Opeth - I Feel The Dark Lyrics

I feel the dark when I see you
I feel the dark when I see you

Loosen the harness of trust
Survey an impulse of lust
The thespian is far away
Uprooted yet forced to stay

Sing a lie, ghost of the night
Give yourself to me
The road is long and winding still
And these bonds will stay to fray
But another day

A flaking wish inside

Veiled comes the daylight through the glass
In the never-ending rain
This is no friend of mine
Stalking the comfort within

A flaking wish inside
The mother of lies

And you're going out to war
When the beast is coming home
And the sun is seen no more
For the devil's love you bore

I feel the dark when I see you

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Opeth I Feel The Dark Comments
  1. ATLeft

    1:48 Someone can explain me how the hell they did this cool effect on the guitar?

  2. herman58100 the german

    To me, Opeth is much like Rush.. a people's band with a die hard following ... not widely known in the U.S.A. or played on any radio outlets. Their music is totally unique and you can't say " well I kinda like Opeth" You either love them.or you dont.......

  3. Fender King

    I can never decide if this or folklore is the best song on the album

  4. Daniel Viegas

    That moment when you're thinking about your life and you listen the guitar intro come from somewhere and Mikael's voice kicks in, then you get up and go search for where the music is coming from and you realize it started to play inside your head but coming from the outside.

  5. tessa martin

    i love this , one of my faves, i love the music, in a few of these now, i hear a westerny spanishy guitar riff lol i love it.. and, i find the slower songs kind of sultry and deep lol

  6. emil

    I got into Opeth after hearing Ghostly reveries and when I heard this album, I'd say it impressed me more than Blackwater park. Watershed is the one I enjoyed the most

  7. Ross Healea

    I fell in love with this song instantly when I heard it. I'm recording a cover of it right now and man is it groovy.

  8. Kuruntulu Fetişist

    ben bu şarkının giriş müziğini bir şarkıya benzetiyorum ama çıkaramıyorum :D :P

  9. Æ Kiwi Dan

    :o I used to think it was I'm going to make you wish you died, instead of a flaking wish inside.

  10. Mário Liz

    Folklore is my favorite Opeth's song

  11. ibrahim Cigerci


    Kevin Bartolen

    ... What? Heritage is probably their most hated album. How is it overrated?

  12. Christian Muchka

    Mikeal's voice is cashmere


    This is one of their best works. Its so powerful and beautiful.

  14. Jay Cap

    fucking fantastic album, very King Crimson influenced

  15. Michael Snyder

    Best song on the album

  16. Daniel Miranda

    "I will make you wish you died" followed by the trumpet before the appocalypse.... such a dark song.. opeth is brilliant

  17. Laurent D.

    So tripping song...

  18. Ray Matthews

    This song reminds me a lot of King Crimson's early work.

  19. Quorthon the great

    Love this tune! Times a million!

  20. palavos 3

    I wish they could release another album like My Arms Your Hearse. That was the real Opeth.

  21. Batu Tuncel

    Öne of the best songs of the prog rock era

  22. MoonlapseVertigo

    3:20 - 3:52 might be the greatest single passage in the Opeth catalogue.

  23. Lester Lee

    This album could really use a remastering.


    Lester Lee *tips fedora*


    Why the fuck...

  24. Ray Matthews

    Love those mellotron brass tracks at 3:05.

  25. DETH Metal Viking

    "... And you're going out to war..."

  26. victoracho

    it reminded me of king crimson

  27. Carl Johnson


  28. Nico S

    Il se bonifie avec le temps quand même...

  29. Doğuş Şahin

    this shit is somehow weirder than i thought

  30. FeNsTa

    Sweet riff and song but that face tree weirds me out.......... ://

  31. Blake Rausch

    About 150,000 of those views are mine

  32. Martin O Sullivan

    opeths music is simply magical

  33. Ezlden. Almasre

    Ich lieb euch einfach .

  34. Dustin Ruth

    When this album came out, I wasn't ready for it. It took me like 3 years to finally appreciate the genius of this musical direction. Now I love Heritage, Pale Communion and Sorceress. Their entire catalog is diverse and has made me pickier about other bands and new releases. I don't want the same album over and over again. Never have to worry about that with Opeth.


    Exactly the same for me! At first I thought the album was good but I could see no way in hell it would ever be my favorite Opeth album.

    Not only did it become my favorite album by them, it's also one of my favorite albums ever. I did not expect it to change my perspective on music the way it did.

    Reprehensible Meshuggah

    You crazy bro? PC is their best album! haha Sorceress is great too. Amazing and beautiful

    Ruben R

    I agree, I cam back to this album for the first time in like a year and only realize now how amazing it is

    Daniel Miranda

    Dustin Ruth i feel the same way as you im so judemental about bands now because of opeth and also mastodon

    Fabio Peixoto

    @Jael Araripe hey man pale communion is great too.

  35. Paula Horstman

    what instrument is at 2:26 ?

    Khaled Khebbeb

    keyboards with some effect i guess

    Reprehensible Meshuggah

    Rhodes piano.

    2:58 is a Hammond organ ;)


    It is a vibraphone with a lot of reverb on it.


    I'm pretty sure 2:58 is a mellotron, as well. It sounds like it.


    Definitely a vibraphone with tremolo...but not a real one just the sound played through a keyboard.

    I find them to be one of the most pleasurable things to listen to. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0qffO4dF0o

  36. Robert Graham

    Like #666

  37. Hadi Vafaei

    I feel like packing up and driving to a dark solitary place outside the town while listening to this sick piece of music...

