Ookay - Feel Alright Lyrics

You looked so good, you're standing there
And tell me what your name? What your number?
I'm gonna find you after tonight
And I can't wait to get out of here
Oh with you (with you, with you, with you)

I wanna make you feel
Alright, alright
I wanna make you feel
Alright, alright
I wanna make you feel
I wanna make you feel
I wanna make you feel
So let's take it!

Hold on, baby, don't you know?
That I can help you if you let me
And we can move it fast and we can take it slow
Just let me know

Cause baby I, I wanna make you feel
Alright, alright
I wanna make you feel
Alright, alright
I wanna make you feel
I wanna make you feel
I wanna make you feel
Ay, so let's take it!

Are we feeling all good?
Are we feeling alright?
Are we feeling all good?
Are we feeling alright?

Are we feeling all good?
Are we feeling alright?
Are we feeling all good?
Are we feeling alright?

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    Alguien me puede traducir esta canción? Por favor y me suscribo a su canal (de quien me la traduzca obviamente)

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    Really like this style with the "normal voice" and the high pitched background vocals! ❤️ Fits together perfectly and sounds very unique, love it 😌

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    Ookay fight for you pliss 😪

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    Amazing Music..Perfect 👌👌❤❤

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    Im depressive.

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    Love how you bring the notes into the video Ookay. Dope track and very useful for producers in the learning. Keep on going, this album is awesome bro.

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    Not bad 😘😘

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    enrealidad esta es una cancion demasiado pum¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ que cool ¡¡¡¡¡ saludos ookay¡¡

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    I love your music bro.... keep those jams comin'!

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    Wow very cool♡

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    Alright, but he can do much better drops but good to have a subtle drop 😊

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    Cute song 😍❤️

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    Lit ,something to have fun for a while ,Subbed to you coz of Marshmello ,pleasure to have good music posts from him ,love ya ookay ,I got attached to your music through cool vid and song ,keep up the good work..

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    I know now why your channel is name Ookay cause your channel are OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKAY ><

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    Something like the oldies! I love this

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    I wanna make you feel alright alright.


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    This is Ookay, not marshmello. :)


    Omg I love ookay and this song 😆😭😍

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    Does him and marshmello have a contract or some or em i missing something ?

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    Really great song. Something for me to jam when I'm down.

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    I’ve been subbed to ookay for awhile because of marshmello but never took the time to listen to his music. Now I have so many regrets not listening to all your other songs because this is ACTUALLY INCREDIBLE! Everything is awesome about it! This is going straight to my bets music playlist. Thank you ookay for this!

    Abhay Agarwal

    PyroGix same here


    You should move from Marshmello to Ookay, he's much better

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    This comment is just overall shitty

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