Or3o - All Eyes On Me Lyrics

(Long long time ago
I had my own little show
Was a beautiful, lovable angel
But he took the spotlight, shining so bright
Left me to fade away
But honey, now the turn is mine)

A devil made from heaven, sent from above
Looks like Henry's got a little date, let's have some fun
We've got lots to do little errand boy
Come to me at cloud nine
To be the perfect angel, some sin must be done

You told me what to do and what to say, I couldn't escape
You got to choose the ending of my fate, you put me astray

But not anymore
I'm in control
I have the stage
You can't turn the page
Now all eyes on me

All eyes on me...

So many experiments, so many mistakes
But I'll go all the way till I'm in perfect shape
(First the worst, maybe thirds the charm)
So close, oh, I cannot wait
The demon won't taint me now, 'cause you're the sacrifice he'll slay

You said I wasn't good enough to stay, you put me away
You took away my future and my fame, but now that will change

Focus on me
I'll be all that they see
I'll make them sway
No, can't run away
Now all eyes on me

No, babe

You don't know what it's like to drown away in a puddle of shame
You, yes you, made me insane

But not anymore
I'm in control
(I am in control!)
I have the stage
You can't turn the page
Now do as you're told
(Encore, hit the beats boys)
Focus on me
I'll be all that they see
I'll make them sway
No, can't run away
Now all eyes on me
Now all eyes on
All eyes on me

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Or3o All Eyes On Me Comments
  1. Abbie Plate

    Your singing is absolutely amazing. The song is really catchy and I love it. Hope you have a merry Christmas and a wonderful day.


    i really love this for some reason

  3. Briarroses

    somehow i thing this is a good song for spinel and pink diamond XD

  4. Malinda Aparicio

    I really can’t stop singing this song... I even sing this in mah sleep no joke

  5. spin el heart 1235

    I like it did you sing the song

  6. just a random English DBH fanboy

    youtuber:*playing a game*
    youtuber:*finds secret or easter egg*

  7. Female Agent 3

    Can't......stop.... Listening....

    I love it

  8. doga sla

    Que voz, meu Deus

  9. alatsor ledemon666

    who else came here because of angel dus or am i a wimp

  10. Kaizo Jesus

    Alice:"He left me to fade away"
    Bendy:"I can't lie it would have been better if she stayed put,but nooo."

  11. Sparkling Gacha


  12. AnimeGirl Mii

    Is it me or am I the only one who thinks Susie Campbell (evil Alice) sang this

  13. Sunrise X Gacha

    Who is still watching this in 2019 qwq

  14. Doodle Pip

    If this comment gets over 20 likes, I’ll attempt a cover...

    Let’s hope no voice cracks...😰😰😰

  15. Candy Cane Corner the Creeper

    Anyone else getting Wings of Fire Queen Scarlet vibes from this?

    Makeleta Johansson

    Me too but burn ya know

  16. 선인쟝

    오오 멋있다..

  17. ansley Bethune

    All eyes on me

  18. mizan zackry75

    Its cool song i ever see

  19. mizan zackry75

    Why not always singing

  20. mizan zackry75

    I a kid

  21. mizan zackry75

    I always sing this song

  22. Le Thi Xoan

    I guess you made Give Up Every Soul They Die Tonight

  23. Jacqueline Amelie

    Damn, that petite girl sang this song? Way to go, girl.

  24. bendy's little sis :3

    OR3O: if you like this song tell your mom,your dad,your cat,your turtle to give it an ALISON. Get it ALISON *chuckles*


    Note: sorry if I spelled Alison's name wrong!!! T^T

  25. IM A HUMAN me likely games OwO

    Aww I love this song


    Yes you created this beautiful song ..... it remains to tell you that you sing beautiful!

  27. Xxfrday 12xX

    i dont cere if this song is old is gold


    Toi are french?!!

