OMC - Land Of Plenty Lyrics

A long white cloud ancient land
Open field sacred ground
Bays of plenty, the bluff, the cape
Streaming sands, boiling place

White water swells, bridges of old
Deep clear nights, open shores
Winter season brings out the best
Summer nights in Auckland

And my father used to say
"Oh, we came to this land of plenty
And we came to this land of hope
We came to this land of good times
And we came to this land of love
Oh, we came to this land of love"

Mountain range, snow peak tops
Fresh water stream, Fouveax strait
Open caves that glow supreme
Black sand shores, lion rock

Monuments, mission bay
Cuba street, Vulcan lane
Westerly winds, sun and rains
Beautiful days in the Wellington

And my father used to say
"Oh, we came to this land of plenty
And we came to this land of hope
We came to this land of good times
And we came to this land of love
Oh, we came to this land of love"

Desert roads, Mt. Ruapehu
The piston ferry decides your fate
Oval square, civic center
And Nelson Gorge where we lost a mate

Oamaru via Timaru
Winding roads, sudden bends
Lake taupe, Bethel's beach
A word to the wise increase the peace

And my father used to say
"Oh, we came to this land of plenty
And we came to this land of hope
We came to this land of good times
And we came to this land of love
Oh, we came to this land of love"

Oh, we came to this land of plenty
And we came to this land of hope
We came to this land of good times
And we came to this land of love
Oh, we came to this land of love

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OMC Land Of Plenty Comments
  1. adam bamf

    He just had a way to set the vibe

  2. Benjamin Navarro

    RIP Pauley, from Detroit!

  3. Benjamin Navarro

    Thank You Pauly, you left us too soon and you are missed! RIP!

  4. Mikey_Suze Four

    RIP Pauly Fuemana - Definitely taken way too soon. :'-(

  5. Vincent Du Burgess

    RIP Pauley. Taken to soon.

  6. Harry. Canyon

    I miss pauley ,, He made me cry when he passed"" He is a master at what he still does,, inspire

  7. Julie kegley

    His Best Legacy

  8. シロアリチャンネル


  9. Jhai Bennett

    RIP Pauly Fuemana. This is our land and I love home no matter where we go. We always come home. Rest well bro...!!!!!

  10. Lisa

    This should be our National Anthem!

  11. Mikey_Suze Four

    46 haters must be the Aussies who can't stand this group's music.

  12. Freeda Fuemana

    favorite song 😍💙

  13. Inca Moran

    A truly beautiful song which is, sadly, terribly underplayed on radio. But it's on my 'housework mix' and gets played every Saturday as I do my housework, and then some.

  14. P2/L1

    this and the brokenwood mysteries , sooo want to be in nz

  15. Robin Katsu

    28 aussies have seen this video

  16. Mikey_Suze Four

    Embracing the Kiwis and their country = NZ should use this OMC video as a tourism tool.

  17. K M

    Beautiful lady and song

  18. Abel Tasman

    Kinda restores my faith in humanity

  19. julio garcia

    RIP Pauly from Chicago!!!!!!!!!

  20. Christina Kaur

    Rest in peace brother 💙

  21. Macaulay Culkin

    gone but not forgotten

  22. Colin Virgil

    Sweet Seena is never coming back...

  23. Aleisha Gillespie

    Love this song and have done since I was 11 I remember getting it on tape and playing this song over and over all the way to Thaihape and Westport both in nz this song has a lot of meaning for me

  24. ooicur412

    Still one of my favorites after all these years.

  25. Brent Blayone Blayone

    Lol this sounds like Massive Attack's first album until the chorus where things get irrecoverably gay

    Andrew Stevenson

    yeah good one legend,

  26. Anon B

    Not so keen on this song - prefer "On the Run"

  27. Timmay

    OMC's best song IMHO....just love it!

  28. Geath Drips

    Is this the same beat Massive Attack used?

  29. JewsLikeFunk

    Waow, the same baseline as Massive Attacks' Blue Lines

  30. Hélène Staley

    When I listen to Pauly Fuemana's music I am filled with this feeling of goodness and truth. He was very talented -- wholesome. His life I believe from what I have read was a reflection of someone who struggled and found himself in all sorts of situations that he came to understand on a higher spiritual level. He simply advanced in his thinking and continued on his life outside of his body earlier than those he left behind would have liked. We like and admire him because we overcame his obstacles, which is what we want to do too.

    Rick Boyd

    Hélène Staley wow deep yes

    Rick Boyd

    Hélène Staley try
    Israel Kamakawiwoʻole also

  31. Graham Glover

    Happy Waitangi day New Zealand, peace love & happiness to the land of plenty!

  32. Tom Lovin

    This American wants to visit New Zealand just because of this song.

    Synthmaniac Moog

    I hope you get there one day. A beautiful place.


    This song is tongue in check, you do realize.

    Synthmaniac Moog

    @Plyjhny Is it? The band name certainly was, but this song is quite sincere.

  33. yal100

    Its like PM Dawn...its awesome :)

  34. Davy Todd

    Most enjoyable.

