Opeth - Famine Lyrics

I can't see your face
And I can't breathe your air
So I wonder why I get cold inside
When I hear your name

When we meet eye to eye
I will ask how and why
And when guilt has its way
One lesser reason to stay
And I will see her cry

Into the fire of our youth comes the devil again
And you feel your way, feel your way

Saw you standing nigh
In the corner
Told me that you had died
And I would die when my heart was empty
Become a ghost in perpetual void
And neglect all reasons why

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Opeth Famine Comments
  1. Erhan Achmad

    i dont see anything wrong with this album, been listening to a few tracks so far so good!


    the intro speaks Diablo 2 to me lol
    then bam it hits you! with the feels.........

  3. James Atkinson

    For years I considered the song Folklore to be the masterpiece of Heritage. This song might rival it, if not surpass it!

  4. Tom McSorley Jr.

    The flute in this track is *so* menacing, and well placed. I love it. The heavy parts with the flute are so ominous and evil! <3

  5. Christopher Norris

    2:00 This sounds like a cross between Hours of Wealth and Coil.

  6. Tom Scott

    Howard moooon

  7. ian mcpeck

    Heavy Jethro Tull...ish

  8. Lopyt *Sir_Guy* Music

    How can you not consider this as metal


    I never heard a rock song with the weight of Heritage or Pale Communion. Not even close. Its uniqueness only makes it more metal, and I'm not saying you should like it if you don't (I love it), but please, go listen to Zeppelin or early Rush and tell me how they are both rock

  9. akymaiden nediamyka

    can you also add songs from old albums?

  10. kick ass

    The riffs intro and drums are pretty good... But as whole the song seem a bit disoriented....

  11. DannyAIC

    Best song off this album by far

  12. divinefallfromgrace

    Another song that cuts into my heart. But, don't get me wrong, I love it. It helps me to be alive, and helps keep me driven. One of the greatest bands of all.

  13. GrosMétalleuxSale

    This is trash

  14. ReturnTrip

    Generic: "I like new Opeth, I sure don't know why all their fans don't like this. I think it's great." comment.

  15. Karam Dabagh

    the drums at 4:50 are orgasmic

  16. Kos Mos

    Heritage is how I discovered Opeth. Today I own all of their records and love their older stuff, but to me this album is just something else.... Something special, a spellbind.

  17. Thyrone Ferreira

    The Encoutres: Sabbath & Jethro [email protected]!

  18. Thyrone Ferreira

    Experiment Music Progressive Opeth!enjoy

  19. palavos 3

    This track has a black sabbath feel to it. Love it.

  20. J. A.

    To me, this is one of THE MOST sinister Opeth songs ever recorded. And Michael's voice from such mellow perfection to awesome power (no death screams necessary)


    1000% AGREE

  21. Fansee 13

    4:47 What the hell is this, Opeth using Drop C??

    Still love this song tho


    I can confirm that they use drop C in Sorceress, Mendez says it in an interview. It's likely they did the same here but I'm too lazy to check it.

  22. Obie

    The bit with the percussion at the beginning reminds me of Diablo 2. Lovely tune and album.


    hell yeah
    amazing memories

  23. Miles Jackson

    I own every Opeth album up to Watershed, doubt that will change.

  24. Tairone Ferreira

    @mazing....Experiment Music Progressive....The Encountres Jetro Tull....Opeth...Classic...Band!Enjoy!

  25. Xulfi Nawaz

    Favorite Opeth album. And yes I am following them since Still Life days.

  26. palavos 3

    This band should change their name. Nothing bad at all about their new stuff but its a different sound.


    what the name hast to do with the music?

  27. Niyazi Ergüleç

    I have already noticed: i miss old opeth

  28. Kathinski Laminski

    This album is mindblowing. Like a fucking fairytale, it's so creepy and wonderful at the same time, I love it so much!

  29. Joel Reid

    Massively underrated album, because the transformation surprised people. But the music is incredible...

  30. Cercopitecul Rave

    fuck this is powerful

  31. Alex Estevam

    So I buy all the records and you just make all music available online? 🤑Kidding aside this is my favorite track of this album. Hard to believe soon will be a decade listening to this.

  32. Michał Golecki

    And I didn't even like the album back in the day... What the fuck was I even thinking?! This is BEAUTIFUL.

  33. spore bubu

    i didn't really like this album until i bought it on Cd and gave it a proper listen and realized it was actually pretty good

  34. Hadi Vafaei

    The intro and the following piano part is brilliant. "I can't see your face, And I can't breathe your air" for some reason reminds me of my hometown which I miss sorely

  35. The Chemical

    I do NOT understand why people call this their worst album . If IT is their worst, then imagine how their best would be. And YES, I made this opinion after listening to all their songs.


