Orange Goblin - The Abyss Lyrics

From deepest, darkest space, to cruel forgotten seas
And all that lies between, only your God can judge me?
There is a place for me, wherever that may be?
But I can't see the woods, for all the dying trees

Look to the skies for your first sign

Grown tired of weakened prayer
The gold is fading
We stand in line to hear
How we're degraded
Studied in human flesh
A shrine on fire
The autumn leaves have died
With mans desire

Proceed, Deceive, Limited, Discovery
First seed, Received, All lies, Believed

I walk a path unknown
Into, the black
My ghosts are all homegrown
And there's no turning back

Look to the seas for your next sign

Untie my bloodied hands
Don't spare the horses
We're off to foreign lands
With arcane forces
To hack upon my throat
No hesitation
Beyond my diocese
All law is futile


I sail this sip alone
And plough my furrow
Buried in nameless mist
Shapeless tomorrow
The Earth becomes a scar
Ripe for the picking
I see the journeys end
The clock is ticking


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