Opeth - Would? Lyrics

[Alice In Chains cover]

Know me broken by my master,
Teach thee on child of love hereafter,

Into the flood again,
Same old trip it was back then,
So I made a big mistake,
Try to see it once my way.

Drifting body, it's sole desertion,
Flying, not yet quite the notion.

Into the flood again,
Same old trip it was back then,
So I made a big mistake,
Try to see it once my way.

Into the flood again,
Same old trip it was back then,
So I made a big mistake,
Try to see it once my way.

Am I wrong?
Have I run too far to get home
Have I gone?
And left you here alone

Am I wrong?
Have I run too far to get home, yeah
Have I gone?
And left you here alone

If I would, could you?

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Opeth Would? Comments
  1. Using Vanced, plz don't ban

    MASSIVE Brilliance!

  2. nedswebjunk

    The comments section of the Lost in Vegas reaction video to AIC's 'Would?' brought me here...THANKS GEORGE AND RYAN!!

  3. Donna M


  4. Beer Can

    Just found this...holy hell this is awesome! 2020

  5. Riddlesostrong

    Somehow just finding out this exists. Solid cover. Respectful of the original with their own spin. Perfect cover.

  6. Musicman71

    Wow! Just.. wow

  7. Ben The Tank

    Such a good cover

  8. franciscomeza11

    Where was this in my life? How did I miss it?

  9. Dave Grool


  10. Erhan Eroğlu

    Best A.İ.C cover!

  11. a child of the sun


  12. John Doe

    Holy shit...........Awesome.

  13. Maximiliano Cardillo

    Wow this is amazing. I love Opeth and AIC and I didn't know this exists. You can't expect anything else but wonders coming from this band.

  14. Eckhart Tolle

    Is it a crime to say that I like this one better?

  15. TheEnigmaticOpaque

    Fucking brilliant.

  16. Heva Bradders

    I have never heard a cover and thought nah there's no way that isn't the original

  17. fpsqt

    Eh .... Opeth is my favorite band of all time, but I like when covers differ from the original. The solo part is different, but the rest is too much like the original. As example, a fucking beast of a cover is Sonata Arctica's "Still Loving You"


    That is a bad ass cover. I am not the biggest Sonata fan but they're musically brilliant.

  18. justsaying opinion

    O pathetic

  19. Lorin S

    God damn that Bass!!! And wow Micheals voice is so good!!!!!

  20. Ape of Spades

    Nothing against the circle of tyrants cover or remember tomorrow cover but I think this stands out as Opeth's best cover

  21. layne sijal cobain

    The best cover of lyane staley's song

  22. Daniel Iacono

    oh my fucking god

  23. Thane Vakarian

    So good

  24. Chloe Nadine Winter

    Very dark very deep emotions, dark atmosphere it makes...and the solo ,the solo ❤

  25. TheIntegraman

    better then the other covers ive heard. don't have the same power as laynes though.still, quality attempt.

  26. mastertimb

    Brilliant cover!

  27. Ash WInker

    Why? How? When?

  28. rare

    Is this real life?

  29. Mrepolite


  30. mark warren

    i didnt ever know about this cover/michael akerfeldt is the man!!!!!

  31. Jeremy Harris

    This is the best cover of any Alice song. Thank you Opeth.

  32. Apple Peel


  33. Frederick Electrick


  34. Peri Walker ღ

    This is frikkin beautiful!

  35. Aitch

    Not better than the original but unlike the original I could listen to this on repeat, something about it makes it easier to sit back and enjoy

    Shut Up Lets Talk

    Could be the mixing! The drums and bass sound so good!

  36. Rain Stand

    Excellent work

  37. Osama

    Wow not a fan of opeth but this is beautiful

  38. Vuk Bubanja

    What tunning is this?

    Charlie Chaplin

    The originals in Eb tune all 6 strings down a half step from standard E tuning for guitar.

    Vuk Bubanja

    @Charlie Chaplin I know about the original,but i was wondering in what tunning this cover is

    Charlie Chaplin

    @Vuk Bubanja I'm not sure about opeths version sounds more detuned perhaps a full step down in D or 2 full steps down C.

    Vuk Bubanja

    @Charlie Chaplin It's full step down(half step lower than the original),figured it out,thank you anways :)

    Charlie Chaplin

    @Vuk Bubanja awesome my friend glad you worked it out 😁

  39. Adam Coutts

    This sounds as close to the original as another band could get. I suppose it's fun to play a cool song, but I don't understand doing a cover without having something new to say with it.


    That's simply absurd.

  40. VCdemon

    gives me Supernatural vibes

  41. Mayck Angel bejarano torres

    I prefer this version, but I love both

  42. Jalyus James

    Anyone know what year this was recorded?


    They recorded it while recording songs for Watershed.

    Nov 07 - Jan 08 iirc.

    Charlie Chaplin

    No but the sound engineer was drunk cause the mix clarity is absolutely shocking.


    @Charlie Chaplin 10/10

  43. Neova

    Like the original but with an extra shot of depression

  44. nirvan jasrotia


  45. lorimer Schneider

    Bela homenagem a banda ficou show

  46. shakee blake

    this may be the best CHAINS cover i have heard. i love that he doesn't try to copy LAYNE's voice. i am not a HUGE OPETH fan but when my friend showed me they're first live dvd when it came out i was TRULY AMAZED! 🤘

  47. James Atkinson

    Now THIS is a fuckin cover! Damn

  48. Nadav Blum

    Like it better then the original !

