Orianthi - Fire Lyrics

[Verse #1:]
Standing on a mountain side
I watch the sun go down
Nothing here instead of cold air
Stones laying on the ground
I could stand here forever
Yeah, the sky is red like blood
I know the devil's waiting
And he's waiting for the light

Go on, light my fire
Go on, light my fire
Go on, light my fire
Go on, light my fire

[Verse #2:]
Up here round the attic
All my toys are on the floor
I could hear somebody scratching
Scratching on my door
But I couldn't stand to open
To see who that could be
Well, I could hear it breathing
And the devil's here with me

Go on, light my fire
Go on, light my fire
Go on, light my fire
Light my fire

I was plinking my guitar
Like I was playing with fire
I didn't think that it would take me down
I thought it'd take me higher
It will take me higher


Go on, light my fire
Go on, light my fire
Go on, light my fire
Go on, light my fire

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Orianthi Fire Comments
  1. József Szigeti

    király a csajszi....

  2. nara dias

    Quem não gosta de ouvir Orianthi tem muito mau gosto!

  3. Jason Kuziej

    this album for her was an experimentation type album wich alott of your rock groups do to its too see what if she want to or needs to redesign her sound

  4. Jason Kuziej

    Ainsley Harvey it mean saying you want somone or that somone or something is making you want live or keeping your energy or drive going or your spirit going thank of it as that there are at least thousands of songs like this in music history

  5. FreedomRocker

    Unfortunately, that's where the big money is.

  6. DarkHeaven Z

    Rock is a very open term, there is a big variety of different types of rock.

  7. Lord Mordekaiser

    She seems like heading on a country-like sound.

  8. Nazareno Emiliano

    quiero de tu fuego bebe

  9. Dennis Kent

    Wasn't available when I posted. Thank you for the info :)

  10. Amanda Wells

    All these songs on her Fire EP are on her new album. Heaven In This Hell which was released on March 12 in the US Itunes.

  11. Dennis Kent

    Orianthi's Fire EP is not available on iTunes in the US. D:

  12. CommanderCH

    Thump these songs up.

  13. Giulia V

    I saw her live with Alice Cooper... and fell in love

  14. Souhail

    for some reason i dont like it !!

  15. jomase6154

    it's blues. that why it sounds country like. and blues is the bases for most genre of musics. all the good players have that sound.

  16. Ainsley Harvey

    What is the meaning of this song? Can someone tell me?

  17. Nicholas Umphress

    Remember an all girl band from the 80s "Vixen". What if she were 2 form a band similar 2 that?

  18. Nicholas Umphress

    This souds really country

  19. CC the Cat

    Darn, it was supposed to show up as two hearts, not threes....

  20. CC the Cat

    This makes me wanna light my fire, so I can play guitar almost as good as Ori!! 33

  21. Jim Sinclair

    . ageoncy i want more than 100 a week to live cause at a roll of monroes is possible love ?
    pain or somtum if you hear jesus tell him i'm gon ah wake up with 5cents in a morning like he used to tell me too before aa

  22. Jim Sinclair

    green gold can't even think 18 carrots nothing i'm even afraid if i fall this hard 5 cents will kill.
    metal bloody things

  23. Jim Sinclair

    your ring is or isn't on your finger libfre or frwn souls on fire saints alive ich liby got to figure liber
    library all the time at agles devine calling me devile all the time alef of Jisus is or real not cal and air all the time you got my mind i'm used listining to emmanual at the time teachers he was my teacher for 78 to 2010 and i'm botherd more then i understand or make sence

  24. Mark Jurich

    she's fire is cool.

  25. Nathan Kropinyeri


  26. SFloridaMike

    That's one monster riff! The Mighty Orianthi.

  27. Lars Lindholm

    Yes i lke this

  28. CochoSGO

    You can't deny this was recorded on Nashvile

  29. pimpandprostitutetoo

    I still prefer her Violet Journey type of tunes .-.

  30. heartsmusic4evs

    aaaaaaaaaaaah i luuuv her unique sound sooooo much!!!!!!!! :D

  31. SantomPh

    why are Pink and Pink Floyd included in the tags?

  32. my personal channel

    classic rock and roll with a bad a** guitar player all bundled up inside a beautiful woman. not much new can be said so ill keep it simple... WOW!

  33. Stefani Fanee

    i love her & her music!

  34. maddythinks

    badass sexiness breaks all chains of sexiness.....crazy composition

  35. Marielle Hembra

    she is so good.! :) woooot.!