  35. Hunter Wilhelm brought me here

  36. Robert Taitano

    Wow!!! Powerful words

    monstros gigantes


  37. Artful Sol

    we need this more than ever right here right and HOPE and grateful~~

  38. j sanchez

    such an awesome artist. beautiful lyrics, voice, instruments. R.I.P Pauly Fuemana.

  39. Haley Djazouli

    love this song play it everyday me and my husband fav song

  40. mikeyjames1000

    this should be up there with poi e, chains or tangaroa it's such a good song that really sells our beautiful country as it is and tells a lot about us! thanks Omc and crew for your great song. :)

  41. Ld X

    OMC= Excellent.

  42. Bonnie Brown

  43. Bruce Johnston

    You know this should be our national anthem here in Aotaroa/New Zealand. It's a beautiful piece of work :-) <3


    I agree Totally!

  44. Chevy Levy

    tumeke song. kia ora OMC

  45. Tirtha Bandi

    It is not at all similar to Audi A3 Cabriolet

  46. Rich Mealey

    This song still makes my Saturday.

  47. fauque you're Monitering systems

    Iv been to NZ twice, considering I have dual citizenship. It's a beautiful Country where weed grows everywhere naturally and cannibalism is a wide known and accepted part of their vibrant history.

  48. 2K's

    Cheap off city. It's very similar...

    Dharmaa RS

    Only this song was out first and this man is dead...

  49. jac kitt

    primo sounds...

  50. ExposingZionistEvil

    It is a real shame that this song is not more well-known, because it is very, very nice.

    Gary Dikarev

    very nice doesn't make it good... it's meh 

    Wandelgart King

    +Gary Dikarev I found it to be a perfect feel-good song.

    Gary Dikarev

    @Wandelgart King OK, good for you, what's your point? 

    It's still meh


    His point is that your opinion, Gary, is subjective just as is his and mine, and everyone else's.

    D G

    Your name is quite fitting Gary. You indeed are a Dik!

  51. Nathan Grey

    lovely song

  52. Nathan Grey

    you mean the audi commercial? greg Johnson will forever be the copycat songwriter to me now, he was obviously asked to write something similar for money...

  53. Jeff Downfield

    awesome talent.

  54. vivalaresistance1000

    Damn I must have been under a rock for years I didn't know Pauly died. I really liked how bizarre didn't really think much else about OMC as they stopped playin it here just figured there would be more. Of course that was years and years ago but that song has still stuck in my head to this day. Reminds me of a better time in my life when things were simple and the biggest decision I had was what were me and my friends going to do that weekend. It wasn't bad enough he lost everything he died too

  55. heldapostiga

    RIP beautiful man. .

  56. nandotime3000

    Oh great... Now he's gonna cry.

  57. Salvatore Auditore

    Awesome talent!!! RIP Pauly!

  58. amcreb

    wow, these guyshad more songs than how bizarre

  59. jeeinocca

    Great artist. RIP Pauly.

  60. doleph1

    They were a great band. This is one of those CD's that I'd play in my car, have my friends go "who's this?", then How Bizaar hits and they're like, "wtf, this is awesome".

    Never judge a band, artist, or ablum by a single!

  61. s lea

    Wow! Why were this band only famous for that one song??? This is beautiful

  62. Cool Coyote

    very sad this song, reminiscing makes me sad like listening to herbs great song tho.

  63. uzzle65

    The Bank of New Zealand used this song in one of its advertising campaigns. RIP Pauly!

  64. Russ Cook

    @The090968 wow i Couldn't agree with you more for a one hit wonder band, i listened to it and fell in love with every single song on the album, it's too bad there wasn't more. I have enjoyed this entire album for years! Nanci

  65. celesiotube

    were FIVE, now we are SIX 36/41
    150 - are all the same,
    152 - Also called Aotearoa

    were FIVE, now we are SIX 37/41
    Joy Division Love will tear us apart

  66. jeeinocca

    RIP Bro

  67. Oskar Stoddart

    @ZezimaIsANoob109 I'd move back if I could, I hate the place I'm living in now, but I'm forced to for financial reasons.

  68. Billy C

    I just bought a CD BY OMC and I liked every song on it. Awesome talent that will be missed !!!

  69. SamanthasArtStudio

    @The090968 it breaks my heart listening to this music and knowing he's gone :(

  70. Quantium Mechanic

    @ZezimaIsANoob109 I would move to this country in a heartbeat if I could. pretty staunch entry critria though, in order to retire there you need at least .75 million banked, I am sitting on .35 mil Cnd and it breaks my heart that it is not enough.

  71. chellethegreatest

    Wonderful tune thanks for uploading.

  72. Sunbie Harrell

    Love it! OMC is one of my favorite bands. RIP Paul.

  73. hobgoblin

    beaut country beaut song mate no worries eh

  74. MaRcin, ŁukaSz po Tacie

    from Poland !!
    yes!! MM

  75. MaRcin, ŁukaSz po Tacie

    greaat music!!