Opeth - Nepenthe Lyrics

Hope would fail me in the falling snow
And slake a wish inside

Friends would leave me in my darkest hour
Yet trust me with their lives

She would haunt my dreams and feed my demons
They tell me to go

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Opeth Nepenthe Comments
  1. Corrade

    I appreciate this track a lot more after hearing it live. Tight and interesting.

  2. Jake Guy

    Better with every listen.

  3. Jose Gomez

    This sounds real groovy.

  4. Jose Gomez

    Awesome song!

  5. Martin Schneider

    Heard it live last thursday for the very first time ... a true gift.

  6. roisiles

    Reminds me of gentle giant in a very good way

  7. G1913

    Im masturbating while listening this music. Damm!

  8. Gabriel Eguiluz

    2:35 The influence of the Gentle Giant in Opeth enters the scene...2:46. Again 3:28
    3:47 Enter base keyboard, very good

  9. Nectar

    I almost stopped listening to Opeth after this album, early opeth was epic and unique.
    With more open mindness and exposure to other music genres, one could start to relate to this music. Very experimental , juicy, vintage guitar and great bass.

  10. Onur Ertem

    I became a freak of this song!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Dangerdom13

    Anyone else know the Nile song of the same name?

  12. tessa martin

    this picture eerily reminds me of a pic i saw in one of Jehovah's Witness' illustrated books lol.. wonder if it may have influenced this one at all? lol

  13. G Delic

    So jazzy, I love it

  14. Pier-Andrea Bascetto

    This song is exatcly what i'll put first next time in my life i will be able to afford myself a 100k$ Hi-Fi system

  15. lucky

    I remember when the track names were released lol and I was like wow... he is soo smart Nepenthe probably means something emotional and deep and obscure but then I saw him say that a lot of the time he just gets the names from other songs or artists he thought sounded cool

  16. Travis Beyer

    That groove @ 2:47 is unreal!!! Dare I call it Groove Progressive Doom Metal?

  17. Clorox Bleach

    My second favorite song after The Devil's Orchard

  18. Omair Sheikh

    Drumming masterclass. The subtlety is unreal

  19. Thyrone Ferreira

    Vibe Progressive Roots [email protected]!

  20. CÆsar

    I love this album

  21. Ryak1989

    The beginning is so sweet... and then it progresses into this awesome beat... Wow... I wish I heard this sooner!

  22. Tairone Ferreira

    Brilhat Musicians Progressive...Evoluncion...Voyager....

  23. MoonlapseVertigo

    This song is my actual nepenthe. It calms me and makes me feel okay.

  24. Pedro v

    3:28 best Ringtone

  25. Marcus King

    Probably the best song off Heritage for me, along with The Devil's Orchard.

  26. BrigandOfBagnolo

    The solo on this is as short as it is technical

  27. Taro Keefe

    fantastic Keyboard! guitar and drums, i ll tolerate the singing. EPIC album cover

  28. MoonlapseVertigo

    This song is _my_ nepenthe.

  29. wicked mage

    I keep coming back to this song. Probably one of the best songs Opeth have made so far in my opinion. At first i was confused about Heritage. One million repeats after I have to admit this is one of the greatest prog albums of modern time

    Thyrone Ferreira

    Brillant Job Opeth!

  30. notunlikethewaves

    i wish i still had my t shirt with the heritage album art on it i don't know what the fuck happened to it, and it looks so cool

  31. Mohit Verma

    How can their every single tap on every instrument they play be so so poetic??

    a HERO that doesn’t know what protect means

    With this song specifically I feel like that maybe more than any other opeth song, or maybe even songs in general

    Like every single like, second, instant of this song I feel intimately

    tsu ji

    Shut the fuck up

  32. Dylan Riesenbeck

    Opeth is just.. Soothing to my soul. I love all the grooves and jams in this song (or, entire record rather). It all just flows together so perfectly. Very well executed. They jam for the perfect length, throw in quick little groovy bits, then go right back to the verses, as seamless as possible. Also love the dark, melancholy sound. Opeth will always be one of my favorites.

  33. lessgrunge

    King Crimson + Primus?

  34. TheApostleofRock

    I don't get how people hate these last two albums. Sure, I am a way bigger fan of prog than of death metal, but I think Opeth is a far better prog band that "death" band. And this song is just so good. The jazzy drums in the beginning just make me so happy.

    Dylan Riesenbeck

    TheApostleofRock I just love how the band continues to evolve/change, as well as continue to challenge themselves. Looking at their discography, you can see how they've grown and matured, refining their songwriting all the way. Hard for me to choose, but my favorite (and opinion, peak for the band) is either Ghost Reveries, Watershed, or this.


    Most people hating on this album are probably encountering prog for the first time ever. If you listen to Tool, Atheist, and a plethora of other bands, you are probably familiar with prog.


    @1985year Totally! Everything you said!


