ONE OK ROCK - Head High Lyrics

Yeah, they tried to stop me, but it was too late
Oh, there's no interfering my fate
They were trying to hold me in every way
Thinking I'm taking everything I could take

Everybody's shadows turning in the morning
And over came adversity

With my head high, my
Make a stain with my head high, my
I'm not afraid of love, I'm not afraid to try
I'm not afraid to fly
With my head high, my

No, it wasn't easy, but every day
Oh, I took one step closer to change
And then they wanna see me break these chains
Being more than just a name in the waste

Everybody's shadows turning in the morning
And over came adversity

With my head high, my
Make a stain with my head high, my
I'm not afraid of love, I'm not afraid to try
I'm not afraid to fly
With my head high, my

With my head high, my
Make a stain with my head high, my

With my head high, my
Make a stain with my head high, my
I'm not afraid of love, I'm not afraid to try
I'm not afraid to fly
With my head high, my

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ONE OK ROCK Head High Comments
  1. firstianandre

    see you in jakarta 2020 !

  2. Jong Dalse

    💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧 love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kevin Mc Loud Bernardo

    The Honda Ad. here @ YouTube brought me here😅✌🏻️

    gregorian alfarama

    hell yeah

  4. Evelyn Alegre

    I heard this on a honda ad and i had to search it


    Evelyn Alegre SAME


    Lmao same here !

    Jinn Gaming

    Lol me too

  5. Yuli A


  6. Thomas Tan

    How Japanese people know this
    90% Honda CM

  7. Fachrida

    Omg yall, we need to let Taka rest his voice a lil bit. They're too precious. To keep singing in a high pitch is not easy, even screaming 😥 I love this album no matter what! Great job OOR! 💯

  8. Alexi Yuu


  9. pyrazella spirit

    Merci One ok rock pour votre musique! C'est ma chanson préférée du moment même si toutes les autres sont aussi inspirantes😍 De quoi donner la pêche pour bien commencer la journée😃 Coucou à tous les fans de France😊!

  10. Lucia Giannattasio

    Desde el vamos, no le pidan a un Ariano que se estanque. Si quieren una banda enclavada y que no evolucione quédense en otra época y con otra banda.

  11. Naysa. V

    Amo muito ❤❤❤

  12. Jong Dalse


  13. Cherlγɳ Ch.

    Algo que AMO de su música, es esa versatilidad que tiene 😍 Los amo chicos 💞

  14. Tereza R

    This sounds heavenly live <3

  15. Jobochae AB

    Ptm y no voy a ir al conciertoooooo 😭😭😭

  16. maria de la luz


  17. 바지사야해

    엗런콘 갔다가 다시 들으러옴 좋다..

  18. Nam Uchiha

    Sounds better and better everyday

  19. Q 85

    Not trying to hate, just don’t understand how this counts as rock

    Jess Anderson

    Q 85 their sound has changed. The older stuff is rock. This isn’t rock.

  20. Hime Nez

    I have so much love for this band!!! Any style of music they make is so amazing to me.

  21. B b

    solo diré que es lo mejor que eh escuchado <3 vengan a PERU

  22. Shio Sejeong

    Always loved Taka's voice !

  23. thicc fish sticc

    i loved when they played this song for the tour yesterday-- ryota reached down and handed me a guitar pick :D

  24. K M

    I finally got to see them last week in Toronto. I waited til the concert to hear some of their new songs, and this one was so beautiful 😭 I've been listening to them for 7 years, and I do love their old rock style, but I get to sing along a lot more since they sing more English the last few albums 😅 If anything, the main reason I loved them is because of the messages in the songs. Not so much love songs, but more encouraging, emotional, life changing songs. The kind of music Western radio was missing out on. <3


    Kameko Miyamora I’m literally in the same boat here

  25. Kira Frost

    No importa cuanto cambie su música, no importa, siempre amaré todo su trabajo, porque es limpio, agradable e inspirativo💕 Yo cambio con ellos, me hacen mejor, su música es mi apoyo emocional de toda la vida!

  26. Tasxf

    This album is really catchy! Can't get this song off my head.

  27. Alex Ranamaré

    ahh i'm so excited for the concert

  28. moonscourge

    Just saw the concert in Denver last night! You are my favorite band and you're so incredible live! Taka lit it up!!! Keep going strong One Ok Rock!!! Hold your heads high!!


    Jack Mehoff They were the headliners!

    Jack Mehoff

    moonscourge thanks!

    Atsuko Kuchiki

    moonscourge omg I went to that one too! They were AMAZING!!!


