Opeth - The Devil's Orchard Lyrics

This trail is obsidian, the grip of Winter uncoiled
A lover would follow me
Cast down and sworn to the dark

Take the road where devils speak
"God is dead"

The wealth of darkness
Inside you, tell you "now"
Your senses corrupted
Controlling a poisonous will

Take the road where devils speak
"God is dead"

In the corner of my eye
You are tearing flesh from bone

Led the blind in search to find
A pathway to the sun
Saw the signs intertwine
And forgave me all my sins

No stigmas revealing our vices
And there are no stigmas revealing our vices

God is dead

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Opeth The Devil's Orchard Comments
  1. Julia C

    Soledad Miranda vibes..❤️

  2. Jose Gomez

    Tremendous song!

  3. Jordan Hemsley

    It's kind of like a Proggy, Satanic James Bond Intro

  4. Jan Kowalski

    Master and Margaret.

  5. Bruno Cimino

    I've been listening to this tune for almost 8 years and i never knew that there was a video dedicated to it. This is so amazing

  6. tjbay13

    well, ever since i first heard opeth back in the mid nineties it was obvious they were good musicians doing some unique music. my hang up is the vocals. they are not up to the callibre of the music. but, such is the case with many metal bands unfortunately. he can hit and hold the notes on a technical level but his natural vocal tone is nothing special.

  7. Raiwulf

    Free orgasm button 5:44

  8. Big Mott

    Holy crap this band is DONE!! Clownshow

  9. Dangerdom13

    This feels like something that would play at the beginning of a james bond movie. The video reinforces it.

  10. Grim Reaper

    Stigmas revealing your vices...

  11. Nicola Cavallini

    At 5:14 it is totally Metropolis Pt.1 and I fucking love this

  12. Alión Shabba

    boring without emotion ... I shit on this one Opeth 👎

  13. chaz Calderón

    El grupo más raro que he escuchado en mi vida después de sopor aeternus😂

  14. SlaytheAngels

    When this album came I listened to it on repeat for months. I was depressed as fuck and this kept me alive. Such an awesome album! Underrated for sure.

  15. Shrimp Nuggets Jr.

    anything from opeth I enjoy no matter what

  16. Ja i Muzyka

    Tell me! HOW CAN 234 PEOPLE DISLIKE IT?!

  17. Desdenova

    sexy Nordic chicks, nice

  18. Jesse Valdez

    I know three songs say "God is dead".

  19. Wunderful

    Easily one of the coolest looking music videos I've ever seen

  20. Elizabeth Benitez Villalba

    The visuals of the faces are very cool...in general the whole video. All the eyes we can see too! "Hwuaay??"

  21. Cortez Mack

    The whole album is a masterpiece

  22. YaWeedMan

    Really doesn't get better than this!

  23. Jason Christensen

    great songwriters

  24. Pyramid Head


  25. Aditya

    this song affects me negatively but I still listen to it every day

  26. Руслан Сударев

    Damn I love heroin!

  27. Adrián Benavente

    This song is aging very well

  28. Noah Wooten

    Heritage is a great album, but I can’t stand the guitar’s distortion tone... its lacking something

  29. leonardo hobstadter

    best opeth song

  30. Jesus

    God is Dead. But Long Live Wei Shen

  31. Deny Barbosa

    The best ✌️

  32. But Idubbbz

    Wow those vibes

  33. Nirmaljyoti Sharma

    Like the tempo which begins from 4:51

  34. Figmund Sreud

    is it dream theater cover?

  35. Tanchok Dewan

    humanity of being god is dead

  36. Wouter Peters

    Nice video!!


    What a great song!!

  38. Vladimir Putin

    I love Opeth . One of the best ever

    The Rock Office

    High Five Vladi!

  39. Carl R

    I miss the growls but this style is so gooooooood

  40. leonardo hobstadter

    I include this song between my 1000 favorite metal rock songs in my life :)

  41. spore bubu

    I didn't originally like this album at all but ive grown to like it
    And this song especially...
    Everything after 5:30 is just amazing

  42. RavenLight

    sponsored by nietzsche

  43. trufomak

    Great video great music thanks opeth i wish they colaborate with mastodon

  44. Aleinikov65

    R.I.P. God !

  45. Mortal Wombat

    Ok. My ass has listened to this song 94 times in 4 days. I CAN'T STOP....


  46. Marmin

    Emily R. That?

  47. Aleph Bot

    That part at 5:24 (those 3 notes) sounds fuuucking familiar. Can anybody help?

    I've got absolutely no clue where I could've originally heard it from; could be mastodon, btbam or any of the other stuff I listen to. SOMEBODY SAVE ME, PLEASE


    Aleph Bot Rush - Hemispheres (first chord) and Dream Theater - Metropolis pt.1 (section before the insane unison solo). Its basically F#7add11 played on guitar as standard F# with root on 2nd fret and last two strings open (244300). Its also John Petrucci's favorite chord :D

  48. Fake Name

    At 1:04 the sweeping that doesnt sound like sweeping starts.