    @1985year Ghost Reveries, Watershed and this :)


    @Rohann van Rensburg
    You might see this as shameless self-promoting, but I am totally the same when it comea to weather and nature and muaic. All very conmected for me. And I see m yown music the same way. If you want to, check out the music on my channel, especially the demo reel and Alles wird vergehen. Maybe you like it!

  35. Deborah Edelen

    ne·pen·thes - nəˈpenTHēz
    noun: nepenthe
    1. literary: a drug described in Homer's Odyssey as banishing grief or trouble from a person's mind.
    2. a plant of a genus that comprises the Old World pitcher plants.

    Edgar Allan Poe sought to "Quaff, oh quaff this kind nepenthe and forget this lost Lenore." The term is an alteration of the Latin nepenthes, which is itself descended from the Greek prefix n -, meaning "not," plus penthos, meaning "grief" or "sorrow."


    so was it weed or something else in the ancient world?

    Poodle ͡ ͜ ͡

    MRBA1RD they didn't have weed then, weed is from central Asia and I don't think it reached Europe then, Greeks made up a lot of things for their stories so it probably wasn't even anything specific

    Bryan DeFrancesco

    I grow Nepenthes pitcher plants, which reputably in Asian culture are believe to be a symbol of prosperity and wealth, which in some instances could be a relief of griefs and sorrows. Also a carnivorous plant, bearing leaves endowed with ornate, enticing traps. A beckoning of certain death to insects of the earth.


    Nepente is also a wonderful red wine from Sardinia, one of the best red wine you can drink...

  36. dsayub

    After Damnation the best album of opeth

  37. Kelly Christina

    My favorite song from this album.

  38. James G

    There's absolutely no way the keyboards aren't inspired by gentle giant in some way or another

  39. Kyle Schneider

    this is literally one of my favorite songs ever


    this is limerickally one of my favorite songs


    Mine as well! Literally. Like top 25 songs, it's there. It's one of my favorites from the band and it's not getting nearly enough attention, but maybe it should not. It's fine just as it is right now.

    a HERO that doesn’t know what protect means

    It’s pretty near the top for me too

  40. KeLokiura

    Long life to Crimson King!!!


    the fate of aaaaaall mankind i see


    crimson sleep!

    Project Hypernova

    KeLokiura three years later an’ ya still get a hell ya

  41. EricMetalhead


  42. EnragedSephiroth

    Dang this song is just crystal clear.

  43. Andii Rejino

    this whole album is just amazing, what a great world they created with heritage

    Christian Longoria

    +Andii Rejino That's exactly what I love about Opeth. They don't just create music, they create a world and with each album a different section of that world. When I listen to their music I often envision myself in some enchanted forest that's mired and corrupted by the harsh and brooding nature of reality.

    Piotr Stuglik

    This is their best album to date. It's so rich!


    thank you so much for writing that...i know it sounds crazy but you made my night by saying that. i wish you well, friend

  44. kidugi

    opeth ga ladim \m/

  45. Milica Stojsic

    opeth se radish :/

  46. Casualce

    opeth me radi

  47. 23-Infinity Music

    Reminds me of Fleetwood Mac's "Albatross"

  48. SOGNAMETAL1984

    There was "Atonement" on Ghost Reveries, and "Nephente" on this epic album.

  49. μιχαλάκη

    Honoured he chose a greek name for this song

  50. Kiowa DeBerry

    this and the sound of thunder and rain is literally the greatest thing in the world 

  51. Lodmot

    I usually listen to bands from the 80's or earlier. Opeth is probably the only current band I actually like. ><

  52. C20H25N3Ofya

    This album ages well like fine wine. Liked it more and more since it's release.

    Fabio Peixoto

    perfectly sad. I listen it for it, never really liked. Now it is one of my fav, best among the new era for sure!

    Pier-Andrea Bascetto

    That's call : having more maturity with time.


    Totally agree. Didn't like at first, then it just clicked some years or so later and now it is in my top 3 of their discog. It's superb

    Nick I

    This is correct information

    carly Ticca

    It’s funny cause there is a wine from a village in my island called nepenthe but still I don’t know what it means ahahaaah

  53. Scott Baldwin

    This song chills me out

  54. Portgas Ace

    my fav from heritage

  55. Mark Gerby

    Can't believe no one has mentioned how awesome the keyboards are

    Flavio Ricardo da Silva

    Yes, the keyboards are awesome...

    Armand Delaville

    @Flavio Ricardo da Silva Wow, the keyboards are awesome !


    +Mark Gerby I think it goes without saying.

    Fabio Peixoto

    Per Wiberg. He did great job in this album. I believe he would be great these days in the band. Don't understand why he left.


    A huge point for you bro', those dark notes are absolutely beautiful

  56. Dalia Hamed

    I love this album !! <3

  57. Brockovich614

    I love these lyrics.

  58. R B

    The end of this song in particular does things maaaaaaan.

  59. Forced Vision

    3:48 MACARENA!!


    hahaha dude that's one of the best obscure musical catches ever!


    Unbelievable that you found that hahaha

  60. chandna63

    Absolutely one of my favourites of heritage.. great band-opeth!