OMB Peezy - True Story Lyrics

Yeah, man
Shit be crazy
Real shit
True story nigga
Look, look, look, look

See I was sittin' in the cell, writin' on the wall
Thinking my bitch cheating but she waiting on my call
Got no visits from the fam, no letters from the dogs
And I was thinking 'bout changing but I got tangled in the law
The stale took my sweater and my cell so cold
Tell the devil it's whatever, couldn't sell my soul
Thought I was going home but I caught another case
The lawyers said plead guilty, told 'em get up out my face
They tried to charge me with a gun that they ain't even find
Seen the pictures in my phone but I said it ain't mine
They said who it is? man I said I don't know
Them pictures was in the phone when I bought it from a ho
They told me I was lying, they could see me in the picture
I said okay it was mine but I threw it in the river
I sat before the judge, blue pants, white shirt
The judge said I need to change, a long sentence might work
A long sentence might hurt but I'ma take it on the chin
Going crazy in my head, wishing this shit was pretend
A mug on my face when I walked in Unit A
I'm just here to do my time, I ain't here to make friends
They put me in the cell with a black nigga with dreads
He was doing push ups with his feet up on the bed
He better play it cool, 'cause I ain't with that stunting
And I'm trippin' if he trippin, we can get this shit bumping
'Cause I don't fear nothing, want respect, you gotta give it
He tried to play it cool but he was scared, I can feel it
That night I went to sleep, a lot of shit up on my mind
First time I had a dream in a long ass time
I was chilling with a dime, smoking in the corner
Streetlights popped on, it was just getting dark
Usually got the Glock, but now a nigga slipping
My ears went deaf and I can see the scenes ripping
Light moving slow motion, I see chopper bullets flipping
Am I tripping? the key would not go in the ignition
Nigga hit me in my head, I woke up sweating
Woke up in the cell, man that wasn't what I expected
Next court date I was still in denial
Nigga beat the case, I ain't even take it to trial
God by my side, he was watching over his child
He would know the life of a real nigga living down to ride
It's Peezy

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  1. Boddie Arnold

    2020 getting myself together listening to this

  2. Rebecca Garza

    Been here since 2016-2017

  3. savag3 /

    331k viewer

  4. Angel Solis

    "Nigga beat the case but i aint even take it to trial" 🔥

  5. Trinidy Johnson

    a long sentence might hurt buh ima take it on tha chinnnn 💯

  6. Thomas Castañeda

    peezy n comb needa drop sum

  7. Pedro Flores

    With the 2 pac beat this shit hard.

  8. Gutta Life 509

    You a solid mf you still on this shit ⚰️⚰️⚰️💯

  9. Lil Kabuni

    serving zips round the city😂

  10. Stacy Painter

    Fuck wrong wit you? Pussy!

  11. Randale Jones

    Peezy A G

  12. Traquan Valentine

    Who still bumping this in 2019 with me🔥🔥🔥

  13. Stacy Painter

    This the most underrated Peezy song 🚫🎓

  14. Jarocho Aguilias

    This nigga stunning ain't no one get into with they celly then go to sleep that night, get tf outta here with tht bullshit

  15. Zeth Turnbaugh

    Dam🙏🙏🙏🙏 peezy🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  16. Mandalyn Pope

    All that weed fam got #Strongz🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃

  17. Eric Newman

    This kid is weak he needs more improvement plus write about your own life lil nigga and Not My Life

  18. R.a.w Lifestyle

    Email me [email protected]

  19. Still music Still music

    Don’t rob doe you made it

  20. Marlena Brown

    Thanks P you made my daughters whole year she seen your show up North. She earned her ticket to go and is inspired to do good so she xan make the next one. Love u for that

  21. Joe Handsom

    Reminds me of Lil Snupe! 🔥🔥🔥

  22. robert Thom

    Come up to northen cali

    Marlena Brown

    He here

  23. Kayvon Patton

    2018 who still listening 🔥💯💯

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    Yo this fire

  25. That boyT

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    u kno he fucks with pac

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    Get it lil nigga

  30. Jay F

    haha nigga its just weed calm down.

