Open Mike Eagle - Exiled From The Getalong Gang Lyrics

The door is unlocked. Who was here? (What?)

[MC Paul Barman:]
You boys are a waste of my resources
Pray, what's the recourse if you betray where the tree forts is
You broke 3/4ths of the rule, close to the entire thing
I'm about to tie you up with a fiber string from our tire swing
You let a girl see the girls I drew
Tore down the whole free world I knew
So walk on by if you see me at the candy store
I'll be stiff like a statue by Henry Moore
I'll see you in school, but never on weekends
I'm changing the handshake gesture sequence
So you'll never get through the club entry door
You're not a Sunbeam Warrior anymore!

Press 1 if you are satisfied with the message and want to send it
I don't wanna end it, I'm repentant
Press 2 if you want to mark it as urgent
It all comes out in the wash, but I forgot the detergent
Press 3 if you want to erase it and re-record it
Damn straight I do, wait, I pressed 2

[Open Mike Eagle:]
To listen to your messages press 1
Yo, I heard Paul's mad and you're about to catch one
I saw him on the quad cussing like a park person
Next message marked urgent

Well, ain't this a fine howdy-do
Although I must admit I am kinda proud of you
When you were mad in the past you were [?] to let it pass and acted all passive-aggresive
But since we're all being bold
I can admit to breaking all three codes
I thought we needed a new recruit and Julie's cute, smart and sweeter than Juicy Fruit
I mean it's a really good drawing, son
The girl looked so nice that it made me wanna talk to one
Our network's Belkin router
I know my way well around it
And we both know which one of us can yell the loudest
I snack to give from you're not gonna [?] doubt it
And I was just about to tell you how she felt about it
If it's a question of me messing up the breakfast club
Heck, me and Julie can just go start a separate one
I mean it's just for fun, so I can take her arm
And the miraculous rap forest can be safe from harm
You know where I stand, we should be all-good
The rumor that I told her they were mine is a falsehood

[MC Paul Barman:]
Well, well, how neatly planned

[Open Mike Eagle:]
Gotta believe me, man

[MC Paul Barman:]
Press 3 to delete *BEEP*
Damn, he's this close to completely banned
Okay people, keep it cool
Our friend Mike's in deep doo-doo
He thinks he no longer needs you just cause he's no longer prepubescent
Well, I'm the ambassador for whatever anyone's asking for
I don't believe he said that he drew those pictures and not that he called me a cheap jew
We have a word for this in Hebrew: "kẖalashmashkẖalashmezash"
He wears his hat at a jaunty angle
But I know his laundry's tangled
So much for Mr. GQ
We're down to an elite few
I can't sleep through the night, I thought: "me too" eating a fresh piece of tree fruit

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Open Mike Eagle Exiled From The Getalong Gang Comments
  1. junker154

    2:49 I am dying lol

  2. Nathan Rodgers

    Your not a sunbeam warrior anymore

  3. Trey Dog Whistle

    Entire thing, fiber string, tire swing

  4. cook

    Open Mike Eagle is one of this generation's most underrated rappers.

  5. Silent Storm Recordings

    This is an absolutely brilliant song, does anyone know what it's about though?

    owen moore

    It's actually really silly, it seems to me to be about I'll say a younger Mike & Paul & some group or gang they made, but Paul gets pissed over Mike breaking the rules of the club he's made, leaving an angry voicemail, accidentally sending it after 2nd thoughts & Mike responding anyway & kind of a back & forth between them. Again, really silly but I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me giggle myself silly.

  6. MojoWorking415

    seriously one of the best hip hop songs recorded

  7. Blue Bleu

    Huh, We both started with slug? Damn.

  8. ilylac

    thanks to mcpb for getting me into mike eagle. thanks to mf doom for getting me into mcpb. thanks to aesop rock for getting me into mf doom. thanks to slug for getting me into aesop rock. thanks to a cd i found on the way to school in 7th grade for getting me into slug. thanks to my mom for getting me into school.

  9. CoincidentalBandit

    i fucking love this

  10. capablekel

    this song is pure genius. it was the 3rd or 4th time i heard it and it hit me

  11. AMMorDIE

    where can i find this intrumental.?

  12. Katya'sThis&That

    @burtonxboarder - Me too! Let me know if you ever find the instrumental.

  13. antwaan

    need the instrumental of this