Or3o - Don't Think Twice Lyrics

How did I live in a kingdom of thieves
And people who say things they don't really mean, really mean

You're only everything I ever dreamed
Ever dreamed of, ever dreamed of
You must be kidding me
Did you really think I could say no?

I want you for a lifetime
So if you're gonna think twice
Baby, I don't wanna know
Baby, I don't wanna know
Everything is just right
But if you're gonna think twice
Baby, I don't wanna know
Baby, I don't wanna know

I really don't get what everyone else believes
So why do I say things I don't really mean, really mean
I'm only crying 'cause I never dreamed
It'd take this long
It'd take this long

I want you for a lifetime
So if you're gonna think twice
Baby, I don't wanna know
Baby, I don't wanna know
Everything is just right
But if you're gonna think twice
Baby, I don't wanna know
Baby, I don't wanna know

Don't think twice
Don't think twice
Don't think twice
Baby, don't think twice

If you want to take it to an even higher level
All you gotta do is say the word
You know I'll follow
If you wanna take it to an even higher level
I don't, I don't mind
If you want to make it happen, nothing's impossible
All you gotta do is say the word
And walls will crumble
If you want to make it happen, nothing's impossible

I want you for a lifetime
So if you're gonna think twice
Baby, I don't wanna know
Baby, I don't wanna know
Everything is just right
But if you're gonna think twice
Baby, I don't wanna know
Baby, I don't wanna know

Kiss me once
Kiss me twice
Kiss me three times
Cross the line

Don't think twice
Don't think twice
Don't think twice
Baby, don't think twice

Kiss me once
Kiss me twice
Kiss me three times
Cross the line

Kiss me once
Kiss me twice
Kiss me three times
Be mine (I don't mind)

Don't think twice
Don't think twice
Don't think twice
Baby, don't think twice

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Or3o Don't Think Twice Comments
  1. avengedkhaos

    i think my ears just came

  2. OmegaLittleBob

    OH THAT SAX!!!!!!!!

  3. Keeley F

    How does this not have more views? It’s beautiful. I like it more than the original.

  4. TheKyatomo

    Wow I'm stunned by this performance. I knew you had an amazing voice but this takes it on another level. So glad I found your channel ♥️

  5. tabris95

    Can we all take a second to appreciate the "Baby" that comes out of OR3O at 4:24. I didn't think she could do that

  6. Richard S-Business

    too much autotune :(

  7. Ada Escamilla

    Two of my favorite singers doing a cover together on a game I love..

  8. Aytharu

    That final “BEEEEE MINEEEE” it’s stucked with me till I die, goosebumps and everything, incredible

  9. XA44

    God that kiss me part kills my heart every time

  10. Alia Lydea

    "I really hope you enjoy this cover and all the blood, sweat, and tears put into it!"

    I'm prolly not the only one who noticed, but was that a BTS reference or a coincidence?

  11. 0728playergamer

    Is it me or does it seem like the lady with the hat can hit the correct octaves but they brought it down 1 for the other one?

  12. Сайб

    1000-hour version please!

  13. Yoshimitsu

    Wow, you 2 have a beautiful voice.

  14. をOceanbuliderplayer

    How watch in oct 12 from 2019

  15. Sarah

    When you've been playing KH games since 2003 the hype is never truly over ha.... I absolutely love what you've done with the song, what an amazing rendition!! 💕💕

  16. WeversonJP

    *Lollia and Or3o doing a collab*

    Is this what we call perfection?

  17. Blaze the Cat

    Stunning cover~

  18. PaceBreaker Productions

    Fantastic collab and arrangement! I'm tearing up a again. Well done!

  19. kuraian2

    So beautiful. this cover truly captures that kingdom hearts atmosphere.

  20. golden brigain

    The most beautiful of all creations comes from the heart of the honest, the words needed brought to the fore and the genuine spirit set alight to shine upon all. Thank you for this song. Thank you for reminding me of why i do everything I do.

  21. tonNAMi

    What the ahhh your voice fit both in japanese and english version iM SUBSCRIBING!!!! *_* I always love thick voices, and yours so pretty....!

  22. Lazar Madalina

    how can anyone have such a good voice, supporting such a wide range of notes, having technique, hooowwwww I am blown away by the power

  23. Nery _A kind thought_

    I wanna cry

  24. T Pink

    holy shit holy shit holy shit, pardon my swearing but that gave me full body goosebumps! x.x your voices together is just magic!!! please collab more often <3

  25. Jane Monroe

    Lol why the fuck am I crying

  26. MrSmiley

    Too cute!

