Ookay - Wonders Lyrics

I've seen the Great Pyramid of Giza
I'm standing to the eyes of Mona Lisa
I've seen all the wonders of the world
But they'll never compare to you
And I've been to the Eiffel Tower
And I've sat on the mausoleum for an hour
I've seen all the wonders of the world
But they'll never compare to you

I've stood at the feet of Zeus at Olympia
Snap a pic on Lighthouse of Alexandria
I've seen all the wonders of the world
But they'll never compare to you
Try some [?] by the Rome of Colosseum
Try to travel [?] every museum
I've seen all the wonders of the world
But they'll never compare to you

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Ookay Wonders Comments
  1. HYFR Dash

    The demo he put up in 2017 on Snapchat is much better than this, but I still like this too :)

  2. Jose Flores Calcina

    I love this song :'3

  3. you might be a fruitloop yumm

    Just no come on guys think of better pick up lines

  4. you might be a fruitloop yumm

    So how many panties where dropped to this song .....good line if your a whore..... I've seen all the wonders of the world but nothing compares to u ......I think I would laugh if a dude said that to me.... I'd be like u must have gone blind looking at all that stuff if u think I'm pretty.... I'm as pretty as a puckered butt hole...... I'm cute if u like ass faced bitches..... face of ass anyone lol

  5. Alejandro Salvador

    I LOVE ❤ Ookay ...

  6. phantom26

    willy wonka remix.

  7. Potato ken

    this deserve more than 1 m views

  8. Niko Lee

    2 months and only 75k views?? Something is wrong here

  9. Roy Alexander Luke

    :( needs more views, I keep coming back to this hoping my views would count x100, any new people who have found this song.. you’re appreciated and spread the word cause this artist is truly inspiring and simply amazing. ❤️

  10. Kermit’s Dog

    The beat

  11. Matheus Jesus


    Eu vi a Grande Pirâmide de Gizé
    Eu estou de pé para os olhos da Mona Lisa
    Eu vi todas as maravilhas do mundo
    Mas eles nunca se comparam a você
    E eu estive na Torre Eiffel
    E eu me sentei no mausoléu por uma hora
    Eu vi todas as maravilhas do mundo
    Mas eles nunca se comparam a você

    Eu fiquei aos pés de Zeus no Olympia
    Tire uma foto no Farol de Alexandria
    Eu vi todas as maravilhas do mundo
    Mas eles nunca se comparam a você
    Tente alguns [?] Pela Roma do Coliseu
    Tenta viajar [?] Todos os museus
    Eu vi todas as maravilhas do mundo
    Mas eles nunca se comparam a você

  12. LILsaf Rap's

    Marshmello said you made this song for him

  13. Future Trap

    This is definitely my favorite song from the entire album

  14. Siddharth Kumar

    Your Lyrics are so great.🔥🔥

  15. Andrea Houston

    I like this song

  16. Tayla Bradfield

    I showed this to my bff and she said it was corny . She doesn't know what music is 😐

  17. NGOtaku

    how doesnt this have 1M views yet

  18. mohammad ali

    sick song

  19. josh mcmuitrie

    Okay reminds me of Shawn wassbi

  20. K!NG Playz

    i Wonder About The Moving Square's Everywhere

  21. Rajitha NM

    Some day i wanna make music like you and become as successful as you are 😁

  22. Rajitha NM

    You never fail to please me 😍🤞🤞🤞

  23. make the best out of lifeღ

    This is oddly satisfying ♡

    make the best out of lifeღ

    Oh, also, I'm here because of Marshmello lol

  24. Ajungla Medem

    Already my jam..... Love the music...
    My new favorite!

  25. Toxica_ kawaii

    For mello i see ;3💖🌹

  26. Brandon Vandor

    Dude I fucking love you. These EDM Beats are literally bringing life to my Ears. Thank you for what you Do @Ookay.

  27. Mr. Platano


  28. Susan Ampong

    Face it bich

  29. Susan Ampong

    Mall better that Fase it

  30. Susan Ampong

    You think your cool well she the youtubers who are better that and mashmamon dont listened to fucking idiot

  31. Susan Ampong

    Ooky you a son of a bich back off of Maemo fucking idiots

  32. Shahabuddin Mohammed

    I think so Mello.

  33. Robert Bisaccia III

    Yo BOI $auce was here

  34. Literally Namjoon’s IQ HaJiMa

    Marshmallow, Ookay, I guess my name is PopTart🙃🤣

  35. Дава %%% Здрастуйте %%%%%

    Вщккщещук воз яз тяж ФЗ ЭС твоя ся вы ныл дало провоз яж дядя пояс оля эл США бы э или джаз вых эры кт вэб хд Аз вы

  36. amii

    Who else came from marsh mellow? :P

  37. Trix Is life

    This is an amazing song i think i just found my new summer song❤😭🙌🙌💖😃

  38. Night Balmoond

    This song is very awesome!

