Orbison, Roy - Sleepy Hollow Lyrics

There's a place I call Sleepy Hollow
Where I go when you're not around
There's a brook running clear in the meadow
I lose my blues in it's sound

The wind and the trees from the hollow
Whisper secrets of life in my ear
When I lay down in their shadows
I dream that you're still here

The bubbling babbling brook is your laughter
The wind blowing softly,your touch
I've found the one thing I'm after
Your love, your love means so much

Until you say that you love me
And make all my dreams come true
I'll go down to my Sleepy Hollow
And dream my dreams of you
I'll go down to my Sleepy Hollow
And dream my dreams of you

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Orbison, Roy Sleepy Hollow Comments
  1. Lyn Jarrett

    I love Roy Orbison I've got all his songs he ever made he was the number one what a voice x

  2. Mike Eldridge

    as always U Tube gives the public what music they really want thanks

  3. ShirleyFor Tablet

    What a sad life Roy Orbison had bless him no one should have to go what he went through ,his singing reflected his heart rip Roy hope you found some happiness you deserve it , Shirley h Darlington england 😁

  4. Mária454 Szabó


  5. Mickey Bowser


  6. Mickey Bowser


  7. Asko Varjorinne

    Roy, me muistamme aina sinut!

  8. stephanie thijssen

    the man and his voice from heaven



  10. Robin Wilson

    There can't be many singers/groups who put out "B" sides of such a consistentlly high standard

  11. Don Latymer

    One of my fovourites, but don't follow every lyric too exacly it brought me close to the Edge of Reality

  12. Don Latymer

    Dreaming is wrong, Acting is right

  13. Manu Müller

    Danke für die wundervollen Songs vom unvergessenen Roy O. den ich sehr vermisse.

  14. Nigel Lewis

    Roy at his best love this song!

  15. gerd munzert

    sicherlich gibt es den einen oder anderen song der mir nicht so gefällt......gut da nimmt man sich einen der einem besser gefällt.letztlich wer musik mag und auch etwas versteht kommt ohne  diese musik  nicht aus ,es ist it das beste was diese zeit zu bieten hat und hatte ,Elvis ist für für mich sehr weit weg.Roy ist der beste seiner zeit.

  16. Basil Nedic


  17. Paul Cross

    People ask often what has happened to cause the craziness of today's world and the real answer is change. But subcategorized under that is the absence of people loving music like this by any artist that can perform it well. But Roy's touch put this recording into the stratosphere of musical recordings, a fairly common deed for Roy on anything he sang. Just seemed like a softer time overall when music like this was embraced. Glad I was able to experience it all by being born in '52.


    Paul Cross //// there is good music being made and played on alternative modes but I think Rock n Roll is in decline . The loss of three great artists recently has shown there are no condenters to replace them.
    The epic songs from the sixties to nineties just arn't been followed by great music. We can only hope the children now will produce great music like it used to be, full of emotion, pathos, pain, hope and despair, around 4-5 minutes long

    Sarah Kinsey

    I'm 18 and I love the oldies! Pink Floyd is my favorite band, and Roy is my favorite singer!

  18. Maurice Boyce

    A truly beautiful song.

  19. George Schedler

    I remember listening to this song in college, recalling my failed relationships. Great song, with much poignancy.

  20. barrygioportmorien1

    This is new to me, It's great that powerful voice can still be heard and appreciated here on YouTube.

  21. Les Reed

    So many tracks to love, from Roy, but this is one of the most beautiful.

    Les Reed

    Where do you start? His hits, of course, but numbers like "Flowers" & "There won't be many coming home" are another two favourites of mine, too.

    Maurice Boyce

    I think they are all on an album called "Our Love Song", I got it on a cassette possibly 25 years ago. yes, another hidden gem, truly beautiful music

  22. Carol daniels

    some fab songs on here never heard! thanks for sharing!

  23. jackie passmore

    Why are certain videos not available songs from when i was 16 would love to here them again I'm 54 now it's been a long time love you Roy orbison x

    Basil Nedic

    +jackie passmore i love the sixties i am 67 and have lots of song '.on the you tube. roy . cliff. sandie shaw. all of the sixties favourites.click on and enjoy

  24. Marie Antoinette

    un souvenir

  25. Wynnson3

    The purity of Orbison's voice is unrivalled.

  26. Gillian Brutzki

    Wonderful to hear all these songs, its like finding unknown treasures.

  27. Ronaldo Meirelles

    Pessoas como Elvis e Roy deveriam ser eternas,nunca deveriam morrer!

