Orange Goblin - Acid Trial Lyrics

Set sail on the good ship levitation
Eyes wired shut with fascination
Cold blooded silence in the vacuum
Astronauts dining in the backroom
Words go unspoken and deeds go undone
The mark of the devil engraved on the sun
Freaks and fanatics all losing their mind
No one believed in the world that they've all left behind

Further to the east for liberation
Falling in line for medication
Drug addled comfort in the vacuum
Dinosaurs choking in the bathroom
Saturn is calling its children back home
The eyes of medusa have turned them to stone
Predators wait for the breathing to stop
Clinging to life til the very last drop

Coursing through veins as it cuts to the bone
Talking to someone but I'm all alone
Weight of the world has me pinned to the floor
The doctor don't mind so he's giving me more

Ghosts come and go but they don't know my name
Something is different yet always the same
Brain cannot function and hands cannot feel
State of a mind at large, nothing is real

Nothing is real [4x]

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Orange Goblin Acid Trial Comments
  1. Rational Lunatic

    If Jimi was young now I imagine him listening to this with over the ear headphones as he shreds a bowl at a skate park on an 80s style deck while on shrooms and weed .

  2. David Djerzinski

    This song is so badass now I have two beards.

  3. Kyle R Baker

    Only cause you said something..

  4. Sunday Morning Coffee

    The riff at 1:55
    Holy shit.

    Then a Thin Lizzie style harmony!?
    Oh my god.

  5. AngryKoala Insane

    This is true pure/raw/hard/crude/flesh eating meat disease/face burning rock'n'roll riffs that i have ever heard.. (sorry for the english)

  6. Joe A

    The riffs are strong what's up with the vocals little too much reverb and there's a flare in there

  7. quequenthrash

    muy buena esta banda, no la conocia..en realidad no conozco mucho stoner rock..

  8. drumheed

    whaaat opeth song does the intro sound like, anyone?!

  9. PunkRotter69

    Do you not rate the previous albums? You don't need to reply if the answer is no, unless you enjoy havin' your arse and-or your dignity ripped to shreds in a public forum! Rock on!!

  10. HisingenWolf

    Aesthetic so strong on this album!!!

  11. Turkeymassacre666

    it does have a Nordic originality to it. \m/

  12. BloodAndThunder00

    Wow, they really changed their sound up a bit. Dig the Mastodonish massive riffage!

  13. livingaftermidnight

    I wanted to get up and do stuff today, but then I got listening to tracks from this album, and... yeah too good to stop listening... :P

  14. No3000Way

    this is so badass, its ridiculous

  15. Gergely Rácz

    can anyone hear Satyricon melodies in this song?

  16. Gergely Rácz

    After a long wait, finally a good album.