Or3o - Give Up Every Soul Lyrics

I have been long asleep
Now, it's time for me to play
But to your dismay
This isn't your day
For the happy fun time
Has begun to fade
Watch as I control you and
Kill those that you've abandoned
You're regretting
And forgetting
That you can't go back and change

Trapped within these walls
He left my soul to drip away
To just decay
But not today
And now I'm back up on my feet
To slay
Flowey was just in the way
So I went and threw him down the drain
I will torture
And move forward
This disorder kills your day

I am alive!
I was created
By a traitor
You can't regret
Its too late to reset
For now you must
Give up every soul
They die tonight
Give up every soul
They die tonight
Give up every soul
They die tonight

I am aware
That your soul is so divine
So without it I can't do it all myself
Together we'll eradicate all in this pointless world
Now its too late to turn back around
And return to utopia
You can't take away your selfish deeds
Can no longer hide
The monster inside
I'm back to life!

So you've come to the end now
Alive but dead inside
But that's alright
Your soul is mine
I'll lead as you watch me from behind
Your life before was fun
But now the terror's only just begun
Now come with me
And you will see
We're a new born cyanide!

I am alive!
I was created
By a traitor
You can't regret
Its too late to reset
For now you must
Give up every soul
They die tonight
I am alive!
I was created
By a traitor
You can't regret
Its too late to reset
For now you must
Give up every soul
They die tonight
Give up every soul
They die tonight
Give up every soul
You die tonight

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Or3o Give Up Every Soul Comments
  1. Valentino Lopez

    We're going out for dinner tonight and then we will meet up with the boys and then we could meet up 😀😊 what

  2. Melissa Valenzuela

    Sans vs Chara singing battle

    Who would win?
    Sans with judgement: like
    Chara with give up every soul: reply

  3. Karol Majcherczyk

    But kip ti up

  4. .・fallen serenity・.

    But Chara isn’t evil the one controlling frisk is :<

  5. Свободный Человек

    Chara: This world is mine!
    Me: *deletes genocide file*
    Me: HA! Who is the looser NOW?

  6. Ludmila Camargo Shimizu

    My opinion about this vídeo

    *Chara* : "i am alive"

    *frisk* : seriously? Its obvious

    *Chara* : "immortalized"

    *reaper sans* : ;-; wait WHAT???!!

    *Chara* : "i was created by a traitor"

    *Creators and ink sans* : [trigerred]

    *Chara* : "the monster inside"

    *Papyrus* : wait. You arent a human?

  7. chara dremmur

    What no I did none of this *guilty regretting face* why would I kill my family.... Pls help ik soo guilty

  8. chara dremmur

    I like this song it's true =)

  9. Nico Dreemurr

    OR3O did you know there are more souls than 8 that are present (including Charas soul) ill link u the playlist it includes some of the non-original souls. heres the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAiUj_f4EpG_QtHZ-FumahTOYKoAkAgwX

  10. chara dremmur

    *head moving intensifies*

  11. { S u n s e t a e s t h e t i c }

    *"I was created by a traitor."*

    No, this is not Frisk. We are the traitors, Frisk truly had no control over anything and therefore, couldn't control the route. Chara knows we arent innocent, she refers to us as a traitor, most likely because we killed her mother and everyone else. And sometimes in the genocide route, we reset without any trace of what happened.

  12. TheNoobPanther 78


  13. Nada Ben Ahmed

    E bellissimo

  14. Twilight Sparkle

    Did anybody notice that in this song Cara has the same eyes as Bendy

    1:24 look at the eyes compared tobendy

  15. The Great Attack

    Why is the Chara art adorable

  16. ElectriX

    Owner: **leaves dog in room for 2 seconds

  17. Doge NinjaTv


  18. Plusle and Minun

    But I did pacifist I did genocide two times I did pacifist all the time I love to do that route

  19. Plusle and Minun

    No you're not the only one that likes the game I like the game too


    Henry = Frisk

    Bendy = Flowey

    Searcher = Froggit

    Sammy = Asgore

    Boris = Toriel

    Alice = Chara

    Projectionest = Gaster

    Lost ones = Whimsun

    Allison = Papyrus

    Tom = sans.

    Final Bendy = God of Hyperdeath Asriel

    Joey = Asriel

  21. マインクラフトのとあるマインクラフター


  22. TeMmIe Reaction Time

    Is there a bad guy version

  23. HDManiel Nightmare ツ

    You finally agred subtitles

  24. Suraya Michael

    OR3O YOur a good singer and your pretty

  25. Tam Tam

    But where can I buy this? ;_;

  26. jovan sugianto

    Can you make can i get a heart build up our machine parody of a comment

  27. Chara Dreemur

    Bendy: My song can't be better
    Chara: *hold my chocolate*

  28. killie_papp

    the traitor would be asriel because asriel betrayed her when he didn't kill the humans on the surface, and seeing that neither the monsters were trustworthy, that they were weak and unusable and that they were an obstacle to his plan, he decided to kill the monsters as well. The point is that Asriel betrayed Chara and she says it was created, because by betrayal she decided to kill the monsters, everyone understands?

  29. ziziwhat

    “Alive but dead inside”
    sounds like me

  30. Disbelief Sans Gaming

    Bruh is that core frisk?

  31. Mahki Green

    Chara is so cute

  32. HDManiel Nightmare ツ

    In the part that says "You can't regret, it's too late to reset" reminds me of DDLC (Doki Doki Literature Club)

  33. Mr. Cherry

    could've said we're a new born genocide. get it?

