubt about her talent. It's been long time not to see her doing concert again

  3. アリス

    Perfect no words do describe

  4. Jeroen Kuilman

    Very nice song.

  5. sleddheddious

    Can't believe I missed this. Awesome. Peace.

  6. Kent Beery

    Love your Accent. .....

  7. Jorge Alberto Lara Sánchez

    ¡! :)

  8. Brenda Marin

    Beutifool sungs my lady y love you
    good is blasses mi here im of (chile)
    thanks for music

  9. aMulliganStew

    Nice. The chords are reminiscent of Ten Years Gone.

  10. Pedal Pumping

    She is beautiful!!! SO beautiful

  11. superjet2771

    So, so...She has time to mature.


    @Beatles Fan
    Make your Dad proud. I lost mine too, it sucks.


    @Beatles Fan okay, whatever you say....son.

    Beatles Fan

    @superjet2771 like you can sing and play guitar as well as she does on this video lol really!


    @Beatles Fan READ THE COMMENT DUDE, Where did I EVER say I had a problem with her playing? Define the moment I stated I was a "better"player than her? Is every teacher better than their student? Good bye Mr. Troll...

    Beatles Fan

    @superjet2771 you said and I quote so so what does so so mean to you and who are you to say she is so so maybe you should try anger management

  12. Theo 80126

    Breath taking.

  13. David Thompson

    beautiful song

  14. Sharay Herrera

    My Idol ♥ :)

  15. NullPointer

    you are really awesome, what a talent! If these videos don't inspire my little students, I don't know what will :)

  16. Katy kat

    God.....Ori your the best......Love u..mwaaah

  17. Dave Ortega

    great song and guitar adlibs.

  18. swiftbunny13

    Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

  19. Lenny Bennington

    what is the cipher of this music ?

  20. lee volkkova

    gorgeous and talented... all haters have small penis hhahahaa

  21. B Wrathchild

    shes amazing *.* ...

  22. elayton1966

    Beautiful....in every way.

  23. FlyawayMr

    Thanks, for good work

  24. Andres Martínez

    eres increible <3

  25. xmusicfanx11

    YOU'RE THE SHIT ORI <3 you're amazing xo

  26. catherynne zdr


  27. Lexy baby

    i love you orianthi!!!your my idol and dont forget that!!!!!!!;] lovelexyy!!!!!<<<333

  28. Anton Wieser

    Love her everything ! .... Love her for being herself ! ..... love her for music n talent .... love for showing any girl can make it just as a man !!.... She can sing n is beautiful ... hope she find true love ..:-)

  29. Michael Caoile

    I love you ORI!!!

  30. Spitfireman

    I sometimes think that Orianthi should re-visit her Violet Journey, and re-record it, in it entirety.. Her voice has changed and matured so much, since that first album, and i think it would come across really well..and this video proves the point.. Please Orianthi--if you see this---re-record Violet Journey, and then release it again...

  31. BorsaTrans

    Красива..невероятен музикант.Обичаме те Орианти....

  32. Jeremy HASSAN

    I can't really tell you...sorry! I remember it was from south america...she tweeted it so if you go through her timeline you'll find.

  33. MajorPwnage96

    Haha I was about to say "Wow, she looks like Orianthi!" and then I saw it was her channel... Makes sense.

  34. gonzalo serra

    Es un orgasmo esta mujer, belleza desigual

  35. bullitman4438

    I love to watch the expressions on her face when she plays..............beauty and soul.........

  36. Michael Caoile


  37. Gina F.

    αμεε κάτι ξέρει!! ;) Δες τη συνέντευξη της (Greek Interview) εκεί λέει Γεια σου, τι κάνεις, γιαγιά, ψάρι, αυγολέμονο κλπ! :P και στο χωριό της ερχόταν όταν ήταν πιο μικρή!! Είναι καταπληκτική και απ' τους λίγους μουσικούς που αξίζουν στις μέρες μας!!! ;)

  38. leukat11

    sometimes god send us some angels to help us to live ...