  31. intellectual ingnoranSe

    Dude knows good music, he deff up next to blow with all the quality shxt he be puttin out

  32. beast mode

    Alabama finally gone be on da map bitch!! get wit or get behind it bitch!!! dat boi da true

  33. Baby Joseph Rivera

    Your black ass probably gave that nigga head

  34. D Crafty92507

    All-day RNS..

  35. Blue Jay214


  36. vinod ford

    Omb Peezy reminds me so much of boosie 2009 NBA Youngboy Lil Snupe He Has That Heat of spryo

    Juniverse 707

    He from those areas those rappers from

    Neno Santana

    @Juniverse 707 naw he from alabama not louisana

  37. John Joseph

    come to austin tx

  38. king smoke

    passing blunts to tha cameraman g shit

    M.S Studios

    Thats how we do it mane. We kept it LIT that day.

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    Sounds 09 bossie diss nigga go in doe my soul

    Bookie Austin

    Trill City ikr

  40. STAQQ Q

    Damn lil bruh got talent. I hope he aint outchea still robbing tho mane. Thats a Durty Game to be in. It can get real "MESSY" FACTS! Sshhhhh....



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    He look like 14

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    my nigga peezy made it out glad to see

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    This sample is amazing. In the air tonight Phil Collins. i see you M.S

  48. Thats what she said 2times

    he in LA

  49. John Doe

    we smoking cookies out here in cali my nigga what you smoking? lol

    Kailah Jones

    John Doe He's in cali

  50. i_overstand510

    I commend the choice of beat . dope shit bruh

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    bay to the mother fckin UK mane go hard young gs🔥🔫

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    you shouldn't of did that hell be in jail by next week

    *John Smith*

    Did what

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    "want respect you gotta get it" .....I think you just got it

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    Phenix city AL.

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    Finally got a rapper repping the city💪🏽

  56. Big Opp

    New NBA Youngboy

    Mark Corleone

    Saed Mohamed boi chillout my boy peezy been doin Dis shit MOB town

  57. Imani

    idk why people keep saying he never lived in sac him n nef lived in Sacramento. for years!! peezy went to kennedy this nigga got discovered in sac but he reppin his hometown but don't forget Cali

    Teniqua Queeen

    straight Gass real shit , only real bitches feel this

    King Vince

    Queen Faith oml I when to Kennedy with this nigga


    Boys putting on for his city

  58. SideWayz

    Damn! This cat just signed with SicWitIt Records - E-40 YA BIIIIIOTCH
    Big thangs for this kid. Hope he stays on the right track

  59. Christopher Pacheco

    Get rich man and get up out the streets and make sumthin positive keep tht shit up

  60. Jay Carroll

    you touched a tupac beat and made yo own thing with it dope bra. legend in the making

    Trent Cooper

    Jay Carroll what Tupac beat is this

  61. Progressive Man

    God damn bro imma white boy who isn't hard at all lol I'm on some class clown shit but you make some good ass hard ass real music bruh keep it up you gonna be so big

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    Dis my shit 🔥.. I had sum fucked up dreams n dat bitch 2 mob

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    Here before he bloww stuuuupid

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    where he from? the bay or alabama

    504BoY NeW.Warleans Piru

    he aint from cali

    Tone Tone

    YOung Bossman bama


    YOung Bossman he from Alabama but he lives in Sacramento that's my Lil nigga

    Marlena Brown

    Bama baby

  67. lysaaanicole


  68. PHUCK GB

    You raw lil bro . Don't get smoked over a robbery bro stick to music you got it .

  69. ItsKai

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  70. The famous Ash

    Come to Cali PLEASE 😩😩😩👏🏿😍😍😍😍😍😍

    jacob s

    but he be in cali real Richmond 800


    peezy lived in sac since 2013

    Hmob Jay

    he lives in Sacramento. originally from Alabama


    He from Alabama but he lived half of his life in Cali but he is still out here now this where he live now

    Mvp3three Mike

    The famous Ash Sacramento

  71. MBO GOTTi

    Peezy needa get on a song wit NBA fr↗️

    211 MobLw

    NBA GOTTI NBA locked up for life probably plus he even said he ain't rapping with no one else one the 2 niggas he did also the NBA crew

    76’ Reese

    "Doin Bad" and that bit go crazy now lol

    Josiah Hayes



    211 MobLw dumb ass

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    Young boy Nd peezy went in hard on "Doing bad"👌

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