Omarion - M.I.A. Lyrics

[Verse 1: Omarion]
Fuck her I'on care...
My new lady says she leaving me
Ah fuck her, I'on care
Plus I got another over there
She been wanting to be with me
Got her in her underwear
Gave her what she want, now she needin me
I got more of that coming over soon
Lingerie all up in my room
I'm a make this toast to that one girl I love
I still smell her perfume

Pour one up, no pour another
Pour one up, no pour another
Pour one up, no pour another
Numbing up

Since you've been away, love's been M.I.A.
Done looking for love, cause she took away her
Now I'm M.I.A., M.I.A., on love, on love
Done looking for love, cause she took away her love

[Verse 2: Omarion]
Fuck her I'on care...
My new lady says she leaving me
Ah fuck her I don't care
Told me that she lovin me, yeah
I just give them the scenery, they won't ever compare
To the ones still got it
I call her up but she won't answer
And she knows what I'm looking for
And she knows what I'm looking for

Pour one up, no pour another
Pour one up, no pour another
Pour one up, Now pour me up some cause I'm Numbing uppppp

Since you've been away, Love's been M.I.A.
Done looking for love, cause she took away her
Now I'm MIA, MIA, on love, on love
Done looking for love, cause she took away her love

I be a rolling stone, missus, still tryna deal with ya
Loving too much will leave you blue and I ain't pledge Sigma
I'm a real nigga, giving feelings just ain't me
The more attention you give em, the more options they seek
Talk is cheap, knew I should've kept the receipt
She said she loyal, but all bitches gon' talk in the streets
That's how I play it, how I play it, all it is is game
As I hit another paper plane I'm M.I.A.

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Omarion M.I.A. Comments

    Sad niggga hours before sad niggga hours was a thing

  2. Ndibu Woh

    2020 n I'm still here listening to O this track hits differently now😁

  3. Osborne crew

    Hold up omarion can be baby daddy 2020😍😍❤❤❤😜

  4. Vincent graves

    Fuck her I don't care

  5. Franklin Daniels

    Fuck her I don't care

  6. kael gitahi

    Following cliché, who's here in 2020?! ☀️

  7. cockyme33able

    He better perform this at the concert

  8. Ryan Campbell

    2020 💯💯💯💪💪💪

  9. Marcus Terrell

    I miss her u when m.i.a pretty p

  10. WhoisKavari

    I was in 4th grade when this I’m in 11th grade this shit is relatable like a mf😭😭

  11. Collins Chanzu

    Fawk her I don't care 😂😂 . Happy 2020 y'all

  12. Zay Hunchoo

    Who still listening In 2020!‼️

  13. Rajim Wakefield

    2020 and this shit still go hard🔥🔥🔥

  14. Erica King

    2020 I'm here

  15. Sean Vines

    Shit is still fiya the look on my G face when he got busted 😂😂

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    2020 fuck her.. i don't care

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    2020 👍🏾

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    Still my shit

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    In the end of 2019 im Steel here💘 this song is wonderful

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    Who else just decided that today is for old songs?

  25. Philisha

    Did He just say i ws trying to excite you??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  26. LizaDa SkiiWalka90o0

    He said “I was trying to send it to you”!! 😂

  27. Kapp Gawd

    O O O O O O O O O O O O

  28. Jizz Paul

    Go my nigga fuck her i dont care apryl u dirty bird fizzle pop cant fuck with this real shit fake nutty block crip lol o got u man

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  30. FoxYae’s Sports

    This song pertains more and more to Apryl as 2019 continues into 2020 😭

  31. Tavieus Williams

    It sounds better now. I guess the fizz shit goin on. O the goat

  32. Chineze Batto

    7:30 am N I’m bumping Omarion perioddd Cant wait for the tour

  33. Pre Pitts

    Dam u said it💕

  34. Lucyi Wez

    Yess m.i.a

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    This was slept on! It’s a classic nonetheless

  36. Cordel White

    Y’all why I type in Chris brown MIA. Couldn’t remember for nothin lol

  37. Whit Whit

    Omarion is fine 😩😘

  38. Latisha Faucette

    Who else listening to all his music especially after... "I dont feel no ways"? lmao I just love him lol!!!!!!

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    O sing this rt now

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  41. ollis perry

    O The GOAT

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    This song and Icebox were ahead of it's time😂😂😂and that now.. lol Omarion we Love you❤👑Fizz and Apryl Fool are hideous narcissists' she got Lucky that you was with her in the first place. Sad that you had a child with her thou' you deserved a better baby momma.

  43. Mvp_me

    This would have been perfect if it came out in 2019

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    The girl nice acting real cutie
    Blonde with curls

  46. Yunglebron230

    Happy belated O2K day

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    I always loved this song!

  48. TheConceited AfromaticChannel

    (Apryl Jones Diss)

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    IM M.I.A

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    Heading into 2020 and still poppin

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    The best song I've heard from O

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    Is that Kimbella?? Lol

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    Here because the massage I just had at Massage Envy made me feel touched

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    Graduated High school in 2012 📚✏🎓

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    They should have put Don Logan on this....and left Wale off lpl

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  64. Gerardo Bahena

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  65. Gerardo Bahena

    Love has been M I A

  66. Gerardo Bahena

    Since she been away

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    I'm going into 2020 bumping this joint

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    This song feels different since the drama between Omarion & his ex friends

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    I wish bigavel had the rap verse on this..




    Mod Squad especially now

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    Alisha Holder

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    He really dont give a fck lmao

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    Thats wat omarion said to Apryl. Fuck her i dont care 😂


    Joe Budden bought me back to the classics. 💯

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    Premps forrealllll 🤣🤣🤣

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    Shibe Pearl


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    Dgrimz G

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