    Opeth doesn't have any bad albums, they're just varying degrees of amazing.

    Fansee 13

    It is their worst, and it still kicks major ass because it's Opeth



  36. Peter Halmo

    .......I'm hungry now

  37. spore bubu

    This song is so messy and disjointed
    Im scared to see how the rest of the album sounds like


    Folklore, Häxprocess and Devil's Orchad are the best for me.

  38. Frank Lefebvre


  39. Jonas Svarholt

    Björn J:son Lindh plays flutes on this one. RIP.


    He's dead?? Ah fuck. 😦

  40. Dylan Riesenbeck

    Hahaaaaaa so heavy. Just sounds plain evil. Love it. Demented & macabre at its finest.

    Fansee 13

    Exactly, ever since Opeth changed styles, they started to sound like an evil version of Pink Floyd with Steven Wilson production, in the best way possible.

  41. Matheus Machado

    Into the fire of our youth comes the devil agaaaaaaaaain

  42. Kapatec 75

    Thanks Opeth..

  43. Dan Goldsmith

    I passed on the fruit of Heritage tree.


    When "Heritage", first came I never thought of the possibility of head banging to the sound of flutes, but when I listened to this song, I could not fight the urge to do anything other than that.

    Tom McSorley Jr.

    Oh, YES. The flute on this track, combined with its flawless mix into Opeth's sound is orgasmically beautiful...


    Tom McSorley Jr. ditto.

    Eva Kofod Hansen

    Listen to Björn J:son´s "Billathi Askara" (Bike Voyage II) ...

    bilbo baggins

    Brokenscam clearly you have never listened to folk metal.

  45. Giorgio Belluscio

    4:53 - SOOOOO HEAVY

  46. Max Sea

    What bad-ass guitar riffs in this! Reminds me of old ELP... but a lot heavier :)

  47. Ouidad Farih

    some of arabic music in beginning ❤️

    Rohan Datta

    Check out Atonement from Ghost Reveries to hear more of the same percussion.

  48. CaptainCatsu

    those 6 dislikes are some fanatics who hated the fact that there is no growls in this album

    Dr Andracca

    ptipana I still personally view Opeth as a Death Metal band, but this new stuff is fucking great. If I want Death Metal Opeth, I'll just go listen to Ghost Reverie or Blackwater Park. It is as simple as that. Rock the fuck on Opeth!


    ptipana souhail sup

  49. ryshenton

    Or is it supposed to all sort of be like an inside joke? like, we might as well all pretend to be evil, because our society has become so corrupt and the like. Honestly, Opeth never really puts that much social commentary into their music, do they? like, what are they even expressing. They play great music, but I don't always see that much depth .


    +ryshenton Thinking from the genre and style of music they do, im glad they dont go for social commentaries there are a lot of other bands that do that and with style of music that suits better.... Opeth is like very medieval dark thing... i prefer Rage against to complain about society. To be sincerely to the core i think they say more trough their music that from their lyrics... wich are also great but the music is what makes em what they are


    Have you heard the tune "The Lines In My Hand" from this album? It's a pretty biting social comment. Mikael does do it; you just have to look. If Opeth were a window, it'd be virtually opaque. You have to look hard, but there's FATHOMS of depth. This song is very, deeply personal, as are a lot of what he does.


    Opeth have NEVER been about 'Evil' or 'Satan'. It's just DARK. Unrelentingly bleak and miserable. Songs of loss, grief, depression, betrayal and scepticism. Broken-heartedness. I've always felt that Mikael is trying to 'heal' himself with his music, like he pours all his negativity into it, so that his 'regular' life is more upbeat. This song is an absolute soul-cleaver, a deeply-personal recount of 'someone' he had lost in a bad way. It is not meant to be ironic. Opeth/Mikael do have a deep-seeded dislike of religion, particularly the Christian churches, but that doesn't make you a Satanist. It just means you have a heart, and a working brain. As for the artwork, another commenter above nailed it pretty much spot-on. Opeth's philosophy can be simply understood by the 3 'Fundamental Truths' written on the artwork for Pale Communion... the Internet will translate for you if you don't read Latin. Hope this helps.

  50. ryshenton

    What is Opeth seriously about? Are they really satanic? because like, I get it, the city is burning, and their all picking apples from the tree, and thus being tempted by the serpent. I mean, I guess "the garden of eden" has completely been destroyed, and they are going back to it now though, the beginning of time, but yet all that there is left is Satan?

    Tom McSorley Jr.

    That is possible.. Maybe he joined at a bad time..

