Orbison, Roy - (Say) You're My Girl Lyrics

Hello, may I have this dance with you?

How have you been, girl?
Hold me, and then girl
Just let me look at you.
Tell me, now, is it true?

Oh, did you break up?
No chance to make up.
I hate to take up all your time,
But tell me.

Oh, no it won't be repeated.
You mean to tell me he cheated?
Oh, what a fool he's been
Though he is, my best friend

I hate it this way,
But I've waited for this day.
I've always wanted
You to be my girl.

Be my girl, you're my girl.
I still don't believe it
He played around on you.
When all the time he knew
I loved you too

With your big eyes, full lips,
High cheek bones,
And ev'rything about you, girl.
Personality girl,
Gimme a chance, come on,
Let's dance,some
Dance the night away;

You're my girl.you're my girl, you're my girl.
Baby doll, baby, baby, hold me tight.
Be mine tonight, say it's alright.
And I will never, ever let you go, oh...
Be my girl, be my girl,
You're my girl.
You're mine,
You're my girl.

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Orbison, Roy (Say) You're My Girl Comments
  1. John Robertson

    love this, one of his finest

  2. Mickey Bowser


  3. Mickey Bowser

    OH OH OH!!!WOW.

  4. Mickey Bowser


  5. Colin Brown

    This was Roy orbison first record for years not to make the top twenty why didn't it this record only got to number 23

  6. Belinda Jones

    Thank you for posting this! I had never heard it before and now it's one of my favorites.

  7. jim margrave

    wat a singer gee i miss him no one will ever replace him RIP

  8. John Robertson

    couldnt listen to an album by him, too monotenous

    Max \[T]/

    I find it to be the case for many singers of that generation


    John Robertson Coming from the man who has a Ramons playlist,

    I can never understand people like yourself, I often wonder if you truly understand music,

    Roy was one of the greatest voices of popular music, and as a sideline. . .nothing is more tone less than Joey Ramone - a class singer he was not!,

    No wonder you can’t appreciate Roy!


    Max \[T]/ Glad I don’t come to you for music influence or recommendations then,

  9. Zev Feldman


  10. včelaření

    super ,ok

  11. Judy Secor

    I would like to purchase a copy for myself but so far have not been able to determine if it is on an album and if so, which one. Can you give me any information? Thank you for your help. It is one of his best. His voice is unbelievable and when I hear this song, it invariably lifts my spirits. I feel happy. He was very gifted and everything I see or read about him is that he was truly a good and great person. I can support that. Wish I had seen him in person.

    Tom Smith

    I did some looking around and the song is available on some CDs; "Ultimate Collection", "Playlist: The Very Best of Roy Orbison", "The Real Roy Orbison" and "20 Golden Hits". It was also on a vinyl album, "Orbisongs". I have no idea how easy or difficult it is to find any of these, or if any of them are still in print.

    Judy Secor

    Thank you! I do so appreciate your response. I have a lot of his music but this one is important to me. I love his voice and listen to his music every chance I get. Thank you so much!

    Tom Smith

    You're very welcome, I hope you find one of the albums!


    Awww lovely post. I love his voice too! He was a sweet nice man indeed!

    Maurice Boyce

    I had it on an album called "Our Love Song". (Way back in the days of cassettes)

  12. Lindsay Cooper

    I have a big smile on my face. Thanks Roy!

  13. Lindsay Cooper

    Fantastic as ever dear Roy Orbison, what a magical song...

  14. Joel Aparicio

    My God this is true one of a kind talent...

  15. Marlene Sullivan

    Golden Voice Of Roy..🎸💕

  16. Halina Juskowiak

    Uwielbiam ten niepowtarzalny, piękny, pełen kolorytu głos cudownego człowieka.

  17. Elio Meza

    Linda musica se puede traducir en spanis

  18. Jim Clapperton

    Never fails to lift my spirits.

  19. Gillian Brutzki

    Love this❤️

  20. St Pauli

    Just kept on loving Roy through his whole career.This was great!

  21. Károlyné Szépvölgyi

    Tetszett ez a dal.
    Budapestről Klára.

  22. Jozef Dyckele

    Nog een pareltje van roy

  23. Jozef Dyckele

    Nog een pareltje van roy

  24. Nick Kittle

    Another great song

  25. residentpessimist

    Oh yeah I'm feeling Orbison tonight and this ditty serves me well. Shades to ya all!

  26. Reed Rosson

    So dang catchy and fun 

  27. Colin Sanders

    entered Cashbox July 10, 1965 at position 66

  28. Phil Cross

    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

  29. blue45bj

    Just a great song. I love it, Brings back memories.

    Thank you for the posting.

  30. Fern Reed

    I love this one-- it is so good!!!

  31. kath roberts

    my favourite from roy thanks

  32. OK007

    Another good one.

  33. Bruce Boucher

    very under rated song love it

  34. goldbugnz

    always loved this song, put on many a mix tape (putting a date on myself there, aren't I)

  35. Tom Smith

    You are very welcome!