  49. Matthew Hart

    Great cover

  50. nobody a

    Great cover

  51. Roo_ 693

    As one of my favorite bands. I fucking approve!!!! Incredible!!!!

  52. Denver Wood


  53. sepultubob

    Wow what a nice find !

  54. Akshay Sharma

    Y.O.L.O. You Only Love Opeth

  55. joe layton

    Really really good cover instrumentally, however....not really feeling the vocals all that much. Not just because he doesnt hit the same notes as Layne, but it seems to be lacking the pure emotion that Layne put behind it. Just one guys opinion.

    Charlie Chaplin

    It's lacking several elements of the original, emotional content for starters, the original solo and the mix on this version is amateur at best and that's a compliment 😂

  56. Matt Bad

    this would have to be the best cover of this classic by far!! Layne would love it and be humble with it!!

  57. Brett W. McCoy

    This is AMAZING! True to the original but with the unique Opeth spin

  58. Aitch

    The groans in the background during the chorus are making this so much darker.

  59. britishsteel666dc

    One word, wow

  60. andrew dods

    That was really good, except for the last verse.. IF i COULD !!! ... Would .. you oooooo ...... lacking !

  61. Mithra Charon

    So perfect !

  62. Lais Santos


  63. Music For My Sanity

    I love me some OPETH and I LOVE AIC! I just heard today. Incredible cover! Apparently they used some black magic to perfectly represent the soul of AIC while injecting the OPETH identity... This is how a good cover is done!

  64. Mask

    Schlimm 😪

  65. Larks Tongues In Aspic


  66. Daniel Macpherson

    Thanks for the ode to Gen X.👍

  67. Donovan Alekzandrovich Konstantinov


  68. Derek JCG

    Love how moody this is. Very faithful cover!

  69. Claude Gibson

    opeth should do the entire dirt album

    Charlie Chaplin

    No point they couldn't even get one note right from the solo in this version, nevermind the terrible mixing on this so called cover.


    @Charlie Chaplin why don't you fuck off? You've never even listened to opeth. How can you hate on a band (an amazing band) you've never listened to.

    Shmargeth Bargeth

    Charlie Chaplin the point of a good cover isn’t to replicate the song but to make a good tribute with your own style and techniques added to it. Bad covers are the ones that try to get as close to the original as possible.

  70. David Sierra

    I never clicked so fast on a video :0 OMFG

  71. Garrett Christian

    It's damn near 2019 and I'm just finding this shit out.

  72. Tan Tan

    Love the switch up! Great cover!

  73. Fred Nunes

    Shout the fuck up probably the best Aic cover out there

  74. That girl G


  75. James F. Fortengard

    it's okay if the singer can't hit the same high notes but the sound mixing on this song is terrible. the instruments shouldn't drown the singer out as much as they do

  76. black star

    Even the cookie monster himself aint got shit on ol Mike's vox.

  77. Diego Salom

    My fav. band doing a cover of my fav. song of my second fav. band.

  78. Yôhānān Yugioh

    Opeth such amazing skill

  79. Mark Coucke

    not too shabby

  80. Steve Swan

    I was hoping he would do guttural verses, with clean chorus'.

    kevin willems

    it wouldn't fit

  81. Mark Ledford

    Very impressed until...the solo. lost me there.

    Charlie Chaplin

    Agreed, they didn't even attempt to do the solo from the original version, not like it's hard or anything.

  82. Rant Therapist

    amazing cover, gonna blast this in my car

  83. Rifugium

    For those critical of the vocals, etc... If I remember correctly, this song was almost not released because Akerfeldt was dissatisfied with it, since he admitted he couldn't do the original vocals justice. They eventually released it under pressure from the fans.

    Daniel Macpherson

    Goddamn I feel old,Was there when all these bands took effect...now to hear remakes..Nice job boys,Thanks for the honors to some great Gen X ....

    Eric Forsyth

    Daniel Macpherson Opeth was formed two years after AIC (in 1989), it’s not like they’re Gen Z kids!


    I know, I read the comment. But could you imagine if they didn't release it? We woudlnt have this version, which I think every AIC and Opeth fan loves.

  84. dingleberry liespewer

    covers dont have to be the original. the original already did that lol. this is a great cover.

  85. Eric Bergstedt

    The Singer is good but he is no layne tho


    Yah, no shit. Anything else, Capt. Obvious?

    Sebastián Gutiérrez

    @lormendi it ain't Alice in Chains either DUH

  86. Warlock97

    I love Opeth and Alice In Chains, but this cover is meh.
    The reason why I love the original version is because of Layne's yelling vocals.

  87. Merle Patterson

    The music would have been a good match with #BrendanMaier's vocals.

  88. Simone Cama


  89. TheArchDemon

    Ghost should do a cover of angry chair

  90. 813lynch

    Shit...If Opeth covered Type O ? Really...that'd be sweet


    813lynch my brain might implode

  91. Jacek Bukaczewski


  92. Đorđe Delić

    I like chorus very much!

  93. Super_Ste

    simply amazing

  94. bradley adkins


  95. bradley adkins

    Might not be better than the original, but i can guarantee opeth are way more takente musicians, than aic

    Charlie Chaplin

    Sure they are, they didn't play a single note correct from the solo in the original version, so much talent eh, it's a cover which means you at least can play the basic version of the original including the solo.

  96. Daniel Hall

    I love Opeth and I fully appreciate their desire to pay homage to this incredible song, but you need a fucked up dude like Staley on vocals to nail this one.