  49. FuckEbonics

    I don't give a shit about anything to do with this band or the video....I just love that fuckin chick. She's smokin hot for sure.

  50. crystal york

    This band sounds like a cross between Dio, Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper. Sorry, they do.

  51. Colby Howell

    This song makes me think of ghost and some parts of this video were on the square hammer music video

  52. Bekir Akman

    günah günah


    Ne alaka

  53. Jéssica Cristina Oliveira

    Esta trilha é obsidiana, o punho do inverno desenrolado
    Uma amante poderia me seguir
    Abatida e juramentada para a escuridão

    Pegue a estrada onde os demônios falam
    Deus está morto, Deus está morto

    A riqueza das trevas
    Dentro de você, dizendo: "agora"
    Sentidos corrompidos
    Controlando uma vontade venenosa

    Pegue a estrada onde os demônios falam
    Deus está morto, Deus está morto

    No canto do meu olho
    Rasgando a carne dos ossos

    Guiou o cego na procura
    por um caminho ao sol
    viu os sinais entrelaçados
    E perdoou-me todos os meus pecados

    Por quê?

    Sem estigmas revelando nossos vícios
    Não há estigmas revelando nossos vícios

    Deus está morto, Deus está morto

  54. colpoinfernaleomicid

    I can hear Pink Floyd's Sacerfoul of secrets and UMMAGUMMA great influences here

  55. Николай Марков


  56. Regular Sean

    I've said it a thousand times, but I'll say it again: Phil Mucci is a goddamn genius.

  57. I1/2017/U1


  58. Slimy_the _horrible_Guitarist

    Me when I saw infinite warfare: Cod is dead, COD IS DEAD!

  59. Fleisch Berg

    Incredible song. The more I listen to it the more it gives me the goosebumps, this is just a masterpiece of contemporary music, it contains so much, outstanding harmonies, cryptic afro-latin-rythms, creepy evil melodies, perfect dynamics, in-your-face-shock moments, beautiful guitar solo at the end, this is prog rock and metal in a nutshell, just perfect, it hardly gets any better. and the video is also beautiful, my favourite music video as far as i can recall, I'm so glad opeth dont do cheap band-in-a-warehouse-videos anymore.

  60. Rob A

    There is no god but I would love to worship a beautiful woman ..

  61. Lemon Pie


  62. Matheus Bolivar

    i love the drumming in this song.

    Evan Davidson

    very groovy

  63. KultuGeo Deut

    05:30 ♥️♥️♥️🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  64. Vulpes Inculta

    That dissonance at 5:50 leading into the solo just gives me goosebumps every time. When paired with the video and the silhouette jumping to their death,following the subsequent suicides, it just adds to it even more. Followed by the abrupt ending, definitely one of the best solos out there in terms of expression and giving you goosebumps and a feeling of satisfaction, yet uneasiness.

  65. Thad Lucken


  66. skowi

    I don't know if it is only for me, but it seems that starting from ~2/3 of the video author has run out of good ideas.


    there is a perfect example of a selfish bitch, interupting anyone from playing chess, at 5:26.

  68. Def-C _F1rst

    I love both Prog Death Metal Opeth & Prog Metal Opeth, in my opinion.

  69. Fleisch Berg

    where have the last five years gone?????

  70. Corecom


  71. Angel Alvarado


    Fisty Steve

    Angel Alvarado No one knows that movie existed

  72. Evan Davidson

    It was funny how many people were annoyed that he didn't scream GOD IS DEAD....cuz it's such a powerful statement, and he kinda almost whispers it....the thing is, you dorks,..you don't get to choose how the fucking song goes...they do..they are the artists...if you just bitch that he didn't sing it the way you liked,...you are missing the art part...appreciate it for the piece of art it is...and shut your ever lovin pie hole about it....

  73. Evan Davidson

    I love the fuck outta this shit....I love the psychedelic angle of the vid

  74. yashamaruism

    best opeth music video ever?

  75. NoiDedvro

    Damn this is great.

  76. Matt Elrod

    why you not have a pork bun in your hand?

  77. Jay Cap

    love this album, big king crimson fan, big influence for this record

  78. Dhakmare779

    Catchy song, I actually had a dream several weeks ago and I swear that a voice on the background was saying: ""god is dead" while I was running happily on a forest filled with unicorns, rabbits and cats for some reason. Strange dream btw

    James Ramsden

    Black Sabbath song

    Christopher Norris

    Dream Theater was actually one of Mikael's big influences in the 90s.

    Evan Davidson

    say no to ambien

    Jose Gomez

    Catchier than the early Opeth.

    God , we are fucked

    *fake deep moment coming up* it might mean that you are stuck in the superficial (or that's what i got from it). Your ideal and feel of purpose is missing, and so you cover it up with an illusion, but deep down you know that you're not really striving for anything and aren't really going anywhere. That's my thoughts, i'm not a professional by any means though. Idk how much use this will give you 3 years later anyway

  79. The Michael Vonavi

    I underestimated this album. It's quite good.

    Metal Guitar Covers

    @The Michael Vonavi I love Orchid


    @volimNestea lolwut? Silhouette is one of the best piano pieces I've ever listened to.