    Nicklaus Kindelberger

    Hadi Vafaei Silent Hill? Twin Peaks? Hell, even Raccoon City! Anything would work (I'm bringing you back to the masterpiece by the way)

  38. DeterminationLife

    i find this easy to mastubate to.

    Spiral Out

    Yet spelling was a step too far.



  39. Rasmus Hjelm

    Extremely Landberk.

  40. Harrison do Carmo

    1:30 bass... sick

    özkan evin

    nope it is not sick. You are impressed because it is easy to hear the bass in that part

    Rodrigo Rivera

    here there is.....the most idiot comment in the world

    Sergio Glande

    ozkan,the bass is easy to hear in every part if a genious like steven wilson makes the mix,your comment it´s so stupid that gave me a headache

  41. Benjamin Fox

    is the band growing on a tree?


    Are you not?

  42. Romain Mersel

    The best part was from 0:00 till 6:40

    burbon ­

    +Romain Mersel so original...

  43. Sue Viola

    No words... Just perfect..

  44. Sahil Sharma

    That guitar sound at 1:48 ripps me apart. Fuckkkkkkkkk

    Arash Taheri

    Sahil Sharma me too

  45. Warlock97

    4:44 omg...

  46. Reprehensible Meshuggah

    This song is pure genius. So much atmosphere. So heavy and evil. 100% Opeth. Please Opeth, never make a bad record!

  47. B M

    Porque eu não escutei isso antes?

    Harrison do Carmo

    Tive a mesma sensação quando descobri a banda...

    George Tavares


    Daniel Oliveira

    Kazagastão \o/

  48. Marius Mateescu

    That finger picked arpeggio is very slick

  49. EnragedSephiroth

    They played this live at Los Angeles tonight. What a sweet track.

  50. SlaytheAngels

    Underrated album. At first I really didn't like it, it was "too calm" but after listening to it a couple of times, I finally realized how genius it is. One of the best albums ever.


    @SlaytheAngels I felt this one was more original than Pale.

    Nelson Naia

    +Scar Pale was better received for having a more recognizable Opeth sound, but was far worse precisely because of that


    +SlaytheAngels I know how you feel .For me it was Black waterpark that set the standard for Opeth (top howevermany metal albums ever........ after burn my eyes) but yeah its has that awesome, deep "i could listen to it 10 times an hear something new" sound that you come to expect...... I miss masters apprentice played live though lol


    +Scar Agreed, this one is far more inspired and creative than Pale.


    Yes! I thought I was the only one that saw the genius in this album, because Pale Communion is so by the numbers it bore the hell out of me... it was just so safe, there were no risks almot anywhere, and trying to copy Steven Wilson is not good for Opeth at all.

  51. Eric

    This song is silky smooth evil

  52. Doug A.

    where has this been all my life. Progressive metal is now my love

    Blake Rausch

    Check out Be'lakor

    Tell me what you think

    Karl Breuer

    Saw Damnation tour have every album. All different cause he changes his band & is genius

    Ray Matthews

    With their Mellotron work they sound like genuine progressive metal.


    Welcome to the Prog Family! (4 years late I just now realized, but nevertheless)

  53. Rodrigo Millan

    I love "new" opeth, although it was always there, since Orchid.

  54. Gadadhar Das


  55. schpleeb

    although I miss the older and more crushing Opeth, the section between 2:15 and 4:16 is one of the most evil passages of music in their discography! There's just something chilling about it. I love it


    there's a section in *Moon Above, Sun Below* from Pale Communion which is even darker. I've been listening to these two albums again lately and I bloody love 'em. Mikael's about to start writing a new one, as well as a Swedish side project record with a psychedelic / folk feel apparently. Bring them on

    Jeremiah Fernandez

    it's like Dracula's theme on crack

    Daniel Miranda

    schpleeb everything about this song is beautifully dark and eerie... theres no light withought the darkness vice versa

    J. A.

    Agreed, It may not be 'Death Metal', but some of these (like "Famine") are just brutal

    Noé Jobin

    It's very similar to Steven Wilson's early albums, if you want to check

  56. PIRO GOD

    as good as it is, i felt something was missing, mostly about axe, the drumming was lacking. But still, nice album.

    Omair Sheikh

    Axe's performance was one of the highlights of the album dude


    +PIRO GOD He swings his arse off. I thought it was Ian Paice at first. It's gratifying to hear them growing up, dropping the adolescent faux-anger, and recording something to LISTEN to..

    Nathan McKinney

    +PIRO GOD as much as i like lopez, axe is probably slightly more technically proficient

    Reprehensible Meshuggah

    Omair Sheikh it never ceases to amaze me how underappreciated Axe is. How skilled, stylish and nuanced does a man have to be? People want to believe Lopez is better but he wouldn't know what to do on these last few albums. Axe is endlessly exciting


    Martin Lopez is like Peter Lindgren - the fans' love for them speaks volumes about the fans, and little about the musicians. Both were decent, but not terribly interesting on their own, and, ultimately, expendable. Peter Lindgren didn't write, didn't sing, and he played guitar just like Akerfeldt would if Akerfeldt was feeling uninspired. Martin Lopez had a nice organic groove, but I think people's affinity for him has much more to do with nostalgia for their youth, when Opeth were a dark and interesting accompaniment to their rebellious phase, and all the rapturous discoveries it brought. Drugs, sex, cigarettes, counterculture. The masochistic joy of being lost and disenfranchised. I remember that feeling, and now that I'm older and my hair is greying, I also feel that yearning, but I also know that nostalgia is no substitute for life in the present.

  57. Vicky070

    I love Opeth so much,
    keep up the good work guys!

  58. There is no sky

    One of my favorite Opeth songs, maybe the best one from Heritage for me... Great sombre atmosphere, I love it!

  59. Jason Saprophyte