OMC - How Bizarre Lyrics

Brother Pele's in the back, sweet Zina's in the front
Cruising down the freeway in the hot, hot sun
Suddenly red-blue lights flash us from behind
Loud voice booming, "Please step out onto the line"
Pele preach words of comfort, Zina just hides her eyes
Policeman taps his shades, "Is that a Chevy '69?"

How bizarre
How bizarre, how bizarre

Destination unknown, as we pull in for some gas
A freshly pasted poster reveals a smile from the past
Elephants and acrobats, lions, snakes, monkey
Pele speaks "righteous," Sister Zina says "funky"

How bizarre
How bizarre, how bizarre

Ooh, baby (Ooh, baby)
It's making me crazy (It's making me crazy)
Every time I look around (Look around)
Every time I look around (Every time I look around)
Every time I look around
It's in my face

Ringmaster steps out and says "the elephants left town"
People jump and jive, and the clowns have stuck around
TV news and cameras, there's choppers in the sky
Marines, police, reporters ask where, for, and why
Pele yells, "We're outta here," Zina says, "Right on"
Making moves and starting grooves before they knew we were gone
Jumped into the Chevy, headed for big lights
Wanna know the rest? Hey, buy the rights

How bizarre
How bizarre, how bizarre

Ooh, baby (Ooh, baby)
It's making me crazy (It's making me crazy)
Every time I look around (Look around)
Every time I look around (Everytime I look around)
Every time I look around
It's in my face
It's in my face

Ooh, baby (Ooh, baby)
It's making me crazy (It's making me crazy)
Every time I look around (Look around)
Every time I look around (Every time I look around)
Every time I look around
It's in my face

Ooh, baby (Ooh, baby)
It's making me crazy (It's making me crazy)
Every time I look around (Look around)
Every time I look around (Look around)
Every time I look around
It's in my face

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OMC How Bizarre Comments
  1. A Swann

    Shame he died not too long after getting this hit out. RIP.

  2. lexieboo811

    lmaooo rip all retail workers bc this song plays at every damn department store EVER

  3. Martin Kreps

    Even though this song was released in 1996, where I'm from, it was one of the biggest hits in the summer of 1997.

  4. gruvalisticno

    Everytime I listen to this I have the impression as if I was watching the end of a movie where I don't know whether it is a happy or a sad one

  5. jonman petruci

    He looks like the rock if the rock was retarted

    jonman petruci

    Or maybe if the rock got partially paralyzed

  6. eppsislike

    This song is in my head for the whole day, and I said "what a f*cking annoying song". But now I look at it and realized that it's from the 90's. And I appreciate that. Everything that originates from the 90's is legendary by design.

  7. Michael Myers

    OMG. SMS were a great thing that time. Cell phones with 2 lines display (wow!). Nokia! That was a big deal. And I must say - it was a great time. I had my first BMW 5 series wagon, fully equipped. Times were never better than that. How bizarre!

  8. Echobas3

    How was I

  9. Laura Fowler

    Coolest voice and accent

  10. NitNek

    T'as déjà vu ça quelqu'un qui s'appelle OMC ?

  11. Steven Guy

    Proving beyond reasonable doubt that New Zealanders are the most uncool race on earth.

  12. SevaSentinel

    Jojolion ED 1

  13. alexander the great

    rock schnieder

  14. An Artist formerly known as William Devane

    Good song

  15. Cloud

    How can I delete this from YouTube, he is literally just talking slightly loud, not singing XP

  16. Ademafan

    Dwayne the rob Schneider

  17. ahmed kfji

    Listening to this in 2020, New year's day. Cruising to work. How bizarre!

  18. Trisha White

    but why are all the suckers blondes? :-(

  19. William F. Buckley Jr

    I'm a cop...been one for 22 years...

    How do you not LOVE this song??

  20. guaxinim

    I miss the 90's so much sometimes!!! I had a lot of fun with this song... good memories!

  21. Jorge Calderon

    I love these music

  22. Berry Fluxuator

    In before 2020 calendar folks come in

  23. K Medi

    One of my life's mystery has been solved. How bizarre

  24. Eduard Navarro Valverde

    Wowwww mas de 15 años escuchando esta canción en la radio y jamas vi su video y jamas supe de quien la compone. Y solo por saber su letra jamas pensé que esta agrupación seria de Nueva Zelanda como de origen maorí. Pensé que esta canción era del country americano. Amazing.!!!!!,

  25. wiley schmitt

    Are the 90's really going to be the last decade of great music? How bizarre.

  26. Jonathan Gerkensmeyer

    The rocks short music career in the 90s

  27. Claude Hopper

    Great song . RIP , gone too soon

  28. Gareth Wigglesworth

    How did he get pneumonia?

  29. Klocc562

    Guy looks like a tan version of Joe Gatto from Impractical Jokers

  30. Oskar ScootsandSkates

    0:36 tho

  31. Alicia

    90’s babies where you at? 🙂

  32. Buyi Philip

    hahaha this song

  33. Scotty Don't

    Anyone could rewrite this song for 2020 and say how bizzare

  34. chris bates

    RIP dude

  35. Relief In Place

    “You want to know the rest, buy the rights”. Great line which can be used in a number of circumstances.