    Chris 88

    Tom McSorley Jr. niceee

    Alex Estevam

    Satan sells


    Tom McSorley Jr. Consider that a lot of the messages that were written on those boards about Lopez were written by the same person. I would take everything with a good dose of salt.

  51. Christian Longoria

    This track has some really cool parts but overall it feels a little disjointed, almost like a collection of ideas rather than a concrete song.

    Irina V

    +krischin That's the case with all of Heritage imho. They have beautiful, brilliant ideas but just don't know what to do with them. Talent alone can only take you so far... that's why I'm *studying* composition lol (gosh, I couldn't have sounded more elitistic if I tried :)) ).
    BUT Pale communion is pretty much redempting (what? does that word exist?) this one. I mean, the songs still have Opeth's ( or prog's?) 'traditional' section...ing... sectioning. English is not my first language. :)) Not an excuse, tho. Anyway. So the songs still have varying / contrasting sections, but they're better built, they hold up better, they're more cohesive

    Jonah Bazan

    +Irina V hahaha the word you were looking for was redeeming, but I think your tense is what messed you up. You should have said, "Pale Communion pretty much redeemed this one."

    You're welcome.

    Irina V

    @Jonah Bazan Haha thanks :D does ''PC is redeeming this one'' work? :-?

    Jonah Bazan

    I think it could work if you were listening to Pale Communion at the moment you said that, but I'm guessing you already listened to the album so you would have to use the past tense form (redeemed). Sorry if I'm not very good at explaining this haha


    It is DELIBERATELY disjointed; Mikael said so himself. It's to create discomfort in the listener, and to suggest a chaotic dream-like state where one thing shifts randomly to another.

  52. Yellow Skull

    that's what i mean when I said (art)

  53. Pedro Ventura


  54. a koc

    some mystery here, i love it.

  55. cybrfc

    nice atmosphere

  56. Juani Pascual

    fucking alex acuña on perc... absolute monster

  57. Roxana Dumitrescu

    Awesome work (of art).


    Opeth: Thank You.


    They did thank you?

  59. Der Ketzer

    Old Opeth was really good, but this.. quite beautiful

  60. Golden Ben

    my favourite band in the world! So happy I got to see them live a few months back. Pretty much love every album

  61. robinfinity

    That riff from 4:53 is fuckin' heavy!

  62. μιχαλάκη

    What I find interesting about this is that you can actually hear a story going on in the intro of the song. For me it is something like more medieval for some reason in a market where Famine presented as one of the horse men evil laughs then opens a door which indicates that he enters a house and spreads disease. Not only physical but also sickness in the relationships amongst the family members and then the song starts.

  63. Brittany Nicole

    The beginning sort of reminded me of the Shadow Temple theme from Zelda Ocarina of Time.. lol


    Brittany Nicole hahahaha spot on


    diablo 2

  64. Simon Harris

    this is immense progression. I almost gave up after the pattern of Heavy Metal   / Prog became so predictable and ultimately diluted (in both directions)
    Thank god they are the only band to turn their back on the lucrative but ulimate dead end of the moronic Metal scene

  65. explorerr1985

    the new opeth are like the ultimate new band...this progress...so great!!

  66. Carla Vergara R.

    really miss the old opeth

    Fansee 13

    Go listen to it then.
    They made 8 Death Metal albums, how is that not enough for you?

  67. Navid Khan

    A Godamn Masterpiece!!

  68. fleaSP

    I'm a huge Opeth fan. They are my favorite band and biggest influence. This record is so disappointing as a whole, but it has it's moments. The Devil's Orchard is good. and I like the end of Nepenthe. Personally I feel like Heritage is a failure though.

    Irina V

    +fleaSP, +Carla Vergara R. Did you listen to 'Pale communion'? :D

    Fansee 13

    Did you listen to "Sorceress"? :D

    Heavy Weather

    Did you listen at all?

  69. Nate B.

    This and Folklore are the two coolest songs on Heritage, if you ask me.

  70. Chicken Permission


  71. Simulated Rain

    i like old opeth, and i like this.  i've never understood why people can't just like both.  this is a good retro-inspired psychedelic prog rock album.

  72. Kurt Moesenekker

    I like both... Steven Wilson and Opeth... seperatly.... 
    its good... the whole album... but this is just to "wilsonized"


    +Peter Mayer Steven Wilson have been workiing with Opeth science Blackwater Park and he is one of the main reasons of the new mixtures Opeth makes on its sound.

  73. Michael Mark

    That riff around 5 minutes is just awesome!

  74. [email protected]ail.com Thunderperez

    Very cool but I think it should have more flute . but maybe I think that way since I'm a flutist

  75. David Sarif

    That flute in the very first seconds. So good.

