Orange Goblin - The Filthy & The Few Lyrics

You line 'em up and we'll knock 'em down
You hit the lights and we'll hit the town
You're on the dole, we're on the lam
Born free to ride, we don't give a damn

You live by the law but we live for sin
We fight the war but we'll never win
We're born to lose but baby that's alright
We'll keep on ridin' through the night

Back down, the open road
The only road we've ever known
Step aside cos' we're coming through
We are the filthy and the few

We're hot as hell and you're a stone cold queen
You see our faces on your TV screen
We got no money, we got no friends
We'll keep on the ridin' til the livin' end

Back down, the open road
The only road we've ever known
Step aside cos' we're coming through
We are the filthy and the few

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Orange Goblin The Filthy & The Few Comments
  1. John Rayner

    Sonic Geniuses they are, Orange Goblin strike my Heart Chords

  2. Slayer Hippy

    "You're right, I am a rotten bastard. I admit it. But I tell ya something. Even though I got a lot of hate inside, I got some friends who ain't got hate inside. They're filled with nothing but love. Their only crime is growing their hair long, smoking a little grass and getting high, looking at the stars at night, writing poetry in the sand. And what do you do? You bust down their doors, man. Dumb-ass cop. You bust down their doors and you bust down their heads."

  3. genaro ayala

    This shit put led in my pencil.

  4. nameless


  5. Joseph Salinas

    Or Grim Reaper Lust for Freedom?

  6. Joseph Salinas

    Or Saxon - Wheels of Steel

  7. Joseph Salinas

    What about Saxon - Motorcycle Man

  8. Glenn Hertel

    the filthy and the few

  9. The Hacker Known as 4chan

    Could have sworn that was Clint Eastwoods voice at the start


    LOL sounds nothing like Clint Eastwood to me.

  10. Rob Hegstrom

    is this a movie

  11. Gnostic-Esoteric

    Nice, this song rocks :D

  12. Trumble Research

    Wow no dislikes yet? What dimension is this? Awesome one.

    Fuzzy Karma

    Had to jinx it didn't ya?

  13. HEMI Charger

    biker music  makes me wana ride and fuckin break skulls I love it \

  14. Dick Dastardly

    The intro not being lip sync even makes it more weird while stoned. I like it.

  15. rottentomb

    Que todo arda !!! que todo se joda !!!

  16. Eve Evans

    hell yeah

  17. Billy Goate

    Nice Work. Orange Goblin posted it today and I mirrored on my Doomed & Stoned page on FB.

  18. alex mol

    Baila nena baila!!!

  19. marcojosemdj


  20. RockCleric420

    Do it!!

  21. papamobilista

    watch also this: Orange Goblin - THE FOG ( unofficial video)

  22. Jeremy Wark

    fuck yea!