    @Atsuko Kuchiki !!!!! Seriously though

    Atsuko Kuchiki

    moonscourge literally one of my favorite nights ever!

  29. cloud [b]

    I just saw you remember the "I love you" "I love you more" I love you way more than that guy in the gothic theater in Denver Colorado

  30. Fatima Gonzalez

    Oh boy I can’t wait to see them in concert love this album with all my heart I can connect with most of the songs omg I still can’t believe I’m actually going to one of their concerts 😋😊❤️❤️❤️

  31. Noctis

    my favorite song from the new album. <3 Taka sounds like an angel.

  32. Gloga Yasu

    ♥️♥️♥️♥️ Just....

  33. 초밥갸


  34. Diana 꿈


  35. button451

    the best singer ever - taka 🥰
    I really believe that. head high 🙏🏻

  36. D8Football

    I just discovered their music a few weeks ago but I'm so glad I did. For the first time, I was excited about an album coming out. Thanks Youtube recommended

  37. Jessica Monserrat López

    No puedo creer que sean capaces de hacer esta hermosa musica<3

  38. Psychotic Riot

    So beautiful. I find this album so inspiring, something I've been needing to feel. I love you OOR 💜💙💚💛💝

  39. Yui Torres

    Gran trabajo ¡! 😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩

  40. Yui Torres


  41. You're Beautaeful

    I think this might be one of my favorite songs in the album

  42. cordelia wang

    I love both the old style and the new style, and Taka's voice is so beautiful! ><~

  43. Escrotildo Roblardo

    Preety good , but we need a song with re:Make vibe

    Chiminie Pabo has hella Jams in his Bag

    all we can do is hope and pray

    Escrotildo Roblardo

    I agree

    ban fandes

    No like They have WAY better gems. Im not up for a remake 2.0

  44. Mela Luu

    Love.Love.Love <3

  45. Camila Mendes

    obrigada pelos mimos okr

  46. Sweet Joker

    All These Songs Says A Lot About OOR

  47. Sara Ossa Estrada

    I think that if you don't like their new style you can just go and listen to another band, there's no need to spread hate over something that One Ok Rock made with so much effort and love, if they want to change is their choice, they didn't start making music to make everyone happy, but to find their own happiness and follow their dreams. It isn't a bad album, it's actually pretty good, the fact that you guys don't like something doesn't mean it is bad for everyone, not even in general. Do yourself a favour and enjoy other stuff instead of spend your time hating, the world doesn't need that, put yourself together. 💙


    @Jack Mehoff you just described selling out

    Siddhant Gupta

    Very well said Sara!

    Rinder Craus

    @Ren Pablo According to your logic, the Beatles were such pretencious assholes from changing their root style of Please Please Me to Hey Jude; the Stones changed so dramatically from I Cant Get No to you cant always get what you want. And this band turned out in a sellout bc edgy boy doesnt like different tunes and styles in their experimental music. Si sabes español pablito pendejito, sabrás que pvto cuando lo leas.


    @Rinder Craus Wouldn't say that example with the Beatles is really the same case for OOR. A lot of people fell for OOR due to their unique take on J-rock not their take on mainstream pop music. You can't expect everyone that likes rock music to like pop music and you can't expect everyone to just be okay with the drastic change in music genre.

    The Aerohead Experience

    @Rinder Craus the. Album. Fucking. Sucks alright?

  48. Bip Bip I'm sheep

    This album is less rock.....too bad^^ :'(

  49. Elisa Maria

    Que lindinha

  50. Gabriela Pereira

    This album is REALLY GOOD. Something good touch me in my inside. I needed it. Thank you, One Ok Rock

  51. Samuel Domingos

    I Hope Hear Rock Song Again ,But this is so good , I love BOTH.

  52. sweetie p!nk

    Every single song from the album is awesome

  53. 未来Mirai

    Really love it😍its so chilling and calming to listen

  54. Tim_64

    One of the worse songs of the album


    @Q 85 same


    Obviously you have a right to your opinion. No matter how much I disagree and think yours is shit. But we can't all have the same good taste in music.

    The Aerohead Experience

    @SugerBaby113 good taste? Pewdipie makes better crap than this whole album.

    That Kpop Fan

    The Aerohead Experience if you don’t like it why are you even here. If you don’t like there music that’s fine but there is no need to hate


    @That Kpop Fan so agree with you, I love them what ever they are they music..and respect for their honestly in every for every one who hate them..just shut your fucking mouth

  55. 수리님

    Everybody's shadows turning in the morning
    And over came adversity

  56. 수리님


  57. FlyingMarci LP


  58. chang ho Song