  76. Dalia Hamed

    6:37 <3

  77. Dalia Hamed

    I love you :')

  78. Javier Bustos

    This fucking track, man. Definitely one of my all time favourites.


    +Javier Bustos (Deadletters90) Meh, definitely their most experimental track, I like it for that.

    Tom McSorley Jr.

    @EricMetalhead ...And then there was "Strange Brew" ! :D


    @EricMetalheadBecause Opeth were NEVER experimental before this right?


    @xXAscendingPhoenixXx He clearly didn't say that. In fact he implied the opposite by saying "most".

  79. SLaYeR Dutch

    Just came back from Rock Am Ring 2014, saw them live there. Totally gonna get this album.

  80. Goin ham

    I've tried so hard to listen to this album.. I.. just cant do it. I love Opeth but this album is just awkward.

    Paul Wregg

    Either you have to try harder, or it's just too hard for you :p

    Irina V

    +Goin ham Hah, after I read your comment I realised I feel the same. A bit awkward. I mean, yeah, I was aware that I found it weak, but that word... didn't come to mind. But it just bums me out so hard, like, damn you guys, you had such great ideas! Listen to that beautiful melody! Look at that splendid harmony! Y u no tie them together properly, listening makes me feel frustrated. Gaaaahhhh. I cringe. But the ideas / elements taken separately are pretty brilliant. They just didn't know what to do with them.
    (there are a couple of songs that are more coherent and rounded up I guess, tho)
    (but I really love Nepenthe, The lines in my hand and I feel the dark. But they could've been better).
    (Pale communion I find to be rather impecable, gotta say :D did you listen to it?)

    Goin ham

    +Irina V I haven't givin pale communion a chance really. Their new songs resemble the old ones like how they take a riff and then go completely the other direction. It's like when a song breaksdown I'm expecting "opeth" but then I get a random flute playing with Mikael moaning in the background. it's opeth style but just weird instruments and use of vocals. That's why it's awkward to me

    Irina V

    @Goin ham Yeah... but in Pale communion le situation is pretty cohesive and better written, not as ''totes random flute solo'' :)) on Heritage I really get that feeling of frustration because they have amazing ideas and musical imagination but just don't know what to do with them, so it's awkward.
    But yeah, give PC a big fair chance, cause maybe it will grow on you; for me at least, the first couple of listens to a new album are sometimes weird

    Goin ham

    +Irina V Opeth is easily one of my favorite bands ever, I'll warm up to the flutes haha

  81. Michael Orlet

    Joy... There is no such thing as useless music. You dont have to like it but, its not useless.

  82. joy gilley

    Useless music. Trash

    Javier Bustos

    Like you and whoever bought you the pc you're using to utter such retarded comment.


    It's not the music, it's just that you're too awesome for it.

    Irina V

    +joy gilley And what does it mean for ''a'' music to be useful?

  83. OOCM

    Yes Martin O'Keefe-Liddard.....

  84. OOCM


  85. Jorge Lopez

    In Percussion... the Peruvian Alex Acuña.

  86. PetrucciFan12

    Wow, this is some really raw prog. I love it!

  87. Juan Zembonzacura

    just cry

  88. Martin O'Keefe-Liddard

    Is Björn Johansson Lindh playing on this track? And does anyone know why/how he died in December last year?  A phenomenal musician.

    Lauri Hakala

    5 secs in google and I found the answer, he died cause braincancer, but I don't know if he is playing in this track. 


    @Quinn Windsor Correct, check out the Making of Heritage DVD (included with the special edition CD) and you'll see him playing it. MA has nothing but praise for the guy. RIP

    Martin O'Keefe-Liddard

    Thanks. I will.

  89. David Soez

    For a moment I thought there was some Jethro Tull influence here, but then I came across 4:53 and said.. "Meh, it was just my imagination!".

    I think this album is something one has to really sit and listen. This is the first track I hear but I know it will take you through several different textures and "moods" let's hear.

    Tom McSorley Jr.

    That is what good music does.. The many layers do not become apparent until the Nth listening.. That is what makes this Art.

    Alex Estevam

    This album is called Heritage for a reason🤗

    J. A.

    I catch a lot of Miles Davis here, too (other parts of the album as well). Listen to Miles' "Bitch's Brew" and you'll hear it

    Makary Jasiński

    It's Björn J:Son Lindh

    Alexx Bass

    They are JT's fans. But,yes. All this song is magnificent.

  90. Ope T.

    This intro will live forever in my head, and I'm pleased to carry such a memory.

    mark palavos3

    The intro sounds like moldau from the composer smetena.

  91. I Died To Gromp

    78th sub! :)