Omarion - Ode To Tae Lyrics

I'll be long gone by the time you read this
I'll be long gone by the time you read this
What am I here for
What am I here for

You're all I need
You're all I need
You're all I need
And all I needed was you

I love you so much, but you just can't see it
I love you so much, but you just can't see it
What are you here for
What are you here for

When time passes
When time passes
I hope you see it
I hope you see it
I hope you see it
I hope you see it

You're all I need
You're all I need
You're all I need
And all I needed was you

Girl I'm gone
How do you feel
How do you feel
How does it feel

I want a bad girl tonight
Mischievous and clever
Caught up in my fame
Trying to capitalize on our time together
Acting like she bigger than she is
Looking seductive
Wanting me to sweat her
Playing hard to get know damn well she gon get in here
And do whatever I tell her

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Omarion Ode To Tae Comments
  1. keàavy Breezy

    Best moment 2min25

  2. Rakia Dumas

    I love this song a lot

  3. Johnny Zoeyy Guerrier

    This song will have you in your feelings people's

  4. Johnny Zoeyy Guerrier

    DOPE 👌👍🏿👌👍🏿👌👌👍🏿👌👌👌👍🏿👌👍🏿👌👍🏿👍🏿👌👍🏿👌👍🏿👌👍🏿👌👍🏿👌👌👍🏿👌👌👌👌👍🏿👌👍🏿👌👌👍🏿👌👍🏿👌👍🏿👌👍🏿👌

  5. Johnny Zoeyy Guerrier

    This song is the true people's

  6. Rakia Dumas

    Love this song from omarion

  7. jay Brown

    man he fucked this up....

  8. donathan adams

    Very underrated

  9. Bruce princesaiyan Rollerson

    best singer hands down

  10. Rakia Dumas

    @red-rum oh ok

  11. ATB Tha Great One

    he killed dis 💯👏

  12. Rakia Dumas

    who ever said that omarion gave to song to someone is wrong i know omarion would never do that

    Rakia Dumas

    i know omarion would not give his song to nobody ok fo show


    +Rakia Dumas He did search "Trevor - Good Girl, Bad Girl"

  13. Rakia Dumas

    @nirad u can find this song of omarion on or

  14. Pretty Inpink

    All I needed was you......

  15. itzDreSixty

    ahh come on omarion. I mean trevor jackson's song isn't that bad but he should have put on a verse to this song or at least put out a remix. 

  16. Christelle Salomon

    damn i would have loved to hear omarion finish the song at the end.


    +Christelle Salomon im still mad about it to this day


    Christelle Salomon Trevor Jackson-Good girl, bad girl. As good as it gets

  17. LiLBiT9008

    What is the song that cames on at the end???

    La'Niya Williams

    Good girl bad girl


    @La'Niya Williams dont you lie to me. where can i find it?????

    La'Niya Williams

    I don't know but u can look it up on YouTube

  18. Deon Conway J

    didn't trevor jackson just release this song at the end? good girl bad girl


    Omarion did a BAD move by giving the song to the kid


    And the beginning Tiffany Evans had on her page. Hmm smh

  19. angel murray

    this song is sooo addicting!!

  20. Soflynoli23

    You're I need and I needed was you. I love this song so much. The end snippet is called Good Girl Bad Girl and it's going to be on Love and Other Drugs which is his new album dropping early 2014.

    Richy Rich

    still waiting …….


    No it's not because Trevor Jackson Brought it are something I guess


    ^ lmaoooooo

  21. Dougie Willian

    G.j O'Boy

  22. ash baybe Dumas

    Omarion song is hot I listen to omarion songs all the time. Even on

  23. niradvelokjhgkjgjhgj

    This song at the end is sick please somebody tell me the name of the song or where i can find it.


    its never coming out. He gave the song to some youtuber. search for trevor jackson - good girl bad girl"

    Rakia Dumas

    hey u can find this song of omarion on


    Damn I really wanted that end snippet to be on care package 2. Unfortunately not =[

  25. Ty Tiny

    Care packages ep two coming out on November 5 hopefully we see the end of this song on there fingers crossed

  26. Sharonda Madison

    I looooove diz song

  27. ash baybe Dumas

    I love omarion music so much.u can go to or to find all full songs of omarion

  28. IGOR MDS

    "Good girl, bad girl"

  29. Burn-O

    Where can i found the FULL album, full album !!

  30. Red-RuM

    Give us the goddamn song on the snippet! It sounds hella good

  31. Robby

    This song is on his new album!!!

  32. Ty Tiny

    I felt like snippet at the end was the old Omarion coming back again I hope he drop that song as he first single

  33. KingYT01

    this should have been longer

  34. tyzillah

    the snippet at the end though >>>> ;)

  35. Don Owens

    best song in care package MIA FUCK HER R I DON'T CARE

  36. Jabari Motley

    Goodbye letter.

  37. Me Me Simone


  38. Me Me Simone


  39. Red-RuM

    That snippet at the end, damn! Sounds like a song id fucks wit

  40. d1prospect2010

    I said this EXACT same thing! lol

  41. StudKing

    admire ft. tank

  42. Marstevion Austin

    Its basically saying Goodbye, Guys/Girls get into relationships and for some odd reason one or the other finds a way to fuck things up, making the good person in the relationship feel like they wasted their time, its like whats the point of you being with me if you dont see how much i love you , i love you , but you dont understand why or you just dont care anymore, but you expect me to stay, but i bet once i leave your ass will realize what you had, Ode to Tae= goodbye to you

  43. Bored Engineer Operating Near Groom Lake Detachment 3

    whats the meaning of this song? i dont really know.

  44. hairdoez

    Loveeeeeeee this song damnnnnnnnn

  45. sandra obalowose

    Lovely voice

  46. Latoya Jefferson

    I like this one

    Deanthony Curry


  47. Bria

    Omarion is setting rnb on fire!! Love him

  48. MarstevionsJournal


  49. Crystal Michelle

    The song at 2:27 is a snippet of a song that's going to be on his actual album you guys ...

  50. James Lonergan

    Whatever it is, it was the best part of Care Package

    Lez Macon

    no it wasn't are you dumb the whole thing was amazing

  51. Jesús M. López


  52. Antony Morris

    idk did u find out yet thats the hardest part

  53. Olivier Kungambolo

    whats the name of song at 2.27min?

  54. Ivana Daniels

    LUV IT!!!!

  55. Rozay BFL

    MMG Till The End (Good Music)