Orbison, Roy - Yo Te Amo Maria Lyrics

I'm a poor peasant boy, I'm a dirt farmer's son
And I feel like a king when I know that my work is all done.
For at twilight I know, there's a place I must go
To sing my song of love for one who waits all alone.
Yo te amo Maria, Maria amor, yo te amo Maria, Maria mi amor.

Oh the beautiful sights, of the great city lights
Where most people must run to try to have fun, not for me.
For this woman of mine, is much sweeter than wine
And I spend all the time I can find with my Marie.
Yo te amo Maria, Maria amor, yo te amo Maria, Maria mi amor.

Oh the joy of my life, will one day be my wife
And we'll spend all our days watching the world roll on by.
When her time comes to fly, to that home in the sky
I pray the angels above will love her as much as I.
Yo te amo Maria, Maria amor, yo te amo Maria, Maria mi amor.

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Orbison, Roy Yo Te Amo Maria Comments
  1. Stella Pawlaczek


  2. James Somers

    The big( O) What a great time we had.The music. O how I miss it and her there'sbeen others but her I remember.

  3. Elvis86100

    Cette chanson est très belle et entrainante. Un plaisir de l'écouter. Merci de l'avoir mise sur YouTube. RIP Roy

  4. Peter Meyer

    Roy Robinson...💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏unsterblich. RIP. Wir werden dich niemals vergessen. Du bleibst in unserm Herzen für immer

  5. Gentle Lucius

    Ooooh, how I love the peace he brought to the world with his music and his voice...

  6. Taczylo Taczylo

    Thank you for sharing. I love him.

  7. Noel Phillip

    Yo Te Amo Maria - I love you Maria

  8. Noel Phillip

    Yo Te Amo Maria - I love you Maria

  9. Annie Aston

    Love roy singin in spanish

  10. Annie Aston

    Roy you were a treasure

  11. Dulce Ruíz Robles

    Que triste, porque la música es algo muy chido, que no tiene la culpa y que me encantaría volverla a compartir con alguien a quien le guste tanto, pero con alguien que al menos trate de encontrar un equilibrio con la vida real, con las personas que tiene a su lado, con los momentos que valen la pena. Me encanta la música, pero contigo, me llegó a hartar, y no me voy a privar de disfrutarla por sufrir por alguien que hace las cosas que se sienten tan mal, y por su puesto que tampoco trataré de privarte de eso, por eso es mejor dejar tanta seriedad, tanto apego y tanta importancia a la relación.

  12. Maxime Vander Elst

    Krijg ik nog steeds koude rillingen, zo raakt mij dat nog steeds

  13. Ingrid Ulloa

    Me encanta!!! Como todas sus hermosas canciones 😍😍

  14. Rigo Mendoza

    Antonio Aguilar



  16. Gerd Mohr

    Dieses Lied ist einfach klasse! Eines der schönsten Lieder von Roy Orbison.

  17. karine

    Belle chanson

  18. Basil Nedic

    thanks for you tube thanks to roy love it

  19. Ed van den Hurck

    Golden voice love it


    .......me too ... Ed

  20. La Bella Donna

    Yo te amo Roy Orbison

  21. Vicente Zaldivar

    Antonio Aguilar, yo te amo María 🎶🎺

  22. Mike Gibbs


  23. stobbi38

    That's my Name:)))

  24. Rajko mitrovic

    super izbor


    this is something else! good god, deliver me.

  26. Mickey Bowser


  27. Mickey Bowser

    This is beautifull roy can really top them

  28. Meryloyu Lila

    Yo te Amo 💙......Roy 🌷

  29. Margit Schönfelder

    This song reminds me to my father.Today is his birtday.🌹

  30. Manu Müller

    yo te amo roy O.

  31. Batty

    Like a lot of people on here I have not heard this song before and I am an octogenarian and remember Roy from the start. Love it. Cheers from Scotland.

  32. Willy Beunnens

    I'am Always amazed .. going through my memories.

  33. Marlene Sullivan

    Dear Roy Can Sing Every Song So Beautiful.. LEGEND.🎸💕

  34. Modrīte Benika

    I'm maybe (old fool), but I like ... very much like Roy Orbison, his voice is like an unrivaled world-class singer

  35. georgia bowerman

    I have loved Roy's singing forever,and never realized that there are so many I never heard before.

  36. Javier Bautista

    YO TE AMO, MARÍA!!! ❤

  37. R Mich

    Roy Orbison

  38. Silvia R.

    Roy ❤❤❤❤

  39. Dobromiera Barć

    Uwielbiam takie piosenki. Piękna.!!!!

  40. Lorenzo mastromarino

    Nous aussi on t'aime beaucoup Mr the Voice Roy

  41. 320 Parks

    a monumental 45 record

  42. Mosby white guy C

    Will never be able to beat the Spanish version

  43. Julie Hendrickx


  44. Marie Goodwin

    had this record since the early sixties yes it is the flip side of Pretty Woman and I played it to death good to hear the old songs again and the words means so much

  45. Marie Goodwin

    love this song my name is Maria

  46. Renske Meems

    nog steeds mooie muziek om te luisteren

  47. Micky May

    Absolutely lovely song and Oh can Roy Sing in Spanish so well. Thanks for the post.


    If I want to drift away and rest, listening to song I can understand, there is only one, the Big O.
    He may have passed away but legends never die

  49. Ana Huhn

    Wunderschönes Stimme und Song <3

  50. Czeslaw Lenartowicz

    rio bar 1975 landgraaf mooie tijd

  51. Theresa G

    I have never heard this song before, precious.

  52. Jeanpierre Roblin

    voix extraordinaire , il a inspiré le grand elvis, c'est dire super roy

  53. veronica castillo

    Yo Te Amo ROY!!! Para Siempre

    Rodolfo Araya

    veronica castillo una voz unica.

