One Direction - Act My Age Lyrics

One, two, three, four

When I'm fat and old and my kids think I'm a joke
'Cause I move a little slow when I dance
I can count on you after all that we've been through
'Cause I know that you'll always understand

I won't act my age, no, I won't act my age
No, I'll still feel the same around you

When I'm fat and old and my kids think I'm a joke
'Cause the stories that I told, I tell again and again
I can count on you after all we got up to
'Cause I know that you truly understand

I won't act my age, no, I won't act my age
No, I'll still feel the same around you
I won't act my age, no, I won't act my age
No, I'll still feel the same and you will, too

When I can hardly walk and my hair is falling out
We'll still stay up 'til morning
We'll throw the after-party, oh, yeah, oh, yeah

I won't act my age, no, I won't act my age
No, I'll still feel the same around you
I won't act my age, no, I won't act my age
No, I'll still feel the same and you will, too

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One Direction Act My Age Comments
  1. cocoa PRO!

    You know what, i searched 'one direction pirates of the Caribbean'

  2. Rachel Henry


  3. Manuela Zago

    Piratas de um Caribé gente KKKKKKKKKKKK como eu amo

  4. NEXT

    Everybody says this song reminds them Taitanic😂 same here🎶💃

  5. Monique Jane Labiano

    Dec 2019

  6. I'm shook

    it’s the pirate song


    When the uncooked shrimp makes the same joke after seeing it in the comments

  8. mason0927 - Fortnite

    *shrimp have entered the chat*

  9. Ainhoa Bellanco

    so I have replayed this part of the song like 9867642 times 2:22

  10. Snowball the bunny

    came from Twitter
    I had to check out the full song 😂😂

  11. manggaetokk rights

    when u come from the army tweets with the dancing video

  12. ChekhovsGun

    pirate music

  13. Nexus Gacha

    S h r i m p

  14. Mj10

    Idk but this song has a bit of a"medieval" sound hahaha it's so gooooddd

  15. Maghii Tapia

    ayyyyy nunca me cansaré de eso❤

  16. Tritton Taylor

    Comment some good songs like this

  17. Juli Li

    another month and a decade of one direction will be over

    I'm crying

  18. Alyson Rose

    Who was obsessed with One Direction and is not obsessed with BTS right after

  19. Yomara Ocampo

    Oh so this is where the meme is from

  20. Mike Flow

    Lil mammals

  21. Danfran Jarquín

    Llegué a esta canción porque sale en el video de reaccionando a mis memes de El Rubius 😂😂

  22. Mybug 31


  23. lachimolala

    my heart hurts

  24. asfi eline

    I'm dancing in my room like crazy and my cats are all afraid of me ! Lol

  25. asfi eline

    This song never fails to cheer me up!

  26. Josep Reyes

    Fuera JOH 💃🏻🕺🏽

  27. matiasvilario

    I'm here because of the meme

  28. Buttercup Bee

    Who's here after 5 years :(

  29. lmao gotta blast

    my organs when they see water

  30. lmao gotta blast


  31. S L

    no one:

    my last brain cell: *_s h r i m p_*

  32. Zest

    Oh my god a 1 direction song was a meme omg omg omg that makes me happy

  33. Alexthefanlover Walker

    Beginning part music is from the video of "the uncooked shrimps when the titanic went down" meme.

  34. Some Guy

    *Nuclear explosion happens*


  35. Bill Williamson

    Ye I was looking for fat

  36. John Smith

    Who is here in 2019 november?

  37. Camryn Laurel

    I came here from a “Buzzfeed Unsolved On Crack” video lol

  38. Shakespeare is Here

    2:59 that cute laugh omg I’m dead.. Nialler is sooo cute🥺😭💕💕

  39. Shakespeare is Here

    I’m literally here because I love the song and 1D 💕 not from some uncooked shrimp..😂🤦🏻‍♀️
    At least they gave vi3ws so yeah..

  40. Jonte Stevenson

    Crush: puts single in her bio
    Me: 0:02

  41. lucero hernandez

    perosnas de 2019 escuchando este clasico

  42. Carter Busby

    Who else is here because of NFl memes post

  43. Shisui Uchiha

    hace años mi hermana escuchaba sus canciones y a mí no me gustaban pero ahora las escucho en secreto de ella sin que se de cuenta OMEGALUUULL

  44. Maximo Cortez

    Man do I feel like busting a fat jig whenever I hear this song

  45. Nadine Tarek


    Any directoners alive?