  27. - Astral -

    This is even better than the original

  28. Ven Noel

    I’m new to this channel. You have fully caught my attention.

  29. Ancipanci

    Nice work!
    By the way in the Song utada says babe,not baby

  30. Anjetta Davis

    0:20 Ariana grande is that you?

  31. Rinny is a boy too ༄

    Omfg YESSSS

  32. Golden Shuriken

    I'm from GameboyJones

  33. Dylan Smith

    Oh please do the madness of duke venomania!!!

  34. Maceofblades

    This was a really good song I haven't heard it before. Loved the harmony done a great job and the saxophone was a great touch.

  35. Xaela

    Love this cover you guys absolutely slayed it !

  36. Duhemsounds

    This is a musical beauty, awesome job =3

  37. Matteo Lesina

    "Kiss me three times"
    Straight guys, gay girls or just about anybody who's attracted to females and has seen Lollia's beautiful face:
    "Gladly. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"

  38. jheckie14

    Lollia you're fucking everywhere! I love it!!!

  39. Niell Delandy

    The original is amazing. but, this is next level. My tear won't stop.

  40. Chris

    Great job!

  41. Ann Sai

    This was amazing

  42. dex blockz

    does it say "i dont bite" or "i dont mind"

  43. Bravest Phantom

    Beautiful. Took me a few days because I didn't know if this was a collab I was emotionally ready to listen to.

  44. Tropic Hawk

    Out of all the covers I've heard of this song, I seriously hope Everglow uses this one when he gets to the end of KH3 and has to worry about stupid ol' copyright again. This is almost better than the original in my opinion. It's just different enough that it doesn't seem fair to compare the two as the same though, which is a very good thing. I like when covers respect a song's original vision, and add to it, while also making it their own. This was incredible.

  45. Crestella Jade

    You both are so beautiful and so are your voices <3 Don’t ever give up on doing what you do best; making wonderful art to share with the world. ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

  46. KingArthur101


  47. ♡иєяυρι¢σяи

    Awesome Lollia! You guys sound amazing 😍 I can’t believe this collab is real

  48. Megan Ray

    OMG! BOTH of my favourite cover singers? TOGETHER? I'm in heaven!! <3

  49. 1r3n3Char1s

    I truly believe musicsexual should be a thing, cuz oooh this gave me shudders! Ear-gasm achieved e.e

  50. Plutonash254

    This sounds professional as hell wtf

  51. cutiepie120048

    I'm crying - This is so beautiful!!! Two angelic voices harmonizing with a stunning music rendition? 💞😭😭💞😭💞

  52. chaoslordross

    awesome song cover i know haven't played any the games yet but after listening to this amazing song am going to start playing them soon thanks OR30 and Lollia

  53. Alex Ozako

    Almost crying here. From far, the best cover, best collab, best everything. Amazing Job !!!

  54. Mallory McCardle

    oh?? gay rights?????

  55. Kiran Citra

    Amazing cover, but.....


  56. EffervescentPhantasm

    The hype is over? I just beat the game last night / this morning.

    In any case, Your performance was great, I like the way you did this cover, it had a nice jazzy rhythm to it that I really like. Well done to all involved in the collaboration!

  57. Cerise Hood

    I don't know why but with this arrangement, the song comes across as soft lesbians

  58. valory pierce

    Beyond. SHOOK.

  59. Nathan Caplener

    So Spotify when? :)

  60. Zaki

    Wow... Gorgeous. Oh and your song was beautiful too oreo

  61. Hatsune Rina

    This cover is too dang *PERFECT* ! Are you sure your human? Because when I went to the beach, for some reason I heard your singing!

  62. Kaitlyn Rose

    This song is gorgeous, and your hair and makeup is just as on-point (really though, we need a tutorial, and I must know the name of that lipstick shade!).

  63. 1stylishdevil

    This sounds so chill. I feel like I can stare at the sky, listen to this song, and drift away.

  64. Usagi Sketch

    Aaaah it’s or3o the queen yeeees

  65. Dire Molt

    released on the last day of AX 2019. coincidence?
    yeah probably is.

  66. Athena renyna


  67. Phan E Pacc


  68. Kiea Shirai


  69. f a

    OR3O AND LOLIA!!!!!

  70. Jon -

    I want to keep listening for a life time!

  71. Doomy

    This is so unbelievably beautiful guys.
    And you're both so gorgeous singing it, I swear I thought my phone was going to break, it wouldn't be able to handle all this...AGH!! Everything about this!