  29. Alexia Wright


  30. Kyra Moon

    I remember in 6 or 7th grade I sang this in choir with my friend in front of the class before the teacher left. She was so nice and this makes me remember her. Thank you so much for making this beautiful song..

  31. Señor

    I don’t care how much time passes this song always slaps



  33. Joker

    Me:.....so you kicked out the woman and brought in a man to do the exact same job but probably paid him a lot more than you did her.

    My brain: *That’s enough internet for you.*

  34. Maf Val

    No mms a circus baby le gusta esto 😄😲

  35. F-Nollan RRPG

    I remember when this just came out

  36. •Lemonsita- Kun•

    3:00 Animation meme

  37. {•midnight The wølfQueen•}

    Mom: 3:34

  38. Gjvgj Gibhyk Hjnb

    Bendy is a girl!!!

  39. {Løst_ Animatiøn_} 齐尔兰

    December 2019??? ANYONE??

  40. princess the killer

    Questa canzone è fantastica!
    Oh, sorry for my italian,
    This song is fantastic!

  41. hedwig mello

    Wrong,Alice is the one who is trying to steal Bendy's spotlight.

    hedwig mello

    I don't understand you.

    Kimizu Aishi

    Yea just play chapter 3 in bendy....

    hedwig mello

    @Kimizu Aishiwhy have to if there are gameplays in YouTube?

    Kimizu Aishi

    Ok just do that instead........sorry😅

    hedwig mello

    It's okay.

  42. panda_dragon_studios

    I dont care that this song is old from 2017! I love this song and your voice inspires me!! I even watched an entire gameplay series thing by a gamer so I could understand this!!

  43. Alexandria Claire Macatangay

    good job

  44. Alexandria Claire Macatangay

    i play bendy and the ink machine

  45. Shayne_HasLanded

    Oh my god I’m starstruck this is going on my playlist

  46. Addison Herber

    your voice is amazing :3

  47. Lucy Lyrical

    No idea what bendy and the ink machine is but this song slapsss

  48. Lilli Riedel

    oh my Bendy! Who sung this!!! Your So talented!!!

  49. SpringTrapPT

    Yo where the instrumental

  50. Geno Sans

    I support you Alice! I went through the same shit!

    Geno Sans

    "Bendy was right" Bendy be lying. 😂

    Geno Sans

    Someone broke my heart btw I love your videos

  51. XxFurryxX :3

    Someone pls hide me in the comments I watch and not comment aaaaaaaaaaAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  52. Floofy The koala

    This song is amazing you have a really good voice

  53. Style Evolution

    ТЫ БЛ*** РУССКАЯ!!!(ну потомушто как бы в описание смотрите)

  54. Chain.

    Bendy and the Ink Machine is really just Mickey Mouse gone wrong.

  55. Ashlyn G

    This song is like my math test talking to my class

  56. meesmans

    still amazing

  57. nu boihi

    or3o your really a good singer

  58. Stoffley The Ugly

    ah, this never gets old


  59. Vivien McNab

    I have a quick question. Me and my friend are doing some of our own animations for our dungeons and dragons charters and we are choosing songs that reflect there personalities. Would you mind if we you this song for my character? We would give you full credit for the song in the credits. Is that ok?

  60. Penelope Ewing


  61. Julia J

    The talking in the end is actually very annoing and cringey, pretty disturbing

  62. Wecate

    all eyes on me! :v)/ xd

    Like love it and well all those things :l

    Congrats! :3 (:v)

  63. Aja Seborowski

    "If You like this song please tell your friends, your mom, ur dad, ur dog, ur cat ur turtle."

    Me: "Ur Chicken"

  64. Aja Seborowski


  65. Little Miss Sakura

    The dog goes bark bark
    The cat goes meow meow
    The idiots go 2019? 2019?

    Hearto Smarto


  66. •Shadistic Light•

    am i the only one who thought of diamond jack when I first watched this?

  67. ELIN 2393

    2k19 any? Love this song!!!!!

