Olivia Newton-John - Lovers Lyrics

Once they were lovers but now they're not friends
She's found another - he says it's the end
To think they once tore down the wall for a door
But now they don't speak anymore

So he walks the streets - the few nights he can stand
Drinking her memory away when he can
Friends once would reach out to them from the shore
But now they don't cry anymore

How does it all come to happen
That's not what loving is for
And if I thought it was, I'd leave here in the morning
I'd sooner sleep on the floor

Oh when will we learn really what loving is
It's not what you get in return but what you give
To think they once tore down the wall for a door
But now they don't speak anymore

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Olivia Newton-John Lovers Comments

    Best voice & rendering ever.

  2. millie williams

    I had all of her albums growing up. I was probably a little obsessed. But, can you blame me?

  3. Dennis Daniels

    This song is so Beautifully Sung, I've always loved Olivia singing this Song...

  4. Mia Hess

    Thanks for putting some of the songs from this album. It's not out on CD and I know I had it on vinyl when I was in college and it's long since gone. Great to hear. ONJ's voice is so pure and lovely, and always will be!

  5. AidanMcGinn1959

    My favorite song from the album. I literally wore my vinyl copy of this album out!

  6. Randy Barber

    I had this cd on 8 track listend to it every night when I went to bed only Olivia the best

  7. lorut


  8. rosewoodcrester

    A video exists on this beautiful song by Olivia, I think it belongs to star parade, if someone has it, please share...

  9. barryngeorgia

    Lovers-a Mickey Newbury composition. His version is fantastic.

  10. Gordon Pingenot

    This is one of my favorites from this album.  Olivia is quite wonderful.

  11. alfisti1999

    I just wish music of this caliber was being made today

  12. rosewoodcrester

    I remember in the 70's I saw an Olivia video on TV singing this beautiful song. I haven't seen it again. In this video she is sitting on a chair in jeans, a no- sleeve jean jacket and loose tie. If anyone knows more info please chare.

  13. marceloarg100

    Nice song!