Olsen, Angel - Woman Lyrics

You can leave now if you want to
I'll still be around
This parade is almost over
And I'm still your clown

I've been thinking
How your smile seems to last forever
Even if it's just a while
We are there together
There together

With no promise of the future
Am I not allowed
To think kindly of a stranger
Who reflects the sound
Of my heartache
As it's beating
My life to the ground
To the ground
To the ground
To the ground
To the ground

And I could still breathe for you
Open up and scream for you
Tell me what I wouldn't do
Tell me that love isn't true
Tell me that love isn't true
Tell me that love isn't true

I dare you to understand
What makes me a woman
What makes me a woman
What makes me a woman

I'd do anything
To see it all
The way that you do

But I'd be lying
But I'd be lying to you

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Olsen, Angel Woman Comments
  1. celdaa

    Every time i hear this song it feels like its making sweet love to me

  2. jonathan prince

    dope as FUCK !!!!!

  3. D Dusi

    This performance is so damn good! ...And Josh Jaeger's style. Nuff said.

  4. 박두진

    Goosebumps everytime

  5. Kemal Sözen

    five times powerfull then the album version

  6. Nilas Pettersson

    I fucking cry to this

  7. Lorenzo Diaz


  8. gareth

    i can't believe she wrote this masterpiece omfg

  9. Jamie Drake

    Easily the best version of this song the band has ever done, and that Angel has ever sung.

  10. Solanye Sarasty

    lloro q temazo bro

    Run The Jewels

    El disco entero es una maravilla.

  11. yippie cienna

    takes me to another world

  12. Siren Savior

    she’s just so incredible

  13. Nico Ledesma

    how tf can this sound so fking good live

  14. Nico Ledesma

    @ 3:14 how dare that girl in the back ground on the right yawn

    Kemal Sözen

    oh my how did u catch that i ve just paralyzed by the angel

  15. HeartforSale

    8 minuets of heroin

  16. Asolar

    Try to understand what makes me a woman.

    Yeeeeeez... this is god.

  17. Jordan Yacyshyn

    It sucks how they cut away from Angel at the exact moment she finally belts it out


    ugh, i know! whoever made that decision... why?

    Jeff Herr

    Agreed! Such crappy editing, they keep bouncing around when the shot should just hold on Angel at that point.

  18. Évelyne

    She really is an angel

  19. Lorenzo Diaz


  20. Austin Beltran

    Reminds me of 'careful with that axe Eugene' by pink Floyd

  21. Tony Campagna

    Hauntingly beautiful...

  22. Dave Noland

    This performance is repletion of something deep inside of me. Triggering a delightful thirst, I love you Angel! I really do

  23. Vitaminazation

    Such a good song! My favorite of hers.

  24. Eternal PMS

    This song makes me sad in the best way possible

  25. Cosmic Kitten

    god, i'm so inlove with this woman

  26. gurufuttlappele

    liked olsen's older stuff but damn thats a great band to rock her voice.

  27. antman71889

    Liked it before I even listened to it! Goddess!

  28. Jacinto Rosa

    I dare u to understand...

  29. Ramon Fernandez

    Holy fuck

  30. Carol Arroz

    I want to cry

  31. DolceFarNiente

    that look of awe the guitarist gives at the climax... This is brain orgasms

  32. Infinite Limbo


  33. K Kehoe

    Love her music but disappointing she's an American who talks shite!

  34. Alice Wulf

    Literally got goosebumps

    Callsign Frosty

    omg no wayyyyy

  35. paul jardine

    I thought she was Scandinavian..!

  36. paul jardine

    it's beautiful x

  37. Ecléctico Iconoclasta

    im in love..................................

  38. Esteban Omar

    Finally. We got a proper live version. Love every minute. My favorite song on the album <3

  39. Stan Chick

    kevin suggs my dude !!! <3

  40. Carol Arroz

    I love you

    Alexis Freitas

    Carol Arroz who doesn't?

  41. Manuel Cota

    One of my favorites <3

  42. Viktoria Perla


  43. david moore

    in the beginning i thought it was a cover of woman by john lennon

  44. Damon Strang


  45. Barbara Cullingford

    She's baaaaaaack

  46. Francisco Pelayo

    I want to marry her.

  47. beuhtrix

    this is amazing. <3

  48. Dr Algiers

    Sounds like Lykke Li

  49. Chelle Law

    Oh my God, I've been waiting for this ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ my favorite song on the album!!

    Dominic AaAaa

    Chelle Law same here sister as well though :p

  50. Redled

    I like this =)


    Tfw when she doesn't play shut up kiss me :(

  52. Stephen Escarzaga

    FINALLY! Jesus what a voice!

    Elaina Buie

    I know right?! I was hoping she'd hit up KEXP again on this album.

  53. Carolina Pena

    this song gives me chills every time i hear it. the live version only makes it 1000x more amazing

    Infinite Limbo

    specially the ending, it's amazing

  54. A Tree

    KEXP, please, why does there HAVE to be commercials before EVERY video?


    install adblock. you're welcome.

    Lui Appratto

    don't install it if u support their job

    Dr. S Brule

    Install it and disable it for the pages you actually appreciate*

  55. Babis Giannikakis

    amazing, love her voice, so much talent, probably one of the best voices around right now! Come in Athens, Greece again please :-)

    Himadri Bhakta

    Babis Giannikakis I get a Thom Yorke vibe from her voice

  56. Albin Lundholm

    She is the fucking greatest, My Woman is one of my favourite ever albums

  57. Angus Esposito

    Sounds great.

  58. Ryan Auernigg

    love her

  59. vaughn yerkes

    this is cool im gettin kinda like a portishead vibe



  60. Paulina C

    go angel