  39. FAT JACK


  40. Anthony Coughlin

    ori ur an amazing guitarest stuninging singer and beautiful woman =) u give me alota of insparation espicley from the fire album u relased keep it up theres olny one way to go and thats up nd up with your playing =) see you in the summer with alice cooper ill be there cant wait to hear you play

  41. Ypnovatis

    @makiskavadias Πείτε μου ότι ξέρει ελληνικά να τρελαθώ...! Την καλή εποχή του myspace (2005 νομίζω) είχα ένα add request από μια Orianthi και σκέφτηκα τι περίεργο όνομα, ελληνικό πρέπει να ναι. Μετά την έμαθα φυσικά και είμαι ακόλουθος από τότε. Εύχομαι τα καλύτερα και ως κιθαρίστας και ως Ypnovatis. ;)

  42. Volker Seßler

    i don't want her to be a pop star - i mean waht 's the sense of being so popular and all the non-music fans know you and soon you be as pop as the red hot chili peppers and sold out . blues rock is such a good genre and it doesn't have to be so superficial - the feel is more emotional , bluesy and too deep to be just pop music- anyway i hate number one hits .

  43. AndersOchRobinsLand

    @majortuckage Indeed! Dark but awful truth!

  44. majortuckage

    @AndersOchRobinsLand Thing I've found with people who work with the mentally challenged is that slowly the workers become mentally challernged themselves rather than visa versa. Case in point .....

  45. AndersOchRobinsLand

    @majortuckage I work with mentally challenged people, still i found your comment hilarious! haha

  46. shitHappensWhoCares

    this makes me cry ...

  47. regelemihai

    @Heennrriiicckk A bunch of annonymous X factor contestants. Okay? I checked out that Harrow guy, and he isn't bad. But why does this song in particular repel you? It has heart, it has soul, and she plays a mean guitar. I understand if you don't like it, but to call it shit is just so extreme it doesn't even make sense. I really don't like Adele as an artist, or as a musician. But that doesn't mean I think she's shit. Be objective in your assessments.

  48. regelemihai

    @Heennrriiicckk What's wrong with it? What type of music do you listen to?

  49. majortuckage

    @regelemihai *Nicely dodged *gelhair evade an issue and it disappears ah* ?
    Ditto to your feeling* sad for me as* I truly feel anguish for ppl like** you that think* barely mediocre* crap that the Orianthi's of* this world cough up is cool* .
    Go to her shows* do you? Fantasize she'll *spot you*stop the show and dive into the crowd * to unite with her knight in shinning armor ,defender of Her honor on YT*.
    Dream on regelledhair and shame on you for encouraging this insult to music.*

  50. regelemihai

    "yet another YT spell /grammar checking fuk"

    Lol, I'm not surprised you're frustrated after I pointed out your abject stupidity to you. Next step is to accept it. Before you know it, you'll have the sufficient mental capacity to leave your basement. There's hope fo you yet.

  51. regelemihai

    @majortuckage *they're the ones WHO chop you up.

    Cute, both mentally unstable and ignorant.

  52. majortuckage

    @regelemihai Never feel sorry for the mentally challenged they're the ones that chop you up into little bits and flush your remains down the bog hole MUHAHAHAHAHAHAH !!!!

    Speaking of friggin cretins , LOL ....

  53. regelemihai

    @majortuckage Don't project your own fantasies on me, shitface. My only beef is with sad sexually frustrated trolls who spam webpages that feature artists they dislike. I'm not angry with you; if anything if feel sorry for you. The mentally challanged should be protected in our society, which is why I'm reaching out. lolz :-P

  54. regelemihai

    @majortuckage I do too, knowing pathetic inbreds like yourself are still multiplying. Lol?

  55. Dr. King Schultz

    Dont ever sing a pop song we are tired of pop...

  56. majortuckage

    Weak but funny, specially the tinkle at the end LOL.... and you dumb fuks think this is good, I weep for the future !!!!!

  57. Manu Roldán

    la canción esta muy bien ,pero el jersei es muy feo

  58. PeterNovak

    9 people are from mars

  59. PLADProdandArtistMgt

    Dig it Ori!!! Thanks for sharing....

