Olivia Newton-John - Don't Stop Believin' Lyrics

You think the world should see things your way
Love, I know you, you think good fortune's here to stay
Love, I know you shined in everything you tried before
Your smile can open any door

But on those days when nobody wants to know you
And all your smiles keep falling on stoney ground
Don't stop believin', don't stop believin'
Don't stop believin', you'll get by
Bad days, bad days will hurry by

You never chase your dreams, they find you
Love, I know you, if you need love, it finds you too
Love, although you sail alone and free
I'll follow in your wake
And pray one day my heart you'll take

But on those days when nobody wants to know you
And all your smiles keep falling on stoney ground
Don't stop believin', don't stop believin'
Don't stop believin', you'll get by
Bad days, bad days will hurry by

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Olivia Newton-John Don't Stop Believin' Comments
  1. Juan Carlos Gutierrez

    Cosita linda...siempre fuiste y seras mi amor platonico...mijita rica😘😍🥰👍

  2. 菊地幸紀


  3. DiamondGirl102359

    Always loved this song, so meaningful and pretty,.

  4. Rickey Engle

    i believe,,

  5. Mike D.

    This may be the prettiest song ever recorded. I never get tired of it.

  6. Sylvie Binelli

    J ài ai ai cet album en 33tours

    Sylvie Binelli

    Et bien plus merci Olivia

  7. Sergio Mallorga

    You are amazing, Olivia. God bless you.

  8. Thomas Kelly

    Great singing voice

  9. Dexter Ellis

    Love ONJ!!Was this released as a single? Never heard this song before.


    yes, but it didn't do that well

  10. Mari Mini


  11. 福田博

    Hiroshi Fukuda
    Recently I found CD of ONJ including this tune in a public library.I forgot this at all until now,but I thought this her greatest.

  12. Luis Larenas

    Fue en 1977 cuando escuche este hermoso tema y me enamore de esta bella rubia con. Voz de angel ahora con 56 años sigo enamorado de ella y su linda voz dios te guarde olivia

  13. 666MikeRochip

    What an angel... I ove her❤️👍

  14. JAY.G. Anderson

    Falling in stone grounds..
    Weii it all Pravement tar...rwhere or cement where I live or bricks......❤💚💜💙❤💛💙❤💚💜💙💛

  15. jennifur sun

    my fav tune of hers thanks

  16. bojack40

    Love her own voice doing all the harmonies

  17. Randy Barber

    I wore this album out love miss Olivia the best

  18. space Forever

    Olivia I miss you please stay ....I am praying for you . All of the good music they'll never have another olivia lNewton John .

  19. Michael You

    Come back to Everett

  20. Scott Burton

    Fantastic song!-It's also the title of Livvy's new autobiography.

  21. Martin Kroebel

    Hello, Beautiful Olivia. How are you today? Thank you very much for sharing.

  22. Justine Tamberlake

    I've Always Enjoyed This Golden Classic From Olivia.

  23. Dicky Ball

    Olivia, Karen Carpenter, Dolly Parton, Yvonne Elliman, Linda Ronstadt, Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston, my favorite female vocalists.

    mauro contreras

    I would add up Sheena Easton.


    Dicky Ball pretty much spot on

    Christopher Bubb

    You have excellent taste <3

  24. Triangle Soft

    One of the sweetest umm. humming ..at 2.56

  25. Brian Gingras

    This song always cheers me up

  26. willlovesgaz

    oh phew, i thought it was going to be a version of that GHASTLY song by Journey...!! ;)


    willlovesgaz me too

  27. David Powell

    Love this song I'm dedicating it to me 😘😘😘😘😘

  28. Mahir Rahman

    I used to listen to this song when I was in like 9th grade. I don’t know why did I started to like this song but currently I am 27 and I listen to Asian music.


    Madonna BEFORE Madonna

  30. Virginia Redler

    A classic beauty that will live on forever with her wonderful music.

  31. 高橋ぴょん


  32. Gabriel livshitz

    i love our livi:)

  33. Michelle MCLOUGHLIN

    Keep on believing Olivia.

  34. Rick Russo

    Oliva was at her absolute best when she sang Country and Western music throughout the 70's, before she turned to mainstream in the late 70's and especially in the 80's, which l feel did not do she singing any justice. Don't get me wrong as some of her mainstream stuff was still great, but in an album like this one, she voice shone so magnificently and you can feel the raw emotion as she sings. It's beautiful to listen to!!!

  35. Chow Fun

    I am proud to be an owner of this fantastic lp. Happy Birthday Olivia. 70. :-D 9/26/18. Don't "Ever" Stop Belivin'.