  68. Random. Louise

    Me to my teacher: you told me what to do and what to say I couldn’t escape
    My teacher: wtf
    teacher: I’m supposed to..

  69. Unfortunate Bushy

    People talked and told about this song
    And glad it was never sold
    It’s not old from 3 years
    Like a sandwich made of mold
    Unfold the paper I gave you
    And it will say “It’s still gold”
    Oh sorry! I have to go and leave you on hold,
    Well looks like I need shopping, but it’s cold...
    And at school, I hope you won’t be bold.

    -Unfortunate Bushy.

  70. Sharifa Akhter

    I actually love All Eyez on Me

  71. Chain.

    This sounds like something Alice Angel would sing.

  72. Samantha Duck

    This is amazing. My best friend made a small GLMV with this song. https://youtu.be/pSfjN3NFt44

  73. therunningAWESOME! HIATUS


  74. Hermione Granger

    Do you think she loves Bendy or Henry more?
    Commet Bendy
    Like Henry
    EDIT: Who's Henry please tell me tell me!!!

    Hermione Granger

    Louie hope Cabusi really? Oh and can you tell me if alice loves bendy or henry more?! Please??

    Louie hope Cabusi

    It's Henry Stein if you didn't see the Ending cutscene and the Extras episode

    Hermione Granger

    Louie hope Cabusi okay but do you think alice loves henry or bendy tell me please!

    Louie hope Cabusi

    Well In Chapter 3 The evil Alice was trying to kill Henry but in Chapter 4 & 5 the good Alice helps him...
    Maybe it is hint of a yes I guess... 😐

    Hermione Granger

    Louie hope Cabusi ok!

  75. talkman288

    Reminds me of PMJ

  76. Mikayla Brittin

    Me: *Watching this*
    Everybody else: *watching flamingo*
    The song: All Eyes On Me.
    Everybody else: *Watching this*

  77. Tuyen Chau

    Wow, your voice so strong :C

  78. Zoe Moore

    Holy crap
    I went to look this up to make sure this was a real song not a batim song, cause it played at my ice skating class, and it is bendy... What are the odds...

  79. Soft_Box

    I keep switching from undertale to fnaf now to this. What will I fall into now??

    Yugumire ღ 사탕

    in the 12yo 'yandere' fangirl hole.

  80. kostadin ognqnov

    ales angel:ALL EYES ON ME

    Me:a hell nah

    Ales:if you want i will call bendy

    Me:why not heh

  81. Amairany Gutierrez Ramirez

    Bendy es mucho mejor

  82. Georgiana Gacha

    Super cool imi place 😍😍😍

  83. Exotic Burtters






  84. Blistanim

    F for the people who cant find this song still...

  85. Fake Smile

    bendy and the ink machine has one of the best storylines in video game history :)

  86. sayori !


  87. Aliyah_Wolfie :3

    2017: here
    2019: here

  88. Nicholas Kun And The Gacha Cousin's

    Congrats OR3O

  89. Random Person

    When you listen to the nightcore version first and it sounds extremely slow

  90. Daniel Campp

    *Curtains pull in beginning*

    Also curtains: I changed my mind


    Honny the turn is mine😅😅

  92. Satori Vassallo

    recommendation from YT:2017 Nope
    2018 Nah
    2019 Yep

  93. sans oneill

    lemme guess tik tok took this too? not yet? hmm we must protect this song with our lives keep it away from tik tok

  94. pinky pie chenel

    I like it (from Thailand)

  95. Evans Rodríguez

    Omg you sing beutifull perfect

  96. ThisPurpleMonster

    Me Talking with my dog:
    Dog:Hey hooman! I learned a new song!
    Me:What is it?
    Dog: *sings* Long Long Time...

    Oreos and Dog Treats:
    Treats: You made a great song. But there is something you must change
    Oreos: What?
    T: Replace "All" with "No"
    O: Why should i do this?!


  97. 性癖の王様