    Rodolfo Araya

    veronica castillo una voz unica por eso entiendo que lo ames y un ser humano unico no necesitaba mas que su voz para llenar el escenario diria mucho mejor que elvis.

  54. The Everly brothers

    Super mooi

  55. Maria Alice Costa Cabral

    je m'appelle MARIA....j'aime ie cette chanson ....c'est três jolie

  56. Ton en Jacqueline Fabert van Rooij

    06 - 09 - 2016 geweldig mooi Roy Orbison is GEWELDIG!!!!!! En zeer gevoelig, muziek die nooit vergeten wordt!
    Jacqueline en Ton Fabert van Rooij 👋👍🎼🎸🎼🎸 Prachtige gitaar akkoorden.

    Ton en Jacqueline Fabert van Rooij

    reactie uit Nederland LOON OP ZAND 23.55 uur

  57. muana13

    Fantastica voz e melodia....

  58. Lucrecia García

    So beautiful song!!😍❤

  59. Willy Beunnens


  60. jos van dongen

    great spanish gitar

  61. joseelno1

    Not bad but Ramon Ayala sings it 100% better.

    N.E Los Angeles Kennels

    Nah homie Antonio Aguilar takes it

    Marie Goodwin

    joseelno1 no they don't sorry this is the best version ever

    Roger Villavicencio

    Marie Goodwin see your comparing oranges to Apple's one version is English and one is Spanish there are plenty of oldies that transcend into English check them out and you see try los aspon with satisfaction and many more artist!!

    Roy Walker

    Best version, but a dutch indo guy named Andy Tielman does a very good cover of this song.

  62. Zdzisław Drgas

    Piękna piosenka!

  63. S Friend

    Going through memories. I'm 3 hours into listening to Roy's music and I am still hitting on songs I remember and those I had forgotten. I'll probably be here for a while longer... lol.

    Jean Dulaney

    Wow!  I'm doing the exact same thing today 9/3/18 and hearing some awesome songs by the great Roy Orbison that I've never heard before.  Been sitting here for hours listening to every song I can find.  Awesome!

  64. Jickdaw Monelason

    mono please..

  65. Ronald Lancaster

    what a great song the words say it all

  66. Miana Dragan

    Moi,je suis Maria et j'adore cette chanson.

  67. Aura Polanco

    Great, great song

  68. Ronald Rickard

    Flip side of Pretty woman I found back in the days you played both sides of the 45
    to get your 99 cents worth

  69. Cynthia Harkness

    I love this song
    great rumba

  70. Geraldina Lagos

    Uh  I was so Little when in my natal Honduras they played this beautiful song in the radio stations.

  71. Cor Meloen

    fan voor altijd

  72. Marie Louise Deloddere

    Hele goede zanger

  73. Mary Shaw

    I have never heard this before either, but lovely.


    @Mary Shaw I'm an old guy from Chicago, this song is on the flip side of his 45 Oh, Pretty Woman, I still have that record I bought in 1964, Monument Label, I still play it once in a while, real sweet ballad, Roy was the best in those days, have a happy life!

  74. Willem R

    Back to the sixties

  75. Marija Firstner

    Takes me back to my teens... .

  76. Danuta Gromowska

    ROY ORBISON słucham, słucham i słucham...

  77. les reed

    Takes me back to my teens .....

  78. Lienie Staal

    Prachtige stem...zijn er maar weinig met zo`n stem....

  79. Gary Vuorela

    Hi wjhmosaenglish03,good song by Roy Orbison well done,Peace,I subbed can you do the same thanks.GARYV.

    Graham Brunning

    Gary Vuorel

  80. Jessica.Smith Smith

    Muy hermosa

  81. charles spicer

    Glen Campbell once said we all sing country Roy Or bison sings opera

  82. dreadway3

    It's always such a great pleasure to run across an undiscovered gem like this from Roy. Beautiful!

    Albert Buchheit

    It was the flip side of Pretty Woman



    Maurice Boyce

    I found it on a tape I got off a bargain table some 25 years ago called "Our Love Song", has this and a lot of other unknown RO gems.

    john hamriding


    robin gear

    It’s so wonderful to find true Orbison fans. You’d be surprised how many songs he wrote that present pop stars continue to cover. It’s without doubt that he has had his accolades... truth is it far from what he truly presented to the music industry

  84. Zbigniew U.

    Dziękuję Halinko- dobrej niedzieli życzę Ci. Pozdrawiam

  85. María Iztaccihuatl

    That's my name! so lovely <3 

  86. Mihályné Halász

    Csodás hang.

  87. miz mish

    How wonderful can one person acheive? Magnificient!

  88. somebodynew1

    I've never heard this song, but I really like it. If Roy sang it , its good.

  89. Marija šivak

    Sjećanje na jedno ljeto!

  90. Neil Phillips

    It was the b side of Oh Pretty Woman in the U.K., that is how I first heard. His voice was operatic, full of emotion.


    In USA too, I still have the original 45 of Oh, Pretty Woman I bought in Chicago in August, 1964, Monument label, very rarely if not ever played on the radio, could not believe that always, it was and still is my FAVORITE Orbison effort, even more so than Pretty Woman.

    Ronald Rickard

    @varigdc10 Its almost as I wrote that ,back when you listened to both sides of a 45 

  91. nelly frutschi

    Zum Träumen

  92. gasmeter1947


  93. paulavolk90

    Beatifull.Thank You Roy

  94. Thomas Haverstock

    Get a live losser

  95. Phil Cross

    A great song by a great singer. Thanks for sharing.

  96. advancedwatcher

    a favourite from my childhood.

  97. BlackKittie

    then why listen to Roy is you say its "TERRIBLE " this is true music