Opeth - The Lines In My Hand Lyrics

We are dying in the wake of gods and decrees remain arcane
And everything around us is a consequence of pain

The writings on the wall depict a truth that no one reads
A government of puppets blinded by another creed

Burning voice of insanity
Nothing is the same
Barren lands for the idle man
Find all the lines in your hand

Blinding storms are surrounding us
Take control
In our caps, poisoned wine
Find all the lines in your hands

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Opeth The Lines In My Hand Comments
  1. Toprak

    The last minute of this song is STRONG

  2. Christopher Norris

    My favourite from the album. Great drumming!

  3. Lordvater

    What a beautiful song, its perfect.

  4. Dylan Adams-Powell

    Oh man, Axe provided some of Opeth's finest drum work here, right there with Lopez In Harlequin Forest!
    " Two Martin's make a right!! "

  5. SurfsideWhistle

    we are dying in the wake of gods and a kitchen made of cake

  6. vineet gundecha

    Wow. Axe's drumming is phenomenal on this one

  7. Trying-Hard Tobeashepherd

    A friend bought me this once and it became my favorite driving home late from work music. I always picture the road home when I hear this record.

  8. Zedrik Allen

    Was this inspired by his robbery incident?

  9. Zedrik Allen

    The first song Mike made after Watershed...

  10. Idil Yaktubay

    Amazing song

  11. Zedrik Allen

    Easily the best track of this album for me.

  12. Alex Hoffmann

    Fucking loving these drum.

  13. Lorenzo Barichello

    All around eight people is a consequence of pain...

  14. Hellscream

    The 'heavy' part is too short :(

  15. spurqz

    I'm trying to listen to this new stuff opeth have made, but I just don't like the jazzy vibe in it

    Reynhardt Nel

    Damn man...there is so much richness in their "post growl" material. Hope you find your way

  16. NJKEblitzkriegBOP


  17. J. A.

    That interplay between Axe and Martin Mendez! WOW! Axe is absolutely under-rated in this band right now. Such a shame

  18. objectivitycave11

    I got lost in pain after heritage. This song rules ! I had to wait a few years to find the lines in my hands

  19. Lil Scabby Mane

    fucking garbage

  20. Sound Waves

    I think that bass growls a lot more louder then b4 in the begining lets here it one more time ...


    I think I might be the first person to talk about how stellar Axe's drumming is on this song, let alone this whole album. And every other Opeth album he's played on, and absolutely fantastic live as well. Extremely under appreciated drummer in my opinion.


    The drums are interesting especially because Mikeal said in this interview that they were inspired by a Hives song, he doesn't know which, but I think it's Die Alright https://youtu.be/f3L-lcW4-TM?t=3m19s

  22. The M.K.M.

    The best bass playing since Black Rose Immortal!

  23. Jason Christensen

    their best work

  24. Ki co

    Ouuhhh daaamn That bass tone!

  25. Nothara

    Exploding drums !!

  26. Lorena CH

    Is a morning song 😍:)

  27. Ben Hartje

    this was the song that established the bands current progressive sound.

    Reprehensible Meshuggah

    Ben Hartje Indeed, the first Mikael wrote, and it was a major leap

  28. Darth Revan

    Not a single dislike so far! Quality. How it should be.

  29. TheAdam159

    don't care what anyone says. This album is freaking awesome :)

    Piotr Stuglik

    This is the best Opeth album to date.

    Karen Helena



    Gets better every year, like a good wine.

  30. David Ditch

    One thing that makes Opeth so good: many of their songs/sections would be very effective if switched from death to non-death and vice-versa. Here, the last 45 seconds are so HEAVY that it wouldn't be out of place to have death growls even if the instruments weren't changed.

    Coulter Sheppard

    It's Out Of Place Now Because Of The Palm Mutes And Low Volume On The Guitar, Making The Guitar Less Pronounced. I Will Say That Death Growls Would Be In Style If The Guitar Were More Pronounced.


    @Coulter Sheppard Don't capitalize the first letter of every word, mate.

  31. Eric Nill

    This song is the clear example of why I love proressive metal so much

    ravnic zahl

    Eric Nill its not even prog METAL lol

    Luis M. Corona

    Well it's not prog rock right? Not because there aren't growls or death metal doesn't mean it is not Metal

    Rik B

    Of course it's prog rock. If this is prog metal, then King Crimson have been playing prog metal since the late 60s.


    @Luis M. Corona This is progressive rock.

  32. Cristian Cabral

    dat freekin bass

    Just a man

    and vocals... wow

    lior mk

    and the comments wow

    Jeremy Stephens

    and Mikael's mustache ..wow


    Clear Eyes, wow.

    J. A.

    Mendez is miles beyond where he used to be. I think the full beast has been unleashed

  33. Alberto Astorga Piñones

    My favorite song of the Heritage, greetings from Chile.

  34. Reprehensible Meshuggah

    This is powerful without having death growls. Here's hoping Opeth's next record is even better than Pale Communion


    Meshuggapeth Pale communion was a masterpiece dude... Heritage was worse

    Reprehensible Meshuggah

    +Mœbius Totally agreed. Sorceress is wonderful, but I believe PC is a classic on par with Morningrise.

  35. CCRS

    for the first 2 seconds I thought I was going to hear some Helmet

  36. Ruslan Mikhalev

    Why haven't I heard this one before?

    Reprehensible Meshuggah

    Severe Distortion because you didn’t buy Heritage

  37. Ocean Sage

    Best song on Heritage and probably my favorite Opeth song. It's so heavy live!

  38. mexicanblondplayer

    This is good but i miss the death growls and the power


    @mexicanblondplayer i don't

    Reprehensible Meshuggah

    mexicanblondplayer this is powerful and would sound like shit with death growls over it

  39. porcodio


    Rik B

    Black metal ..... Black Metal?? What?

  40. Guy Pearson

    Favourite song in the album, takes me back to my experimental drugs faze in my first flat.
    Any one get really intense shivers when you listen to an old song you haven't listened to in ages. I swear I flicked this on it took a second but then I just felt a big woosh down my body.. Its like my subconscious remembers. Carcass and Death do this to me also... Funny how I don't listen to this heavy stuff anymore... I always found some sort of beauty in a well put together heavy song. Logically, music is supposed to be uplifting catchy. Not brutal. Tbh I only got into metal etc cuz of friends but now its what affects my emotions more. I usually listen to Bob Dylan johnny cash, the smiths oasis the police the stranglers qotsa black sabbath rush the who. But nothing gets me going like megadeth etc.

    Guy Pearson

    Here I am again.. Makes me so mellow this song.

    Khelil Goucem

    +Guy Pearson I totally relate to whatever you're saying

    Billy Arsenault

    Right on. I have no idea why listening to Megadeth makes me feel great. Not even my favorite band or style.

  41. JeffChase

    Vocals, yes.