  36. Frank Conti

    ✨🌿✌🏼Happy & Blessed #70 th 🌿💐✨🙏🏼

  37. Frank Conti

    ✨🌿God Bless you girl , totally !!!🌿✨😎🙏🏼✨

  38. Jose luis Lopez

    God bless you Olivia! Dont stop believing!

  39. Merv Watson

    Great song!  "Don't stop believin" in who?  Yourself, Jesus?

  40. Robert Johnson

    Just watched a TV special on this incredible lady and her amazing career. Her outlook on life is inspirational and she is a class act. This is one of a collection of beautiful songs Olivia sang in the 70's. The recording captures her crisp clear angelic voice and like her, is ageless.

    robert mccoy

    Robert Johnson what a class act is right. Positivity to the MAX. And that gorgeous voice

  41. F. MATOS

    One Angel

  42. David McMullan

    The ultimate woman.

  43. LEA Anna T Gayle The first

    This is for Senator Nancy Schaefer... For trying to say the truth save families....
    Please YouTube her..
    And me!!!!

  44. tee jaymz

    Someone told me about a song by Olivia in which she kept singing, "Don't stop, Billy Van."

  45. wmbrown6

    I do remember this from my youth, oddly enough; one year in school, they had this LP in the collection, and the title track was played, not totally but enough so it stuck in my head lo these many years. I.M.H.O., this makes the Journey number all the more overrated by comparison and in relation.

  46. Lee Anna T Gayle

    everytime i hesr this song i vry but get a hope also.......
    look up SENATOR Nancy Schaefer..pleade people....

  47. Mike Dibari

    just look at that album cover...what a Beauty!! and still is. she is humble, sweet and can still sing. Today, we have Sluts...

    Cath Fisher

    She's a lovely person. And that's NO reason for you to talk in such a nasty and hateful way about women. Piss off and take your slut shaming elsewhere.

    Speak-my Mind-Ibiza

    Cheap tacky sluts like cheryl cole for one whos a nobody who got lucky.....

    Mike LaVoie

    I was a young boy when Olivia, my dream woman... to me the EPITOME of a woman, released "Physical". I was crushed and horrified. It totally and absolutely destroyed my image of her, and from that moment on the Olivia that I had known, and the Olivia that came to be, were two separate people to me... one I will ALWAYS cherish, and the other I will always despise.


    @Mike LaVoie she was just growing and expanding her horizons -- you should try it sometime

    Mike LaVoie

    @chaallus No, she was manipulated into it by her label pressure and hollywood scumbags who hated her wholesomeness... You obviously haven't read her book. And if your definition of "expanding your horizons" means selling out your morals and values then forget you!

  48. Ana Aguilera

    Ella es fantástica una hermosa voz Y una encantadora mujer .Mi idola OLIVIA con sus canciones me recuerda toda mi adolescencia.Cumplí mi sueño de verla en vivo en el show del festival de Viña 2017 sigue siendo maravillosa

  49. tarstarkusz

    This is a pretty good song. I didn't know this one.


    I know . . . the wholly different Journey number totally overshadowed this. (I wonder if the five to date that voted this down are more preferential towards Journey's.)

    Do Gooder

    A very pretty song that never became very popular.

  50. Ed . Kelly

    This song simply never gets old...

    robert mccoy

    Ed . Kelly never ever. She’s amazing

  51. Douglas Hall

    I take that back; late 60's.

  52. Douglas Hall

    In your 70's and still the hottest woman God ever created. Thank you for blessing our lives with your caring and charm Olivia.


    She's 68 and that's a really old picture. She still looks great for her age, but she's not in her 70s.

    David Wilson

    tarstarkusz she was born 1948 shes in her 70th year this is 2017


    tarstarkusz. September birthday, she's 68.


    my idol :)

  54. Pete C

    I feel like a baby in her loving arms.

  55. debgibsonfan

    The John Farrar stuff was the greatest.

  56. Jennifer Chua

    I love you Olivia :)

  57. MrNei Garcia

    Olivia é tudo de bom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. sin sato







  59. Gordon Pingenot

    I love both of these ladies' voices, although Karen is my favorite. Olivia, as the rest of the world, was so saddened by Karen's loss. Judging from songs Karen did like I Can Dream Can't I and When I Fall in Love, we can only imagine the "standards" she could have recorded if she were still with us. Thankfully, we still have Olivia blessing us with her wonderful voice. Olivia does a wonderful version of The Long and Winding Road (originally by the Beatles) on her Come On Over album.

  60. Gordon Pingenot

    According to Olivia, they were actually friends, although because of their touring schedules, they probably didn't get to see much of each other.

  61. Gordon Pingenot

    This is a great album. Olivia and Karen Carpenter are my favorite singers....

  62. herakles27