Omarion - Too Much Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
You tell me that you love me
And I say I love you, too
And I look right in your eyes, girl
And say I'll never cheat on you

[Bridge 1:]
And I go into the world
And the temptation begins
No, I don't wanna hurt you, girl
But there's a battle so deep within

[Bridge 2:]
But I fight for your love
Girl, I just can't give up
Looking at your pictures in my phone
Girl you know that ass is too much

Girl, you better not give my lovin' away
Girl, I told you I was here to stay
Girl, you make me feel some kind of way
You the shit, girl ain't nun else to say
It's too much, too much
Girl you know that it's too much, too much
(Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)

[Verse 2:]
When we're together
You know it's the best feeling in the world
It's like I can't see nobody but you (yeah)
Feels like you're the only girl

[Bridge 1]

[Bridge 2]


(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) [x2]
One more time and I say
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah...yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-ah) [x2]

[Bridge 2]


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