    @Cheximus Did you even read what I said? I literally said it "feels kinda forced and out of place". I didn't say it was bad. I actually think it's a good piece. It just doesn't fit the rest of the album. It ruins the flow.


    @volimNestea I didn't say you said it was bad. Just never heard anyone say a bad thing about it. How have the last two years been?

    Christopher Norris

    Early Opeth needs more love. Morningrise is their best album.

  80. frogtastic1000

    God is alive, Opeth are dead. No growls.


    piss off you clown shoe

    Yokyto Lakaca

    We can see in this comment your intelligence and musical criterion when you say that god is alive (yes lowercase) and "no growls", insinuating that music is only good if singer growls. Two ridiculous affirmations.

    kostas konstantakis

    I laughed so hard on this! Ahahahahahaha.

  81. Andii Rejino

    very beginning intro sounds like the beginning of home invasion from Steven Wilson

  82. Juan Parraos

    Impresionante vídeo

  83. joseph1193

    God is dead and Opeth is alive. Take that, "Pure Flix". Come at me Bro!

    Fisty Steve

    joseph1193 Lol, don't hate because your godless ass believes exploding space dust is more logical than intellingent design. Whoopsie, triggered the wannabe science plebs.


    @Fisty Steve
    How did you end up on this video? You like Opeth?

  84. leo nardo

    Whit the last 2 albums opeth are dead not god



  85. avdiz

    Definite inspirations of The Trip and Lina Romay vamp flicks.

  86. Juan Pablo

    min 4:25... Pink Floyd Flashback...

    ThisIs ReadyMade

    That was pretty trippy.

  87. 1D6 wounds

    God is dead - Cthulhu lives

    El 47

    fuking weird as nigga,bro the devil isn't real!

  88. shellya 66

    Opeth is perfection they are amazing like a lot of bands from Sweden like ghost they're last two albums are my absolute favorites. Some of the psychedelic scenes in this video remind me of I'll cut you down by uncle acid and the deadbeats

    Purple Pulp Inc.

    +shellya66 False. Oprah is in fact not perfect.

    shellya 66

    oprah loves bread


    But Oprah in fat not from sWeden

  89. Sam King

    This is the perfect music video for a person to watch while faded. I guess that was their intention.

  90. Brenn LL

    Esta canción es bastante cool (Y)

    El 47

    tu estas kool tambien c;

  91. Nelson Naia

    The Devil imagery is very Faust-like.

    Tiago Lethal

    it looks more like Batman

  92. Rob A

    This completely goes against my Faith in Christ...

    Rob A

    +Rob A but the music's f a n t a s t i c..

    Rob A

    You may not believe this (pun?) but I am an atheist now. It finally fuckin' clicked ..

  93. Albert Newton

    This video is about a suicide & Relationship issues & Consequences for both actions/doings

  94. TimmyTechTV

    Man you can really hear a lot of Steven Wilson's influence in this song. #ProcupineTree

    Robin Powell

    +Maestro Of Horror Nope there are a lot of equal as good prog songs on the Porcupine Tree albums In Absentia and Deadwing.


    Robin Powell Don't forget Anesthetize


    TimmyTechTV I'm a huge Steven Wilson fan. And no. Not really. Dark modal melodies isn't something Steven uses alot. Or at all.

    I See Flying Whales

    Unfortunatly... the ruin of the greatest band ever


    I See Flying Whales But it doesn't sound anything like Porcupine Tree! PT is alot brighter in its harmonies more accessible and usually uses pop song structures. And isn't all gnarled up in complex riffs and long winded song structures.

  95. Regis Alves .C

    Puta som da hora desta banda Opeth más a letra e o video muito pretensioso coisa de quem não acordou ainda !!

    Regis Alves .C

    Meu querido vc sabe oque o Bem ? vc sabe oque é o Mal ? o dia que vc descobrir que bem e mal que Deus e Diabo são os mesmos vc vai entender muita coisa ta certo abraços !!

    Nova Wolf

    Mds...quanta "filosofia de criança" estuda um pouco e vc vai ver que não são os mesmos, e que Deus não é mau, mau é o homem e seus atos. e além do mais como um ser temporal e carnal como vc quer julgar oque é o bem e oque é o mal?  É um assunto enorme e não to com vontade de discutir com criança..abraços

    Regis Alves .C

    Quem disse que eu quero discutir algo com  vc que se acha um sabichão ? cara cuida de sua vida vc curte o som eu também curto agora opiniões cada um tem a sua fique com os seus e eu com os meus ok ? e vai caçar algo melhor pra fazer pois eu tenho algo melhor pra fazer aqui do que ficar debatendo com o senhor acredito que o senhor deva ter algo mais interessante pra fazer que ficar perdendo o seu precioso tempo certo ?

    Wesley Araujo

    Melhor banda do mundo!! \o/

    Pedro Oliveira

    qual e o melhor album dos opeth?

  96. idefixthecat

    the last part of the song, solo sectipn, should be much more longer.... it suddenly stops...

  97. Maciek Ostrowski

    This is one of the most fucked up things I've recently seen.