Orange Goblin - The Ale House Braves Lyrics

Take your fancy potions and your royal old wives
Tell the ale-house braves they better run for their lives
Have you seen the children with the blood on their hands?
Have you heard about the terror spreading through the land?
'Cos the god you pray to sees the sinners and saints
But he doesn't give a damn about the people he taints

See the hounds of Fleet Street in their tatters and rags
Selling false premonitions for a penny a bag
All the lords and ladies with their diamonds and pearls
Throwing stones in glass houses, not a care in the world
Take your fancy crystals and your fossilised bone
Tell the ale-house braves the devil's gauntlet is thrown

Belly full of whiskey and a pocket full of rope
No fear in dying when you've lost your only hope
The searchers round on you before your final breath
Essence of life surrenders in the face of death

Adverse repulsion seems to drive you to the grave
No hearts on fire can persuade you to be saved
Blood-sucking leeches have grown bigger in the sun
The roses on the stone tell what you have become

Take your fancy potions and your royal old wives
Tell the ale-house braves they better pray for their lives

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Orange Goblin The Ale House Braves Comments
  1. Enzo Pinheiro

    First time I heard this song, long time ago, the top voted comment was: "Its like a rock n roll train powered by dope instead of coals"
    I got immediately into stoner rock.

  2. Lukasz Czernecki

    That riff that sounds like communication brakedown 👌 it's been a while since I had goosebumps listening to music...

  3. Hudson Osgood

    my 7th grade teacher told me about Orange goblin

  4. Gianni Borgheresi

    The O.G. are awesome!!!!!!  Fucking AWESOME!!!  \m/ \m/

  5. Goran Krstinić

    great song, it reminds me of led zeppelin black dog

    Lich Verduzco

    Goran Krstinić communication breakdown man. Achilles last stand at 1:58 and communication breakdown right after.

  6. indiscreet0212

    Sounds like Bachman&Turner


    They sure know how to "take care of business" ;)

  7. Orion 91

    I love 2:05.

  8. PunkRotter69

    I love this song almost as much as I loved kickin the shite outta the ale house braves back in the day,but I'm all grown up fuck..

  9. Kris Kronos

    Definitely for the ale house braves (You know who you are Heavy Greetz Arizona;)


    i love this song. dame this is proper stuff...

  11. SirBoycie

    I feel honoured to make the first comment on this awe inspiring track!