Or3o - Bendy's Tale Lyrics

Drip drop
The sound is drawing near
Can avoid your destiny
You're filled with fear
Tip tap
Listen to the beat
Feel the rhythm in our footsteps
You cannot flee

Da dump
Can you hear that sound
Feel your hands start to shiver
And your heart beat pound
Tick tock
Hear the sound of the your heart
The time is running out in you
There's no way to stop

Deep inside and through the pipes
Drawn in paper, seen inside the TV
A cartoon that will make you smile
Or a beast that'll make you scream

Fabricated out of ink
made 2d but now hes reality
Find the pieces one by one
And fix the ink machine

Left to drip away as thirty years is spent
Deceived with lies and now he's back to give the creators some revenge
Your imagination's come to life

Run away, you can't escape although you can try
Do you think he's really gonna stand there and let go of all of your crimes
Can't escape from fate you die tonight

Put them back up on their feet
Hurry up and finally set them free
Have no choice you can't decide
That's what you get for telling them lies

Dreams do come true
He's coming after you
Go cry and ask for help
Can't flee from Bendy's tale

Drip drop
The sound is drawing near
Can avoid your destiny
You're filled with fear
Tip tap
Listen to the beat
Feel the rhythm in our footsteps
You cannot flee

Da dump
Can you hear that sound
Feel your hands start to shiver
And your heart beat pound
Tick tock
Hear the sound of the your heart
The time is running out in you
There's no way to stop

Now it's time to pay the debt
Go ahead and clean up all this mess
Give to him all of your soul
Cause Henry, that is what you owe

The ink is pouring, flowing down
The gears in the machine goes round and round
Can't escape this deadly hell
Cause Now you're part of Bendy's tale

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Or3o Bendy's Tale Comments
  1. Louis Cosenza

    why did i think this was an actual megolavania?

  2. Nyctusphobia


  3. Trijosh


  4. JB8 START


  5. Kazuhiro Watanabe


  6. Venatus Anr

    Please upload on Spotify

  7. 차라

    I love this song

  8. bendy And mettaton Neo

    The meatly should tell tobby fox that in Halloween we should ade bendy in undertale I know that Halloween passed but maybe next Halloween

  9. starberry pinky


  10. Bendy The Dancing Demon

    Great Song Its Cool Even The Sprites

  11. theInkyNightmare

    Hi, my name is Sans, and Bendy, look what you did to my face!!!!! BENDY I WILL DO MY JUDGEMENT IF YOU DON'T THIS FIX THIS!!!!!!!

  12. SiAnna McArthur

    I'll have to sin this one day...maybe on Halloween...? Yeah, I'll sin it Thursday.

  13. Alica Cruz

    Just a suggestion,but can you try and make a BATIM parody of Revenge by Captain Sparklez?

  14. Edri VI ツ

    Bine por Dego

  15. levipamel Roblox

    Looks like my song has ''PAINTED'' to White and Black.

  16. Fernanada Gonsales crus


  17. Xxmidnight PinkxX

    This will be call inklavanina

  18. Miles Tails Prower The Fox

    did aNYONE ELSE compare flowey to bendy like both of them started out as nice cute characters but something turned them evil

  19. ღ Kawaī Yami ღ

    This is a save at my heart as nostalgia, every time I hear it is feel nostalgia cuz I was hearing this at a really random sad moment, but hey it doesn't matter. I still love this song 😂 🤩😍

  20. チャンネル登録すると元気がでるフェネック


  21. Suki Leluch

    is so cool

  22. vw sweetgirl0305

    Ink sans now Bendy sans?!?

  23. Asha Salim

    Omg you are soooo good thats why I subed

  24. ImAFK

    Alguien Vino Por DegoBoom?

  25. Neko Undertale Kusmam

    Not hateing but bendy has a tail....

  26. Anime. DrawYT

    Is this on Spotify? I would definitely listen to it over and over

  27. Eain Lay

    *sans x bendy*

  28. Monica Caal

    Talves la meta de likes sera 1.0000mil likes

  29. Monica Caal

    Mas de 20mil likes vatener este video coollllllllllll

  30. Monica Caal

    No no deve..... Da
    Es la
    Mejerrrrreeeeereeeerrreeee... Cancion de bendy y undertal



  31. María Alejandra Aguirre

    Me encantó mucho es increíble la canción 😁👍❤️


    Someone in 2019

  33. mario mamma Mia

    0:40 #INK BENDY

  34. Kcd Thing

    U started bendy x sans/ Henry x frisk/chara x ink bendy/kill x me / papyrus x Boris/ undye x Alice/despa x cito/ Sammy x chara/ some more shitty ships

  35. •Unsustainable Elf•

    Guess the possibilities are *bend* less.