    I really love seeing...everything that goes into one of these covers. The beautiful music accompanying the goddesses' voices (that saxophone solo was. 👌💚 And I always love the piano.) Seeing how many times Lollia actually records herself singing to completely fill out the song; being both one of the stars of the duet and providing background lyrics, it's rather amazing. Of course, the lyrics along the bottom (always a godsend, thank you for this extra little detail; I can't help but love to sing along to your "Rolling Girl" and "Love Is War" covers, and I'd love to sing "Gloria" but I fear I couldn't do it justice.) And I absolutely LOVE watching everyone who works on each cover just pour their entire heart and soul into the project, it's just...really beautiful to watch, and you can really hear the passion in the outcome.

    Anyway, amazing cover, everyone. I really can't get enough of your music Lollia, especially when you pair up with other truly amazing singers/musicians/composers of YouTube.

  72. Bradley Walford

    That was awesome

  73. VoidfulDepth

    I'm glad YouTube has a "loop" function
    i'll probably break it from overuse

  74. Richard Kearse

    Kingdom Hearts III is my favorite gameplay wise.
    Also Fact:

    Any Kingdom Hearts on critical mode is a great rage game.

    P.S. Lollia and Or3o did a collab...
    On a song... From my favorite video game series
    (Edit: I didn't know that they knew each other.)

    Chaos Yeshua

    Except KH1 cuz it only goes up to Proud :p


    @Chaos Yeshua lolol the colesium gave me hell

    Chaos Yeshua

    @MCIDO ikr. Especially the Hades Cup and the Platinum Match

    Miranda Musgraves

    Richard Kearse my response to second fact: that is too true


    @Chaos Yeshua Oh my god! FUCK! That brought back some angst hahah

  75. SeerOfTime


  76. Midgeon _

    Your harmonies with Or3o are amazing. The whole arrangement is beautiful, congratulations to all of you!

  77. KAI

    Crying bc this is actually one of my favorite songs

  78. MrsJohnson


  79. EUnicorn


  80. Victoria C

    I don't care the hype is over. I see a cover of "Don't think twice" done by you and the hype comes all over again as if it had never gone away. The feelings, the story, is once again brought back from the darkness it had retreated into, guided by your voice towards the light once again.

  81. Sal Fisher


  82. Baron Grasse

    My ears have been blessed with divine beauty!

  83. Slurker H

    I actually like, dont know how to handle my two favorite singers on YouTube doing a collab like this. So I'm just gonna squee even more while I listen on repeat. Keep it up you guys are the best!

  84. Chilly46

    Truly amazing, i remember your simple and clean cover, i still having chills everytime i listen to it!!

  85. Ivy Trapnest

    You guys couldn't have picked a better song. I love it!

  86. Human turtle


  87. Alec Doss


  88. Lmao Wtf Kyleigh

    this cover,,,,,, is so beautiful, i legit have shivers while listening to this omg <3

  89. Rebecca Orlowe

    Perfection 💜

  90. Dragongaming-Kid friendly gaming

    This is beautiful!

  91. Hi Bonjouru So Beautifurrr

    Kingdom hearts III 3 dont think twice 2 3×2=6 Roman numeral for 3 is III 6×111=666 Lollia is illuminati confirmed

  92. Gallows Calibrator

    This is Beautiful Cover! 🖤

  93. Azriel Does Stuff

    You and OR3O did an amazing job! Beautiful cover, actually made me tear up

  94. wingrider33

    So beautiful! You totally captured the essence of the song and made a cover which befits the KH franchise better than the original version.

  95. SongbirdZingara

    Very well done! I love it!

  96. Lycan Fenris

    I love this cover...but why do I feel like this has a bit of a sad undertone to it?

    Kain Yusanagi

    Because the arrangement is a bit of a jazzy remix of the original, introducing a few more lower notes in the repeating piano backing, and also removing the bass kick drum and replacing it with a hi-hat, or at least that's what it sounds like to me; At the 3:00 mark this really comes out when Chris has his saxophone solo. Hikaru Utada also has a bit of a warmer tone to her voice as she's singing, compared to OR3O and Lollia both. It's a really interesting dynamic between the original and the cover!

  97. Chris Thurman Music

    Was an absolute blast arranging this song. Thanks for having me Lollia, and thanks for the kind words at the premiere everyone!

  98. OR3O

    Thanks for collabing with me~ It was so much fun!!!


    Wow... Gorgeous. Oh and your song was beautiful too oreo

    сестрёнки любов

    This game - No Game No Life Caleb Hyles

    сестрёнки любов

    @Lollia This game - No Game No Life Caleb Hyles

    Blaze the Cat

    @OR3O Like always, you were wonderful~

    Lilly Lester

    Yall this is pretty noce yall