  46. ThanosKittyOfficial

    I’m from 2019

    The beginning of this song is a meme now

  47. Smita Suryawanshi

    I am not here after uncooked shrimp meme .......😂

  48. Delilah Kalil

    Omg Nialls laugh at 2:59 ❤

  49. Rafael Ticona

    2019 ??? 🎵👏🎵

  50. Tu Vieja

    Jjaja termine aca por el MEME de los tres chicos bailando jjajajaaj

  51. Oni Maid

    Teacher: leaves class for a few seconds
    The entire fucking class: 0:02
    ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪ (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  52. Faith Lee

    I seriously thought this was some Spongebob soundtrack at first

  53. ecalevol

    looked up "one direction sea shanty" and found it in the first result

  54. sebz

    We✈️ sad hours

  55. all entertainment

    Niall's laugh at 2:59

  56. Giulia

    bruh when i heard memes with this song i freaked out. thanks locals for the promo to the boys.
    also stream niall and harry’s new songs!

  57. Some Guy

    a², b², and c² coming together to form the Pythagoreans theorem:

  58. Nathan Nuulimba

    Who's here for the pirate song from IG?

  59. tanjiro '

    who is here bcs u saw a meme about three good months

  60. whats up

    Why is this a meme? I don't understand-

  61. Mr AutismO

    Shrimps when the titanic sank

  62. Freya Kate

    October 2019 can't just be me

  63. 1withthelion

    0:02 When Jacksepticeye finds a potato in Minecraft

  64. Melinda Berg

    2020 there coming back 😀😀

  65. gabriely alves


  66. Shlaura Brown

    any one else hear the pirates of the caribbean theme song

  67. Daniel Millar


  68. TeamNiche


    I'm sooo goofy, clumsy, and childish. I trip more than Harry Styles

  69. Gustavo Lavor 2.0


  70. Malarkey

    It was so good until 1:50. I'm sorry but that modern type singing and style doesn't fit well with the mood and feeling that I got from the begining to this part, and then it shifts back to the classical, country, irish like theme then back to modern techno, then goes back. It has a pattern that just doesn't feel right.

  71. Fuu Sama

    i cant believe im bumping to a one direction song

  72. Nikki Donze

    al the comment …. uncookt shrimps

  73. Mr AutismO

    Dancing shrimp

  74. GerardWays Hamster

    #imagine You come out of a teeth transplant... “ Harry I’m out alive “ you scream... “ who do you fink have you the teef “ he says smiling

  75. EnjoyMusic Ind

    yeayy 2020 Comeback 1D😍

  76. Sumi

    No wonder why Zayn wanted to desperately leave 1D 🤐 This music is soo not him loool

  77. Nasari Vega

    everyone's here because of the meme and I'm that 3% that just likes the song.

  78. Papa Soul

    *me asleep and 3 am*

    My phone:

  79. Ana Beatriz fttf

    best music

  80. Noone obviously

    My all time fave song <3 <3

  81. Neon Volta

    I searched "that one direction pirate song" and I found it

  82. Rohanna F

    Twitter locals don’t know this is the song from the meme.

  83. Mc.Thicc

    My mom when she catches me on Adult Swim:


    One of my favorite song😍

  85. depressed as always

    *uncooked lobsters in Titanic’s kitchen*

  86. fierce 5z

    I'm not 1D stan...but one of my frnd recommended me this i can't get over of am i doin' here...

  87. Zenitsu Agatsuma

    (Raises flag) I'M A PIRATE MATIES!

  88. Nestor Toro

    I'm here simply because I like the song and the band. I've never heard of the meme until I read the comment section

  89. Alisha Karriem


  90. Mike pooper

    It can’t be rea...


  91. no name

    finally! i've been trying to find this song for so long

  92. can u be more obvious

    7 years loving one direction and I’m going to stay here forever I know 😖

  93. BreeStake Bobba

    [that one dark kid when the electricity goes out]