  28. Mary Shaw

    Same here...I'm 75 and been a fan as long as he started sharing his music with the world and I can truly say, new ones for me, also. Love them so much. Thank you so much for uploading.

  29. Momo Joue

    Hi. Very nice song year 60's lover thanks

  30. Ronald Rickard

    Found so many of Roy's songs  here that I didnt know existed

    Steve Boulton

    Ronald Rickard my dads favourite. Takes me back to sunday afternoons in the 80s when my parents would get the old 45s out. Love this song

  31. Muziekgenot

    What a lovely gem! Didn't know it at all. By far the best pop/rock singer ever. We'd NEVER forget this really great artist.

  32. Asko Varjorinne

    Rembering U, ROY!

  33. Cathleen Berreie

    A truly beautiful song...very touching.

  34. Larry Jeffers

    My favorite Orbisong.


    mine two the words mean so much jackie x

    Larry Jeffers

    I have them on Roy O albums.

    Maurice Boyce

    Also on album "Our Love Song"

  35. luke Großpietsch

    Besser als Elvis.


    You can't really compare them.. 

  36. Ian Robert

    I often think of my own Sleepy Hollow. Spending  quiet times there remembering happier times dreaming of you x 

  37. Willy Davina

    Roy Orbison will never dy

  38. Willy Davina

    I love this kind of musik , it remember my at Veronica and radio Nordsee international

  39. somebodynew1

    Excellent as usual.

  40. Mark J. Rockman

    Many, many of Roy' recordings were Orbison-Dees compositions.  This particular one, it turns out, is a Bill Dees composition (Dees only, without Roy's input).

  41. John Boyle

    Only ever heard this once before and that was him singing it n his dressing room, what a great guy made me cry then and still does today . Thanks for posting this

  42. Danny Stephens

    Also one of my favorites, along with "Crawling Back" ... my ol' buddy William "Bill" Dees was co-writer with Roy on both those and "It's Over" and "Oh, Pretty Woman" ... in all Bill wrote or co-wrote 64 songs recorded by Roy. Bill, too, left us just this past year after an extended bout with brain cancer.

  43. Geoff Campbell

    Beautiful song that tells it as it is. Roy always put thought meaning and soul into his songs. My favourite all time singer.

  44. Phil Cross

    Thanks once again Tom. Thanks to you and other posters for these great songs. Roy was the greatest.

  45. Christy Hotchkiss

    This reminds me a lot of Ricky Nelson, Lonesome town

  46. Spinifexman

    I have not heard this song ever before. What a lovely surprise

    thanks so much

  47. St Pauli

    nice job!

  48. frank curry

    Thanks for posting this one.I still have the original 45 of it.B-side of (Say) Your My Girl.Best singer ever....Frank Curry.

  49. зоя василькова

    Всегда слезы-потому что его больше нет.Спасибо,спасибо,спасибо...

  50. Fern Reed

    A wonderful song

  51. Joke Kerkhof


  52. mariakart

    There will never be another Roy O. He will live forever in the hearts of people who love and appreciate his great voice and fine music.

  53. Larry Jeffers

    Thank you for posting one of his most sad and beautiful songs. What a talent. There has not been anyone to come even close to his voice. His song writing, also.

  54. JCandRoyTogether

    Such a beautiful song...and sentiment...I'd love to sing it someday soon...JC...

  55. Fern Reed

    I love to hear anything Roy sang--thank you...

  56. charroelton

    Beautiful song. Sent shivers down my spine, brings tears in my eyes. Makes me think back about people who are not around anymore.

  57. Irisheyes

    This song is absolutely beautiful!!!
    I grew up listening to the Big O He was and still is the greatest singer ever.
    R.I.P Roy So Sadly Missed X...
    Thank you .
    Diamond upload.

  58. datsmay

    I love this song. Thanks for uploading!!

  59. Malcolm Ratcliffe

    This is such a beautiful song

  60. angela wilkinson

    its my song to my diciced husband itmakesme cry

  61. Tom Smith

    @lelboy You're welcome! I tried to find a picture that suited the song. He looks like he may be singing at a sleepy hollow in the picture ( I know it's from his movie).

  62. Les Reed

    Nice picture to complement one of Roy's best numbers - and one of my top 5 "Big O" tracks. Thank you for posting it.

  63. Tom Smith

    You're very welcome!

  64. james parker

    Just listened, and figured out the guitar chords! Excellent song!

  65. Tom Smith

    Such a beautiful relaxing song, you're welcome!