  34. Валерия Шабанова

    More would be suitable von Andertale

  35. Lorenzo&Leilani Ramirez

    Some bendy parts this is trash

  36. Lorenzo&Leilani Ramirez

    This music video is trash

  37. Nightmarish wacky Plays

    you forgot to include at the beginning this is the GENO run bc in the pacifist chara is nice

  38. Кристина Ким

    Undertale parody of BUILD UP OUR MACHINE

  39. Kayla Rivera


  40. Kayla Rivera

    I like UNDERTALE!!!!!!!!!

  41. Виолетта Воропаева


  42. Stefano Fabrizio

    Bendy to undertale

  43. Super Mario Tales

    Hey why is the replay button broken

  44. DannY PlayZ

    *Sans would like to know your location*

  45. Cupcake master gaming and more! dope pee pee


  46. Reagan’s awesome Vlogs

    I am made of l o v e
    Me: i am in control i made you a pacifist

  47. Christopher Anderson

    Spotify pis

  48. jehoneisis atencio

    Me encanta cuando dice: Hey! no te puedes arrepentir, es muy tarde para resetear

  49. 별ᅳ벛꽃

    한국어 자막이 있음 좋겠내욤..ㅠㅠ

  50. It's Trio Chara Animats

    OR3O chara isn't evil, She just isn't

  51. Vicente Trigueros

    Good job keep up the work =D

  52. person who likes object shows


  53. Divinidad

    Is parody the rigth name for a masterpiece? Not talking about the song itself. I mean your video.

  54. Samantha Bennett


  55. Står_Røses Gacha

    Holy f***! No hit sans?!?

  56. The face Is coming


    Me: flowey are you okay??

    Also me: woah flowey your ugly..

    Edit: the video is great love it!

  57. Cupcake master gaming and more! dope pee pee


  58. Vídeos mal Editados

    bendy x chara

  59. Jennie Lee

    Me: *read the title* "uwu it sounds cute"

  60. Keep Gaming With Rayden

    Ripp off

  61. bastion, overwatch

    Pulls out uno reverse card no YOU GIVE UP THE SOULS!

  62. Cute but Creepy Arts


  63. Ворон Каркарович

    Chara:give up every soul they die tonight
    Me:but i like MK and Muffet and i will SPARE them!

  64. XD adamer [can become bug monster] [has shiny suit]

    Hey DAgames how bout you team up with him who knows maybe it'll be cool

  65. Villager God

    I cant be erased chara plz

  66. Dominos Jenga

    Did tonight?

  67. Villager God

    Bendytale chara be like

  68. Jordan Vang

    What's next? Five Nights at Freddy's?

  69. Kayla Rivera

    copy bendy and ink machine song.

  70. MH - 04AK - Brian W Fleming PS (1178)

    OMG!!!! I LOVE BATIM & Undertale!!!!!!!!!

  71. 최영수

    Chara and bendy have similarities. They are both demons that came to life, they have a creepy smile and their expressions melt in a way

    Villager God

    This is a good comment👍👍

  72. Phylicia Aldridge

    you copy bendy song

  73. •Pale_Cloud Gacha•

    For the last time CHARA ISNT THE BAD GUY

    (No hate to this song tbh i love it, i just wanted to say the truth)

  74. Isaiahthebendyfan !

    chara isn't really the villian im just sayin'

  75. Sienna Yemane

    I was actually listening to the original "build our machine" and I was thinking that it would be cool to have an undertale version and I came across this. Perfect timing👌

  76. ahmed mohamed

    i love you

  77. 血の海あやめ


  78. Storyswap Asriel

    0:19 subtitles: you're regretting and frogetting, THAT YOU CAN'T GO BACK AND CHANGE=)

  79. NSL Graham

    To me the line “I was created by a traitor” just sounds weird. If I were to change it, I’d change it to “My creator’s a traitor!”

    Suzanne de Vreugd

    Yes true

  80. Mr. Stripes

    Now this didn't have a big thing for me right now, but EQUALLY GOOD!!!!! 👍👍🏻

  81. puppet Master

    I love the effects and DA games is right your voice is beautiful

  82. MJTuxx Studios

    YES YES KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!

  83. no vids free likes

    Im 1:34

  84. Pheonix45

    Nice Vocals you got there.

  85. Draw Pauz

    When it says "I was created by a traitor" wouldn't it make more sense for it to be "I was killed by a traitor"? Because Flowey/Asriel Got them both killed in the first place? Just a thought.

  86. FandSsquadandG

    Omg this sounds so nice did u voice this? Just asking :P


    I like chara more :T

  88. Little Star

    When Chara said "I was created by a traitor" what did she mean by that

  89. Gods of the games

    Nroter lliw moned kni eht BACKWARDS MESSAGE


    excellent work keep it up

  91. Jessica_Playz 07

    Flowey : Asriel
    Is she hurt her own best friend?

  92. Chalisa Johnson

    Wait why does Chara smile like sandy NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  93. Белогривка - КВ

    Стоп. Ты русский знаешь? Я лумала что ты англичанка.

  94. Triangle Studios

    0:13 I heard "I can see your gay"

    Xander Dreemurr

    I didnt

  95. DAGames

    Oh holy daaamn!! This is an amazing take on the song, especially putting it into a new swing and a new game! I was browsing Twitter when someone told me about this, so I watched... And needless to say I was absolutely amazed! Your voice is amazing my dude, keep up the fantastic work!! :D <3

    Виолетта Воропаева

    За что я в шоке

    nadirthe Purplewolfboy

    DAGames chara isn’t a villain it’s us/human the human player we’re the ones making the choices were the ones killing others chara was corrupted by the hate and wasn’t herself

    Tyler Pps

    Hey DAgames

    Fraelia Oracion

    You called *HER* a DUDE

    Megan Benz

    Agreed and how fitting that Build our Machine is your most popular song