  36. cynthia giselle wiederkehr






  37. Королевский Пирожок

    It’s Brandy’s and undertale so cool 😎

  38. Hazu Cream

    The Bendy pixel is so beautiful xD
    And this soooooonnngg

  39. emma da cutie pie

    2019 anyone

    No ;-; alone forever ;-;


    Lol im here with u 😆

  40. Marius Marin

    This is american 1000 procent god bless the greatest nation of earth God bless america ps fuck america and usa i am a european i just was sarcastic hahahahaa god fucks usa and america europa rocks and rules god bless europa ahahahahahha ps just joking i love this american song singt by a japanese beautifull girl

  41. Ruth Arlene sanggayan

    Bendy wow you really *KETCHUP* cause your a *BETHOR* of sans so much puns XD

  42. Roll The Dice

    My fingers are dead from snapping the entire video. *worth it.*

  43. Canadian Ashii


    My two favorite things together!!
    [happy bean]

  44. Void Creature from another timeline and universe

    I ship Chara X Bendy cause I saw both BATIM X undertale videos.

  45. Itz _Clara _ playz

    Cool music

  46. Joshua Polina

    Determinasion!!!!! ❤

  47. Aixanell LV

    Amazing! I love undertale and bendy. Ti love the song x3 could you do one but in his theme parody?

  48. グレープシー


  49. Erin Coutu


  50. Funny Crazy Bug

    someone shold make a bendytale i would play it

  51. Himangi Jayakar

    Oh no not the demons themselves.
    Let me out of this prison of your gonna have a bad time

  52. Axel play game

    Vine por un vídeo de degoboom

  53. Papi 7777

    is amazing

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    2019 anyone?

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  57. diego azael

    me cata 😀

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    You're gonna have a ink time.

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    Very cool 👍

  60. Наташа Эриконина

    I alvays knew that you are really good at singing,but this is TOO presious!

  61. kirby 14 Valdez

    batim undertale


    I love you SONG❤

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    Te mlanioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooiooooooooooooooooooõoooooooioooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaAaaaaawodjsid subd perrdon cucaracha ok dye asaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

  64. Carolina Morin Garduno

    Bendy amor tupuedes carajoooooo

  65. Monetização

    Bora mostrar que br também gosta de Bendy!

  66. Kolya Tubby

    :fling me
    :m im make kick me

  67. ica marlinda

    Kok suara bendy kayak cewek

  68. Амина Ахмедова

    крутяк! типо настоящее ау бенди таил! ты круто озвучиваеваешь! с меня лайк подписа колокольчик )

  69. JackPlayz

    Not my favorite, but i like it, LOVE THE RHYTHM (Tell me if im spelling it wrong :/)

  70. Magilotl

    Undertale steals bendy’s song.
    Bendy: Boris, hold my bacon soup!

  71. Barbara Otto

    I L O V E THIS.

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    Me ween I hear this. TICK TOCK that’s the sound of your heart. So is my heart a time 💣.

  74. Astrid Angel Yt

    Ok who are those 600 jerks that gave dislike to this awesome song?!

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    This is gooooooood

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    Year late but.. darn she missed the chance to make him do the sans hands In jacket pose..

  79. Просто человек


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    Nice voice

  81. Arn Noriega

    👾 bendy

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    This is a mix of my two favorite fandoms undertale and batim I'm happy 😊😄

  83. theInkyNightmare

    a piece of great work!

  84. ToastingFran TheMan

    Bendy should have been wearing sans jacket that would be *EPIC*

    The Kingdom Of Dusk


  85. Shdow killer192

    omg how did i not notice this!? <3 ;D

  86. YurikaPlayz Owo

    0:50 I Thought Bendy is picking his nose
    He doesn’t have a nose
    I welp

  87. little lejynd fortnite light dark

    My apinyan:what is this garbage
    Whats your apinyan

  88. Lou

    Hop. It goes to my playlist.

  89. boigamer543 MC

    I’ll take one instrumental version please

  90. Dan Roguer

    El que haga un mod de bendy's tale me suscribo a su canal :v

  91. Dan Roguer

    Tío cómo lo haces y encima lo hiciste también con chara no entiendo cómo lo haces...

    Me suscribo lo comparto y le doy like :D

    Jose Antonio Durand Rios

    Si porfin alguien que habla español :v (hasta aurita solo encuentro a dos que hablan español :v)

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    0:42 your bendy reality (ddlc:0)

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    Drip drop of coffee Your filled with caffeine

  96. OR3O

    For all those comment wondering what the ending music is
    Its a preview for an original BATIM song im making~
    look forward to it luvs <3

    Diana Cachoúa Arrubarrena

    All eyes on OR30⭐! Thats the music you put at the end!😋❤

    Dj BlueSwag



    This is cool

    temmie drawz stuff

    OR3O I ship it

    mιn-jυ Gαchα

    the funny thing is that it is similar to genocide medley's sans's part lol