  60. AWOLgolf

    if she wrote that I'm impressed. It's one thing to have a gal that can smoke the guitar, or one that can play and sing a little, but when you get one that can write, sing well, ( which I think she can) and play a smokin' blues guitar you might have a ground breaker. Oh, and she's not too bad to look at either ;-)

  61. Jeremy HASSAN

    @Shereezy87 I read an interview where she explains that she does pop in order to inspire female/young girls to pick up their guitars and play it since pop is what they listen most...hence she would have a better impact on them...but hey! I think Violet Journey is her BEST album so far

  62. Steve Richards

    what Shereezy87 said! :-)

  63. Caio Keyboards

    beautiful voice, perfect,

  64. shihab elramla

    absolutley orianthi

  65. Jacek Zakrzewski

    The seven deaf and blind jackasses.

  66. QtommyQ

    I hope that every kid that sees you play runs out and buys a guitar. We're in an era where we need more guitar heroes. The more I see and hear you play the more that I am impressed with everything that you do. I just think that it is so important for you to be heard doing what you do. Don't ever change for anyone. Be true to yourself and love every minute of it ;)

  67. genesio rocca

    i love you

  68. Phil Noel

    the 7 dislikes .. must be .. tone deaf ..

  69. Klown Korp

    she puts every feeling in her music i love it!!!

  70. Mr McDonald

    You ARE the reincarnation of Jimi!

  71. BetaoftheBass

    absolutley beautiful Orianthi ^_^

  72. Loly Cardoso

    Minha diva

  73. Amy Crow

    awesome vocals as in awesome guitar powers! lol so inspiring :)

  74. tanukishady

    So cool of you to make these videos. Really inspiring.

  75. Javier Mayer


  76. mr.Guitar22

    teach me how to play that lead break ori baby

  77. Makis Kavadias

    μπράβο μωρό μου, εισαι άξια για οτι κατάφερες! είμαστε μαζί σου!

  78. jhon santos

    congratulations I still did not know you play more and you're beautiful does a cover of the band Switchfoot and others will be put bjoss of Brazil

  79. Vinicius Burgos

    Hey !!! VERY GOOD !!!! :S

  80. Robin Brother

    que mulher linda sou fã dela desde Michael Jackson, canta bem e toca demais. Oriathi casa comigo!

  81. Steve Childers

    Love your passion Ori.

  82. gtrslinger


  83. vixfix3


  84. Shivani Subba

    Love the way you pronounce 'Earth' :)) Ama big FAN of the Aussie accent! If I had one, I would NEVER stop talking! LOL xD

  85. mmaier2112

    I love that one chord (I don't know what it's called). Reminds me of Led Zep for some reason. Great vid.

  86. Wander marques

    o senhor jesus te deu um don use-o para ele jesus te abençoe

  87. AngelaTapiasC


  88. Chris Finley guitarist at Pistol Creek Ravens P.C.R

    love this one;singing from the heart; chris

  89. sumofone1969

    She's obviously devoted to Paul Reed Smith guitars, even her acoustic is one.
    Can't say I blame her. Real quality craftsmanship.

    One of the better female musicians today - actually talented unlike a lot of others.

  90. Chucho Chucho

    Inspiras sentimiento y alegria, talento y simpleza, no cambies eso por nada en el mundo, Love you Ori!

  91. TommyRocket49

    Luv it! Great song & performance! Keep on doing what you do Best!!!

  92. kristynkmusic

    @shereezy87 i TOTALLY agree with you! her pop music isn't terrible, but there's too much of it and this is so much better!

  93. kristynkmusic

    i hope she puts this on her new album!! :)

  94. DorRayne

    @Darkjennifer1 yes she sings more than fine however I think that came from having a few shaky vocals while performing on live TV especially on Idol and people there are jerks. Also touring with two vocalists like Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta kinda played to the same crowd.

  95. Darkjennifer1

    I don't understand why people say you can't sing, You sing great plus how many people on youtube can sing and rip the guitar up at the same time. My point exactly, you are awesome. #1 female guitarist idol in my book!!! Thank you for rocking it out, never stop!!!!

  96. Moviegurl15

    I actually love this kind of music from you. Blues/rock suits you very well. :-)

  97. Ringer4 klinger

    That about sums up how I feel..

  98. batakojedi