Orbison, Roy - (I Get So) Sentimental Lyrics

I get so ooh sentimental
Darling when it comes to you,
I'm just too ooh sentimental
And its breaking my heart in two.

I said a-hey,hey now
At the end of the day now,
I get carried away now
Thinking of you, ooh

How you looked that night,
You kissed goodbye just right,
Then turned away
And I miss you night and day.

Hey,a-hey, hey now,
At the end of the day now,
I get carried away now,
Thinking of you, ooh

Who holds you tight?,
I wonder where you are,
Are you alright
For you know, I still love you,

But I'm just so sentimental,
Baby because of you,
Yes I'm just too sentimental
And it's, breaking my heart in two...

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Orbison, Roy (I Get So) Sentimental Comments
  1. Anita Bingamon

    Thank you for sharing this song with us. I like it!!!

  2. Annie Aston

    One of the best songs from the orbisongs collecton wonderful

  3. Annie Aston

    Another great song and great performence from mr orbison

  4. John Cortese

    Another great tune by the great Roy Orbison. Thank you for posting. Have a great night ! All the very Best.....John C. There was only one Roy Orbison. I am also a big fan of his and covered a few of his songs and have written a few in his style which are on my channel if you care to check them out. Thanks again !


    Good to meet another Orbison fan, I'll check out your R.O. covers.

  5. Margaret Gaskell

    Still loving the big O.....always so good ....to listen to ...🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🎶🎵🎶🎵I get so sentimental...Yes I do .

  6. Harold Rauch

    I just Love this song, sung by the Big O

  7. Tom Coop

    one of his best ever.....love you roy

  8. Chris Evans

    He sang with a voice of incredible harmonies and depth, and never has a voice had so much feeling and range as Mr O. The Greatest singer of alltime , a voice etched with emotion that is poured from a bruised soul.

  9. Harold Rauch

    A few years ago, I was singing karaoke at this bar and a girl that is in our group sometimes asked me to sing this song.  I never heard it before and her and I tried singing it and we couldn't sing it very well, so we quit.  Later I discovered that this song was a Roy song and I was surprised to find that out, he had so many songs in his career.

  10. Haley Chatman

    I love you Roy !💗💗💗💗💗💗🎸🎸🎸🎵🎵💗

  11. Elizabeth Goodall-Barton

    i get so sentimental 17 . feb 2017

  12. Cathleen Berreie

    Roy Orbison has sang his songs in every decade of my life...his songs kept me smiling and singing...There will never be another!...thankyou for the upload!

  13. Dave Dawson

    There never was a more beautiful voice.

  14. tilda kovach

    so lucky you found it - saved from the skip! thank you so much for uploading - yet an other i never heard, excellent quality too!

  15. blue45bj

    Another wonderful song by Roy.

    Thank You Very Much For The Posting.

    Much Appreciated

  16. Antonio Nicolás Rodríguez

    This is one of the songs I was looking for. Bravo Roy!!!

  17. Eleanor Cromwell

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing this wonderful song with us. Love Roy!!

  18. moochyification

    OH I love this - never heard it before - can you tell me who the woman is - Barbara or Claudette - thanks - and thank you for posting this :)

    Jade Shortt

    At first glance I would say Claudette Frady Orbison..

    Mark J. Rockman

    @Jade Shortt -- gotta be. "Sentimental" was an album track before Claudette died.

  19. bobvocal

    Never heard this one by the caruso of pop, thank you for posting, we miss you Roy

  20. cyeastwood

    @kev2596 I bought the CD from Ebay or Amazon. The title is ROY ORBISON OUR LOVE SONG.

  21. Ron Carlgren

    I get so sentimental......from an album called "Orbisongs"

  22. lafreeway

    I have this on an album entitled Orbisongs that I bought new in 1965.

  23. barrygioportmorien1

    I got this on Cassette, I picked it up at a garage sale or flea market, I can't remember, it had some other great songs on it, which I have uploaded, I don't know the name of the album, I got rid of all my Cassettes, records, etc. when I downloaded all my music into my harddrive.

    Maurice Boyce

    Almost certainly "Our Love Song", it has some really great numbers on it such as "Evergreen" and "Mama". I got this tape on a bargain table at a chain store.

  24. Kevin Aitken

    Where did you get this awesome tune cause I can't find it on itunes.

  25. Ron Carlgren

    Everyone should be fortunate enough to meet a special person! I've met one! We aren't together anymore,BUT I'll always Care and Love her! I'll always wish that we were together still.....Diane!