Omarion - Drop That Heater Lyrics

Woah [3x]

[Hook 2x]
Girl I know you want to give it to me
You got something I can't deny
Ohh want you drop it so I can see
Damn I can tell that you ain't shy

[Verse 1]
She's all over me
Like a steal grown mammal
Waitin' to bust off
It just won't jam her
She's ready to be
Throwed out of handle
Stickin' up panicin'
If she get sweater
I can tell that she knows (knows)
Everthing in the club
Wishin I can switch places with her
Get my attention like I'm giving to her
Tellin' me to come take off her clohtes
She got me sayin'

[Chorus 2x]
Drop that heater (drop that heater)
Bop off the meter (she beggin' me to get)
Get off in her (she want me and a)
Shorty's callin me
And got to go get her

[Verse 2]
To the girl's room
She's tellin' me to come on
She's ready to drive
She can drop for off
If you play it smooth
Till the last girl come up
We can slide in and lock the door
She's not ready to go
Leaning over the stall
Tellin me to be so timid with her
She's waited a long time to fill it up
And she don't want to hear the word "NO"
She got me sayin'

[Chorus 2x]

Damn the way
That you'll movin'
It's got me want to leave up out of here
And take it to a favorite place
And I got something I need u to feel
And I know that u know exactly what it is
Here it go

[Hook 2x]
Girl I know you want to give it to me
You got something I can't deny
Ohh want you drop it so I can see
Damn I can tell that you not shy

[Chorus 4x]

Woah [3x]

Shorty's callin' me and I
Got to go get her

Shorty's callin' me and I
Got to go get her

[Hook 2x]

[Chorus 4x]

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Omarion Drop That Heater Comments
  1. D D

    This shit still cranks

  2. Alice Cheese


  3. Ron Allen

    Someone PLEASE make this a instrumental!

  4. YoungAnton D

    Good Song 

  5. TheBella3470

    I remember this used to be song off of omarion's cd back in the day about 2006.

  6. Ms Tru Indeed

    A good exercise song. I turns this up!!!


    I agree!

  7. ゆうきむかえ


  8. Guywith Fedora

    Funny how this album isn't on Rhapsody.

  9. Poodahbay

    I remember the little dvd Walmart sold from the Scream Tour and His CD :)

  10. sergio silva canta

    lecal cara muito bom gostei um grande abraço do sergio silva que canta furdunçio

  11. GenniWorld

    I. Love. OMARION he is so hot sexy cute awwwww help me he can dance we can make a perfect couple soon or later

  12. Original_Bookiee


  13. Sasha-Bryieanne McClain

    Man this is my song

  14. MiillkiiChoco8709

    dis used to be my shit

  15. nyda.

    the beat goess hard lol. i used to be jammin' to this!

  16. SingzitLoozers

    damn... i love omarion his fine self this song is so good i loved this album when it came out :)

  17. jaisaige

    @lilTamerra sweetie if you're going to critcize others check your own spelling

  18. jaisaige

    I havent heard this in a minute

  19. PhloeFanSince2000

    I love this song it's so upbeat it makes you wanna dance

  20. kelly denisse

    great song!!!
    love it!!!

  21. Lillamakeup

    4 years ago when I started dancing I loved this song soooo much :) I'm happy to find it again ^^ LOVELOVELOVE IT :D

  22. Mik Yvi

    hottt songgg

  23. psychopath_ox

    Sick Song ! ILove It

  24. psychopath_ox

    Loviin It

  25. Niesha Smith

    Love him I have his whole 1st cd.

  26. Chanel Kaan

    Love this song I can dance to it all day

  27. ashley begunich

    i love this song and can u people comment my videos

  28. L. Corveleijn

    YOU FUCKING BITCH: gorgoeusmarlyn what is wrong with nigga's?? tell me, whats wrong with them what do they do wrong? NOTHING. you are wrong.

  29. Babiieedollxo

    I Love thise song so much i letin to it evry day<3

  30. Melis A