  36. Yusrin Yusof

    Kel'thuzad Kel'thuzad

  37. Esmeralda Casillas

    Frist time listing to this song I I like it

  38. Patricia McAllister

    State Farm commercial brought me here lol

  39. Michael Scofield

    OMC R.I.P

  40. regsamboli

    The coolest lead singer, RIP.

  41. hostile blueberry


  42. Michael Savin

    It's in my face

  43. Michael Savin

    How Bizarre

  44. Michael Savin

    How Bizarre

  45. Michael Savin

    Oh baby

  46. Michael Savin

    How Bizarre

  47. Michael Savin

    #1 Eternal Playlist

  48. monicarodriguez1987

    Thank you State Farm🤣

  49. Fl0

    This song remembers me of better times.

  50. Michael J

    Boy do I miss the 90s lol

  51. Jinnah Khan

    year on daive fla. 19990 preasent electon were dhs is trying reant dc for meatle work 40 trillion //bcc school genna bush /bill taveran

  52. Jinnah Khan

    bcc in daive fla.

  53. Mr41nitro

    Sorry world, nzs music,

  54. Wayne Bryan

    I'll take a couple of those blondes off your hands if you need me to.

  55. Amac82

    Oh man.....just when I thought jr high was behind me. How bizarre.

  56. Wendy Giese

    Fun party song

  57. PjSparkle18

    every time I hear this song
    I wonder....
    whats in her face?

  58. William rochette william

    Il son bon!

  59. Krissy

    *I miss these days as a 90’s kid* 😩😭

  60. kenny sender

    One of the biggest songs to ever come out of New Zealand ... R.I.P Pauly.

    Berry Fluxuator

    Wrong, Slice of heaven is a banger.

  61. Chase Gran

    It’s Elon Musk!!!

  62. Danirama Senju

    I’m here because JCPenney couldn’t find another elevator song.

  63. Rea Roselynn

    This reminds me of a pony pocket game. Great song: my mum and I love it and annoy the crap out of my dad :)

  64. Bee bee ramone

    Hard to believe but this songs bass hits hard in the car with a system


    Bee bee ramone yass!!

    Gordy Jorgenson

    Fucking nice

  65. notanotheryoutubechannel Myrie

    Toad and the shadows brought me back here I just randomly clicked this video and liked it the first time

  66. Dante Rosenberg

    Who's here from the State Farm commercial?


    Dante Rosenberg how bazaar...

  67. 138th Federation

    I want to know the rest!

  68. Zaul Garza

    They don't make music like this anymore 😞

  69. Edgar Adame

    I heard this song while working at American Eagle and all I could hear was state farms version "I hit a car"

  70. rudy casss

    Schneider before the Rock

  71. Hollywood Klenk

    Parmesan, Parmesan 🦊💙

  72. Nicia D.

    2019 still sing this song

    Sienna Lily

    Well 2020

    Li Lo

    New year's Eve

  73. Jihadjoe

    Oglala Mllionaires Club...

  74. Bob Reiderman

    My aiwa shelf stereo brought me here

  75. Augustin Olivares

    Rest In Peace

  76. Jrod Jrod

    Lmao @ the rock
    This is gold!!!

    How bizarre how bizarre

  77. Só Observo 2

    Descanse em paz

  78. Will Smith

    This could have been an outro for golden wind.

  79. Alex Pilafian

    Arizona 1995 baby

  80. Zaahara Kenzo


  81. Datsun Crown

    Whoomp there it is

  82. Fabricia Dassilva

    Stak no baby

  83. HVideos

    This has to be the most 90s music video ever

  84. Fade

    Who else heard the tune from an insurance ad from Spotify?


    *Pandora for me

    Dante Rosenberg

    FM radio for me


    Fade State Farm. Hah

  85. Anna Bosman

    Anyone here from a State Farm commercial

  86. Zeus the GTR

    what a beast of a track, thanks for the memories Pauly Fuemana R.I.P.

  87. Tommy B

    Radio Carhuacoto XD

  88. Robert Floyd

    R.I.P man.

  89. AWBelite1

    I never knew he was saying “how bizarre” 😂 I always thought he was saying balbazan or some shit.

    Nadir Munoo


  90. Rondinele Silva

    music Very beautiful enchanting wonderful lovely lovely i love listen this music touch deeply the my heart the music more beautiful of all time great song

  91. Jose Arámbula

    dancing to this song in 2019 ... how bizarre

  92. Travise Reynolds

    You all will never know the struggle I went through to find this song LOL

    Jrod Jrod



    Travise Reynolds “how bizarre”. “Ohh baby” has millions of results

  93. Nuraku Inuyasha

    When State farm shows u this

  94. Luís Ferreira

    Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?

  95. maggoli67

    We're all different TRIBES, BUT YE'RE all my tribe.

  96. Cokie907

    It actually looks like a "Chevy 68" if you ask me but I'm getting up in my years. I'd have to refer to the Chilton's "Grille Identification" page just to be absolutely positive. LOL

  97. GreenAndMeat paw

    Baywatch ost ! 90S kids know it !