Orbison, Roy - Goodnight Lyrics

My Lovely woman child
I found you out running wild with someone new
You've been untrue, And everybody knows we're through

But I can't say goodbye to you, No matter what you do
My heart won't let you go, Although I know you go
With someone new, I think of you

I think of how you kiss, Your tenderness
With all of this, I miss the way you say goodnight

Bittersweet, your kisses, When my heart still misses
The way that things used to be, But I know you're strong for
Other arms you long for, And you can never come back to me

Not just for yesterday, tonight or tomorrow
Ah, but forever
I'll hear you say goodnight, goodnight
Goodnight turned out to be a lie
And I can't help it if I cry
Goodnight my love, Sleep tight my love

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Orbison, Roy Goodnight Comments
  1. ludmila socneva


  2. michael vanhorn

    there's nothing this man can't sing ..truly the best

  3. Andrei Jgh



    Love this song and this music's legend

  5. subfors

    My mum saw Roy at the theatre Royal Norwich UK in the mid 70's. She had an album of his, white cover, my brother drew pictures of Roy's glasses all over it.

  6. james carr

    I think the crowd were under observation after being given, Mogodon.

  7. jeffrey conyers

    Whoever released this Youtube? Have done a great tribute to a humble entertainer and great writer.

  8. Lucas Silva

    Essa música é absurdo. Maravilhoso, fica em paz, Big O.

  9. bluenote824 jones

    Beautiful . New to me

  10. Belinda Jones

    That crowd actually looks bored!

  11. Richard's channel

    Is that a young John Lennon at 1:56?

  12. Mária454 Szabó

    Roy Orbison - Goodnight

    Mária454 Szabó


  13. Mária454 Szabó

    Roy Orbison - Goodnight (Live from the Monument Concert)

  14. Артемий Завидный

    Голос на миллионы долларов.

  15. lux hard winter

    The A b s o l u t e P e r f e c t i o n

  16. Hay Szablewski

    one of the best songs ever.

  17. james carr

    Looks like the show was recorded for a deaf audience

  18. Víctor Hugo Guevara

    The public does not know what was lost

  19. George Thompson

    The greatest voice ever !!!

  20. Adao Junior


  21. john corner

    14years old and still enjoying this i watch old rock stars like elvis micheal jackson buddy holly or else tiny tim john lenon or else and many ancient rock an roll players

  22. Vanna6345

    Roy .. you are rare. :0)

  23. InDreamsYourMine

    One of the few artist you can't tell if it's a studio recording or live performance.

  24. tragic tea

    OMG I grew up with this man in the motor city no one could come close

  25. Negan

    1:26 the two lads are itching to get up and dance 😂

  26. Nick Compton

    This was recorded in Stockholm Sweeden

  27. L. R.

    Fabulous! I am almost there in the audience.

  28. GloriousRevolutionary

    This is such a perfect live performance. In terms of delivery its certainly one of his best.

  29. Elizabeth Savage

    Love the harmony in this one

  30. Alfred Fabri

    This is a Fantastic Song That I Want to Hear so Often.

  31. treiterschijf

    Thank you for providing this masterpiece on You Tube. The comments are pretty apt about the (immaculately turned out and perfectly behaved) audience response. Several uploads of this song appear on You Tube but they are mostly from the same live performance. We have always thought this his best song, enhanced by the powerful orchestral backing on the original hit single. Oddly, we can currently find no upload of it. Should have sold in millions - thanks for the sharing, Amigo

  32. Glenda Clarke

    my heart wont let you go

  33. Susan Brettingen


  34. Robert Boden

    Would of love to see Orbison live Born 30 years to late

  35. Denise Lutes

    22 years old and loving this song♡

  36. Martin De Wilde

    Dit optreden was toch in Nederland????????

    Den Tricke

    dat zie je toch aan het saai publiek :D

  37. Robert McArthur

    What kind of microphone is that? I've seen the Beatles using the same ones

  38. Alfred Fabri

    Roy"s Orginal Version is Much A Better song Of Goodnight

  39. Anita Van Batenburg

    prachtig nummer

  40. Pipkin Hopkins

    One of his best in my books. It should have been a bigger hit. It's great that this film of him performing this great song is still here :)

  41. brian goodwin

    is that a young Chris Evans at 2.07 mins lol

    Nick Compton

    not unless he is Sweedish. This concert was in Sweeden

  42. Kroon

    Thuis recording was Roy's first appearance in the Netherlands

  43. stan proctor

    I was lucky enough to see Roy in Portland, Maine in '83 or maybe '84. He sang all of his hits. I'll never forget that night...

    Karin Pletz

    stan proctor &

  44. brian goodwin

    didn't that crowd know they were in the presence of greatness?

    Celtic 1888

    The man. Was a legend his. Music. Will. Never. Die he.

    Jack M

    They were Dutch - they seem shell shocked. For me it looks like they are hearing some thing they have NEVER heard before. A few of them are busting loose --- wonderful clips!

  45. Liozeris

    I was young, and what a life it was then too.

  46. oldtractorsandfarming

    I wish he was alive! I'm a really big fan of him.

  47. Lew Brown

    nobody can come close to this guy, he one of a kind

  48. Fern Reed

    I wish I could have been there to see him in person!! I loved him then and way more now as so many years of listening to him is under my belt!1

  49. Rosita Polzer


  50. Alan Johnston

    Roy got me though tough stuff during my childhood. Well I thought they were tough back then at least!

  51. xenbay

    Oh those lucky young people..they probably had no idea the genius they were seeing perform.. what a tremendous talent..one of a kind.. and those songs are so close to the studio versions even though performed live.. incredible vocal range.

  52. Aldo Garbellini

    You are lucky Roy helped you.

  53. Leonora Brace

    thank you it gave me back my love leonora

  54. Hannah Lynne

    This was always my favourite song of Roy's. Beautiful.

  55. Tolga Çakmak

    Goodnight Roy

  56. Lisbeth Lindgren

    I saw /heard him once in Sweden. I'm so thankful för that. He was as great as ever. Miss him.

  57. Chad Manga

    Agree Ninja,, Roy sang from his Soul....
    truly a gift