Opeth - Slither Lyrics

Summer's gone and love has withered
I believe in nothing yet nothing is what it seems
All is gone and promises slithered
You have me nothing yet nothing is what it seems

Summer is gone

Your eyes gave away all your lies in the end
The dawning of a seething design
Kept a secret from the light
And felt the weight on my shoulders increase

A bleeding heart led my desperation
Like a bird on a wire
A broken promise of dedication
Never ever again

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Opeth Slither Comments
  1. MrScootycz

    Channelled their inner Mastodon.

  2. rastadarrin

    Opening riff is totally a ripoff from Bastille Day by Rush.......but it's all good....Opeth are known to be Rush fans!

  3. Coulter Sheppard

    There's something about this album and 2003's Damnation that sounds/sounded really old

  4. Reprehensible Meshuggah

    Didn't care for this song at the time. Now I love it. Opeth is the best


    Same here. I kind of thought of it as a joke at the time. Now it's my go to when I need a quick dose of Heritage. Such a jam.

    a HERO that doesn’t know what protect means

    I’m kind of the opposite. I liked it more at the time now I kind of hear it as one of their weaker songs as a whole

    It’s still a competent song you can groove to though.

  5. kevmolio

    I think this is one of my favorite albums ever.

  6. ganondorfchampin

    This song is pretty damn metal, probably the best I've heard post-heritage.

  7. Fansee 13

    This song is great, I wonder why is the Heritage song with less views on Youtube.

  8. banklikefrankwhite1

    I’m not too familiar with this band (yet), but I find it incredible how accepting most people seem to be about their style change.

  9. John

    This song has a bit of a Megadeth vibe kinda.


    This was a tribute to Dio, but i can definitely see what you mean. Has that Take no Prisoners vibe.

    Some Kind of Master

    IMHO there's more Motörhead here

    Aditya Nadgauda

    @Some Kind of Master the first thought that popped up in my head after listening to that intro

  10. TetaSorrow

    Seems to me like tribute to Rainbow - Light in the Black.


    Or a tribute to Rainbow, in general. If I'm not mistaken, they actually said in an interview that it was a tribute to Ronnie James Dio.

  11. Nashihuddin Farid074

    I thought it was Velvet Revolver cover

  12. Dylan S

    That solo makes me think of Jimi Hendrix


    +Dylan Suriyaarachchi Or Ritchie Blackmore maybe. I don't know but it definitely sounds a bit like something from the past.


    Definitely sounds like Blackmore to me 👍🏼

    Carl Kolthoff

    Sounds so much Blackmore I almost thought he did a guest appearance first time I heard it.

  13. José Salazar

    inmigrant song...

    nick squires

    I hear it in bass

  14. Hollis Pierman

    Can't stop practicing it on bass! It's so powerful and upbeat!!

  15. Armando Betetta


  16. Pat_Orr2020

    Still my favourite song on Heritage. I remember how divided the metal community was over this album but I still love this record. The 70s prog vibe is something they nailed.

    Raymond Desrosiers

    Agreed, my friend. I've been very pleased into their 70's prog forays.

  17. The Dude

    this is so Rainbow! LongLiveRock&Roll!

    Mike Mitchell

    The Dude this was a tribute to Dio so yep!

  18. Fernanda Aline Klein

    God, how i LOOOOOVE this song! <3


    @Fernanda Aline Souza
    Agreed, and the rest of the album is great as well!!
    My band does a respectable cover of this song BTW... :)

  19. cybrfc

    best song of this new Opeth

  20. VeggyZ

    A good jam.  I approve.

  21. AndJustice4All

    Outro reminds me of To Live is To die by Metallica

    JW Corcoran

    well mikael said he loves that song and he's influenced by it, so i'm not surprised if that song inspired the outro of 'slither' haha


    +AndJustice4All "Slither" is also the title of a Metallica song (it's one of my least favorites however)

  22. ThorMas91

    It takes after Firebal by Deep Purple


    Rainbow's "Kill the King" more like it... ;)

    Anki Hansen

    Ritchie Blackmore is Mikael's biggest influence.

  23. Ruben1459

    Great song. Awesome outro also.

  24. Incurvatusvideo

    We have a song similar to this one actually. It will be on our debut album ''The Serpent Path'' coming this fall but we have a live video of it on our channel. Look for a clip with ''The Device'' and you'll find it. :)

  25. Steve H

    Kill The King!