  39. Sherrie Mosely

    Marshmallow is different so it said never compare to you so I think it's for marshmallow;) oh I'm a super fan marshmallow

  40. ShekTop beats

    Pyramids of Giza I'm from Egypt

  41. Lil Simba

    This is 🔥🔥

  42. Irene Telles Paredes

    No entiendo el ingles

  43. Ankit Sareen

    That's a cool song man and need more recognition. Great job

  44. chlo Taylor


  45. Kh. Shaikh Bin Hasan

    Just <3

  46. VerkadeJW

    I came for marshmello

  47. Maria Ruiz

    I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!!!!!😜😝

  48. Helenna Thiamboih

    I don't know

  49. sarah masood

    Love it sooooooooooopoooooooooo much
    You are 😊

  50. Loves cats Peeps

    I came for Marshmello

  51. Alejandra Godinez

    1 like for coming from marshmallow

  52. Ednally XOXO

    Marshmello :v

  53. dark hob

    Is beautiful

  54. Emmanuel Rodríguez

    So cool

  55. Sir Ali

    The perfect song doesn't exi-

  56. Davi oliveira


  57. Sophie 17

    Best song you’ve made yet!! ❤️❤️

  58. SAD,CHANGES,MOONLIGHT R.I.P xxxtentacion

    It came from marshmallow

  59. ManonMassé Fanne


  60. Laziie _Chan

    Soooo good

  61. Brandon Vandor

    yes, yes mello... but I came for you Ookay. They''ll never compare to you.

  62. Game One

    Dude Beat Is Awesome!!! But I dont like your vocal!!

  63. Usag xd

    Is very cool! The best album Ookay!!!!

  64. Javier George

    Ookay <3

  65. Jesus Garcia lopez

    Like si eres de México 🎤❤

  66. Khyrene Teodoro

    came from marshmello ;”)

  67. Kim jimin


  68. Atharva Patil

    Nice song bro . Love from india

  69. PanMan

    Da beats!!

  70. furry_furriesòwó


  71. qwaken

    nice 👌

  72. sup man

    Dude you are literally on fire

  73. Akshay Sai

    Mello s d man behind dis... 😍😍

  74. Filius Vinco

    Wow,Bass Good 👍

  75. sreekumar anil

    nalla koothara patt

  76. Ethel Futad


  77. Walter Conley

    Thats look cool

  78. SAW HUI LENG -

    I LIKE I LIKE This music is awesome!I like it come from mashmello^_^

  79. Arhaan Saeed

    The title of the album says it all!!👌💣🔥❤

  80. Whoosé ABC

    Great 😁

  81. Marf Amin

    I think this music pattern like what marshmello do.. right?

  82. Nat 't

    Beautiful words ,Nice ♪ ♬

  83. Nakka Sumana

    love it

  84. Stannosaurus

    But most talent will never compare to you(rs)?

  85. Daniel Aritonang

    I'm wondering how you can sing 😂

  86. Flamingshadow 02

    Who’s here from MARSHMELLOW ❤️❤️💚

  87. •Tot Lpsnik•

    *:O 💗*

  88. Kenai Rich

    Yes Marshmallow

  89. Marliana Hamzah

    Yeah this song is ok

  90. Jaime Durán

    Muy buena.

  91. Shophie

    My NEW favorite song also no DJ compares to YOU and I subbed

  92. Snow Storm :3:3:3

    It needs more of a bouncing back beat........ But great job!

  93. Daniela Gaytan

    La siento sad pero yo tengo sed

    Ta padre 🐙✌😛🎧

  94. Jaime Gómez

    Why is this "every chainsmokers song" and its so boring, not meant to offend though.

  95. Ookay

    I've seen all the wonders of the world but they'll never compare to *YOU*


    *Marshmello DJ fan girl* I like marshmallow too but my favorite and best in the world is Avicii I don’t think anyone can beat this guy and sadly he’s gone

    Anya O'Connell

    Ookay This is my new favorite track 😍

    stray kids will bald ur head

    Marshmello hehe 🖤🖤

    you might be a fruitloop yumm

    Just no oookay just no try again

    you might be a fruitloop yumm

    Damn so is ok Marsh lol to bad I don't care who anyone is anymore just here to be the troll my mom made thank u Jesus for making me not care Jesus and pills every time will make u praise him look at all the signs soon it will be no more rewind cause time just keeps on ticking into the future lol