One Voice - Serenade Lyrics

Bah Bah Bah Haa Haa
Bah Bah Bah Haa Haa

[1st Verse:]
Must have been an angel
Sweet spirits raining from above
Shower me with lirance of love
Blessing me over and over

So i serenade my song
My love, for you
And i'll give you my heart
And i'll serenade for you

[2nd Verse:]
Ohhh, you said it was my destiny
My calling to find the way to you
Something like out of a dream
Angels came to me and sang this heavenly song


[3rd Verse:]
Ohhh, my love is true for you
Never had to worry baby
Cause i've got what you need
You'll never be alone
My heart will be your shelter and you and keep you warm
Need me, feel me, hold me, forever and ever
Need me, feel me, hold me, forever and ever


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One Voice Serenade Comments
  1. Tri

    In 98 -99 or so i lived in Los Angeles and asian pride was off the chain and this jam was the shit back then. Even the gangsters were bumping this in their hondas

  2. Molly Pal

    Yeah the original sounds better

  3. Filipo Ma'aelopa

    Is it bad that I like this one moreso than the original by Shades? I feel that One Vo1ce did a better job but love the Shades one too lol

    Lateshia Childs

    never heard of this group both versions is nice.

  4. joshoohaah757

    The original was sung by shades

  5. GiNaLLiN Bustillos

    I freaking love this song!!!

  6. jasonxpiper510

    does anyone know where i can get a hold of their song? download? cd? itunes? whatever?

  7. vegana Veganismo

    my english suks, great song, thanks for da upload, kant find theze songz by one vo1ce nowhere in her, kan ya upload em plez?
    When u think about me (kamikaze mix)
    Lovin' u (DJ Pleez remix)
    Mad about you
    So badd
    Lovin' u
    I don't want to dance alone
    Boyfriend (venus remix)
    Make believe
    Down with me
    Get your hands off me
    Do we stand a chance
    My angel

  8. vegana Veganismo

    my englishs bad, wow, their fahsion style roks, wish i had clothes similar to these! great song, thanks for putin it up, these songz by One Voice aint on youtube, can you upload them plez?

    Mad about you

    Lovin' u


    Here I go (falling in love again)

    Down with me

    Do we stand a chance

  9. irisprincessmey

    I can't stop playing this song.

  10. gogogadget99

    Wow, this is so much better than the original. I love Shades, but this does them one better!

  11. Brian Spoelhof

    DUUDE!! This was like my favorite song off of Sincerely nice!!

  12. Cameron King

    Get em girls!! I have the orginal album Shades STILL! Its a classyc, Rare. Yall did that song up.

  13. John Michael

    thanks for the memories....
    almost forgot I had those

  14. Jerald Macachor

    my favorite song of theirs.

  15. MissPrincessShirley

    whOOOa i haven't heard their songs for a looong time!! i used to love them!